Bugs noticed on Android 10 for Nokia 9 PureView



  • joe367
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    I thought it was used to open up web pages within any app. But in Android Pie, it was disabled by default as web pages in-app were opened using chrome. Why did they revert? 🤔

  • Since I use Android 10 for my Nokia 9 I have some issues with the notification display. It gets really slow when I do the pull down to see my notifications. It's like the phone gets stuck. That's an issue I didn't have in the previous Android 9 software. There is some info or solution for this?

  • I think the fingerprint unlock works better after January and March updates.

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    Sadly, I've noticed no such improvements on my 9 PV with the updates you mentioned.

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    Delete all your prints and re-register but don't press hard lightly touch as many times as it takes. The finger print is much better in Android 10 than pie.

  • neilk
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    jdi000 April 5, 2020

    I know you are just trying to be helpful. I have had this phone from the first day it was for sale. I have re-registered my fingerprints more times than I can recall. Each time has made no difference for me. I can register my right thumb multiple times but when I actually try to unlock the phone or even just use the fingerprint verification function all I ever get is not recognized. My index finger is a bit more successful in that I can get it to read that finger about once every 8-10 tries. Essentially useless. Throw in the other issues like camera reliability and the phone randomly rebooting itself since the Android 10 update and I am one unhappy camper (and yes, I have done factory resets). I had looked so forward to getting a new Nokia phone 13 months ago but now I regret my decision completely.

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    100% agree with you @neilk. I even sent my phone off to Nokia last week. They 'fixed' it, but now it's back to it's old tricks (and even worse). I have never wanted to be rid of a phone so badly. No more Nokia phones for me.

  • The same happens to me, the only way to fix it is by rebooting.

  • Hi together,

    i have accu problems and camera issue too with Android 10. Further sometimes i got the wrong Message-Icons on Glance. After contacting the support they suggest me to start the phone in Save-Mode. Hold Power-Off Button untill Power-off Menue is shown. Touch Power-off long untill a message to start in save-mode appears. Tap ok. In Safe-Mode the phone operates normal (by me).

    Additional i make a Soft-Reset Holding Volume-Up and Power ON/OFF Button together until the android-logo appears.

    So i think an app is the reason for my trouble. After uninstalling "Google Duo" App the accu-problems are not further present. and camera is working normal.

    Greets Heiko

    P.S. Sorry for may bad english

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    edited August 2020

    My problem with Nokia 9 Pureview

    1)Fingerprint reader speed is too slow

    2)Fingerprint reader sensitivity is too poor

    3)Camera picture quality too poor

    4)Missing Night Mode!

    5)No fast charging on enabled display!

    6)Speaker volume steps is very big different!

    7)HTC Type-C headset volume is very low

    8)Missing VoWifi support in my Country!

    9)Wifi randomly drop connection!Factory reset not resolve problem!

    10)Camera autofocus is very bad!

    That's it...

  • Nearly a year my 9PV worked fine (don't mention Fingerprint reader)

    But since a view weeks now I only have problems, the phone is nearly unuseable.

    1. Camera lags and freezes, processing takes ages or stops without success.
    2. Phone reboots randomly (3 to 4 times a day) when in use screen freezes and starts rebooting. Reboot happens also when phone is in idle on the table or pocket.
    3. Connection switch between wifi and mobile data doesn't work as it should. When wifi signal is lost mobile data connection doesn't start, there is operator signal to make calls but no internet available. Airplane mode on/off doesn't help. Only solution is to reboot the phone, then mobile data works again. I tried my sim card in another phone and had no problem.

    Meanwhile I made 3 factory resets, 2 with restoring a backup (no change), the last with fresh start (only stock apps installed). For a day now I had no self reboot (so maybe an app problem) but connection problem still exists. I don't know exactly but I think all this problems came after the last Android 10 build update 00WW_5_25A_SP02 , was it in May?

    This is so annoying, holding a 500 Euro brick in your hand.....

  • youhippy
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    Its such a shame to see this phone is still causing problems. I jumped ship and went to the iPhone SE (2020). It's a dated looming phone, but I've not had any proverbs written it.

