Bluetooth Causes Crash of Settings Menu


Since last Android update, 00WW_2_300_SP06, the settings menue crashes with every connection via Bluetooth i.e. my car multimedia system.

The Bluetooth options are no more accessible, the shortcut buttons menu doesn't react.

I tried out everything the nice people from the hotline told me, even factory reset. Finally i was told to wait for the next update.

Anyone here eho has the same problems?

I liked the Nokia 2.2 when I bought it with Android 9, but since update to Android 10 its getting worse and worse...



  • Подобная проблема.Я попробовал установить с Плей маркет-Андроид ассистент,почистил им кеш и стало нормально работать,но хватает на день,потом опять та же ситуация. Пока Андроид ассистент слегка выручает,что будет дальше не знаю. Попробуйте,может вам поможет!

  • bei mir das selbe Problem.😒

  • I've been facing the same problem. The only way to get the menu working again is to restart the phone in Safe Mode. You can do it by long pressing the poweroff icon. When the phone boots into Safe Mode. Toggle Bluetooth, Wifi and Airplane mode off. Then restart the phone after 5 minutes. Now the menu will work fine, but turning Bluetooth on will again cause the crash.

    Everyday the phone keeps getting worse and worse. No fix yet for the notifications bug, and the people with build 370 are enjoying their phones again.

  • so geht es bei mir auch wieder. Guter Tipp.

  • Nokia thanks about it, I trusted it as a device I grew up using it, but now boom blue gives me a problem can't play music and can't turn it off, it's freezing all the settings, and I've been noticed this when I open a camera when I'm using WhatsApp it says restart your phone, or else can send any music via WhatsApp😠😡😠

  • From now on I'll no longer using a Nokia, I trusted it, as strongest device, yes I agree, it has a good screen since I bought it from March it has no scretches,how I recommend it 100%, but what disappointed me after updated it, it gives me a lot of problems, I do like music so can't play music via Bluetooth 😠😡🇿🇦

  • Exactly the same issues in as everyone else. Phone is no longer fit for purpose. Mine is still under warranty. Nokia system upgrade caused the fault so if you cannot fix it quickly can I exchange it for another model without charge?

  • Good idea. Mine is under warranty, too.

    I will do an official warranty request on this problem.

  • Same problem here. Nokia 2.2. Phone won't connect to any bluetooth device and trying to do so causes Settings to crash.

    On top of this, the Storage icon in the pull-down settings menu doesn't work. To get into those options I have to go through the main settings menu.

    Rubbish. I bought a cheap phone thinking that being Nokia it would at least work reliably. Ha.

  • Same Problem for me also bluetooth crashed whole setting after August update

  • Same Problem for me today after the phone installed the update by itself without my permission.

    If there's no fix coming the next days, i'll return my phone as well

    It almost seems to me as if Nokia messes our phones up on purpose to nudge us towards new ones - first with the notification bug not being fixed until now and now essentially removing bluetooth functionality from our phones.


  • Same here.

  • Screw you HMD


  • I am also having the same issue with the build number 00WW_2_370_SP02

  • Its funny what HMD are doing XD They sent you the 370 build with the notification bug fix. Then they sent you August security patch and crippled the Bluetooth system XD Here I am sitting with the notification bug and bluetooth bug with no hint of a possible fix coming. **** you HMD

  • santoscleto
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    Since it appears nokia/hmd is not willing/able to provide critical fixes, maybe it is time to initiate a mobile replace or money reimburse of each device that has such major issues since they are no longer "fit to purpose"?

    [At least on Europe:]

  • Guys,

    Over the last few days I have been corresponding with Nokia Customer Support. They suggested numerous options to try and fix the problems caused by Android 10 but none of them worked. They finally had to admit that Android 10 was faulty and caused all kinds of problems once installed. They are allegedly working on a 'fix' but they have no idea when it will be available. For now, it seems Nolia are unable to repair the damage they have caused and they will not offer to replace the devices they have destroyed.. That means we are left with two choices. - Make do with what you have or buy a new device. - Obviously, they do not care about their customer or what they have done to them.

    The email I received from Customer Support is here for your information: -

    "Dear John,

    Welcome to Nokia Mobile Care. Thanks so much for contacting us! 

    I am very sorry to hear about the inconvenience with your Nokia 2.2 device! 

    Referring to your inquiry I have to inform you that during the Warranty period, Manufacturer or its authorised service center will, in a reasonable time, remedy the Defect free of charge by either repairing or replacing the defective Product or accessory or the defective part of it at its option, provided that you have returned the defective Product or accessory to the Manufacturer or its authorised service center before the Warranty period expires.

    you can read more information regarding the terms and conditions concerning the warranty.

    Regarding your question about the replacement of the device, we would like to inform you that refund of any item is possible only through the point-of-sale. As a manufacturer, we are providing only repair services.

    In the case you are describing nothing much can be done from the distance, I would like to ask you, please send your Nokia to repair. I know it’s never a nice thing to have to send your phone back for repair that's why we’ve made the process as swift and smooth as we can. Please select the link:

    Also you can expect fixes in future system updates!

    For any further questions, please feel free to contact us again. I wish you a lovely day! 

    I hope you are feeling good