    Wish Nokia had sorted its issues.

  • I was nearby to give up on this device, after 3 factory resets and no success.

    Thought there must be a hardware defect and have to bring it to repair.

    But tried it again, made another 2 factory resets and all issues gone.

    1. camera works, no freezes
    2. No network problems anymore
    3. No reboots since last reset
    4. fingerprint works!!! 9 out of 10

    It's unbelieveable, didn' expect this, the device works like a charm again.

    Fingers crossed

  • jdi000
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    My PV9 works fine with no issues not sure what you mean still causing problems?

  • jdi000
    jdi000 ✭✭✭✭

    When you do a factory reset it has to be without restoring apps so the issue is not restored. Add the apps back manually from the play store so its a fresh install of apps too.

  • Please, instead of repeating a thousand times that we do factory reset, tell our problems with the Nokia 9 to your heads of HMD so that they optimize the phone well and that way we will all be happy. The way things are now I will never buy a Nokia phone again. It worked fine on Android 9. But with Android 10 the user experience is bad. Please jdi000, it would be helping us.

    Thank you.

  • jdi000
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    If you don't perform a factory reset properly its like it was not even done. Apps must be installed manually after the reset. As many phones are fine its best after a factory reset to contact Nokia Support if you still have issues. This is not every phone but a small handful of people so its related to specific devices not all in general. A lot of times apps cause issues and everyone's phones have different apps and data installed. My 9PV has zero issues and is running android 10 with latest security patch.

  • Yes of course. Of course I know how to do a factory reset. Does not solve anything. I do not know where you have the information that there are few people who have problems. What is certain is that "by chance" we have the "exact same problems". Obviously it is a batch of phones that have hardware problems. Yours will not have. My recommendation to anyone who asks me: Don't buy a Nokia phone. They do not support. They do not optimize the equipment, they only blame "an application" and recommend factory formatting. Even when you are expressing that you have factory formatted 3 times. Thank you.

  • And, we are talking about a flagship. It should be taken care of as such. Truly those of us who express our disagreement in this forum are people who want it to be resolved. And we are getting no response other than "factory format". It is a joke.

  • jdi000
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    The forum is a user forum. NO one here can provide service for your phone only suggestions to help. Did you perform the factory reset. I believe one or more app is causing issues. Do you have issues running in safe mode?

    Nokia support has an email and chat available for the small percent of issues that arise please reach out to them.

  • I have mistaken you for an HMD employee. You're right, it's a forum. Then I tell you, or I tell everyone. Nokia does not resolve the claims, they only tell you to format factory, clear application settings or test in safe mode. Nothing works. It is not an application because it is impossible that all of us who have the 9PV and have the same problem have installed THE SAME application with problems. And we all say that with Android 9 it worked well. Since you are not an employee of HMD, the fact that there are few people who have problems will tell you that it is wrong. You can google the opinions of this phone. You must be a lucky person who did not have hardware problems. I congratulate you, enjoy your phone. I only inform the rest of the forum what is happening to us (to many). Also thanks for your help.

  • jdi000
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    I do not have any issues with the 9PV that you list here. Zero none zip period. and many others says that they have no issues with this phone. So either there is a bad batch or a bunch of people are using apps that are causing issues with the phones software. I would really like to see a video of these issues on a phone running in safe mode the only way to remove apps as the root cause.

  • I don't have to prove anything to you. I'm glad for you that you have a phone that works well. Mine after 3 factory reset only with WhatsApp installed the camera 1 out of 4 photos does not save it, it has old notifications on the lock screen and the fingerprint reader works half the time. It is like that and that EXACTLY happens to other users. Period. Thanks for your help. Unless you have a different tip or test, I think we're done here. Greetings and thanks.

  • jdi000
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    Does anyone have issues with the whatsapp removed as I don't use that app. Can you try not installing it and see if you still have such issues.

  • jdi000
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    The latest builds correct the at a glance showing old notifications. I have not seen an issue with pic saving yet. Try taking less than 4 and see if the issue is still present. The fingerprint reader has also been improved over time and works as well as other brand phones its just and awful place for a fingerprint reader and a dedicated physical reader is much better.

  • Whatsapp is an IM app, like Telegram Viber, Line, etc. The 30% of the world uses it. I don't think whatsapp can be a problem because if that happens nokia will have LOTS of complainings about that.

    The saving pic issue is odd beacuse if I enable "Beauty mode" the phone saves all pics (this disables the penta-camera setup and uses 1 lens). Also "Beauty mode" doesn't use the Image fusion process because it uses 1 lens. It seems Image fusion process uses much power and if the phone is less than 40% battery it start to not saving some pics. This is why I said in another tread that it's an voltage problem. I don't think my unit is defective because: 1) I read other users on this community with the same problem and 2) This NOT happened on Android 9. This all start with A10. With the exception of the fingerprint. This phone always had taken time to process pics and I don't care about that, but with A9 you can shoot 50 pics and all where saved. You had to wait, but don't lose any pic.

    When I talked with Nokia support they said it's an software issue (after many, many test they asked me) AND it will be addressed. I'm simply telling everyone that I'm disappointed that it has not been resolved. Thank you.

  • U.S. User here, Android 10, updated to August 1, 2020. I have Glance view off. I disable most of what I consider superfluous stuff, such as the fingerprint reader which I read was unreliable. Some have said to use the first finger, the pointer finger instead of the thumb; I don't lock the phone anyway.

    I have developer options on, and things speed up a lot with Animations turned off.

    My battery life is good - better than a day - but I did find initially that the battery life was not as good. I do no Social crap, so am not plagued with notifications constantly waking my phone. I don't sync Email or other accounts either, because I do not want them on my phone.

    The OS is extremely buggy though, and I cannot stand that it is impossible to buy direct from Nokia, at least here in the U.S. That meansI have to go through a reseller, such as Amazon or Best Buy, and then Nokia hides behind the reseller wall when problems arise. I have had this phone not yet a month, and I have had more problems with Andoid10 than I ever had with my HTC. I really regret buying this phone now, but the specs were goodfor the price, despite the fact I got extorted by Best Buy for a $50.00 activation, which just required changing the SIM card.

    The problems:

    Apps open by themselves.

    Flashlight sometimes comes on at will.

    Dropped calls

    Erratic WiFi connectivity, poor Network Connectivity that just started recently

    Need to restart/reboot the phone often. That has never been my prior experience with Android.

    Very slow camera

    Balky Bluetooth

    The pluses:

    With Window animations off, the phone is wicked fast.

    When calls do not drop, call quality is excellent.

    Pictures rival many dedicated cameras.

    Phone quality - appears well made, if not slippery'n a greased pig; I have it in a case, although a shame to cover the beautiful back. I really like using naked phones, but can't risk breakage.

    I feel the battery life is acceptable to good. I usually get better than a full day out of a charge, but I use it mostly for calls, messages and pictures; I am not a streamer, gamer or a music maven. I have other devices that play music better, although it is usefull with my Ion Pathfinder 4, the Qi charging ability is useful, albeit slow - probably affected also by the high impact case. I should try it naked (the phone, that is<G>).

  • I have also had it for more than a month now, pretty much the best device I have owned. I have not had any problem nor software bugs with it saved for the mediocre battery life. Will try to disable the animations to see if it helps. I got mine from EglobalUS which ships from Hongkong at a dirt cheap price, around 340 CAD. The camera is incredibly amazing, especially the RAW it produces, really second to none in the smartphone arena. Although I do hope for a better resolution than 12 MP. I also tested out Qi wireless for the first week but the phone (which is already quite hot) heats up ever so badly that I returned the w.charger. Battery life got me around 6.5 - 7 hours of screen time on internet browsing, youtube, some light gaming and taking photos which is okay i guess. I have also contemplated to get a case after dropping the phone twice but seeing how it sustains no scratch and a case might trap the heat further, I decided against it and be extra vigilant when handling the phone which has a unique ability to move on a table by itself lol.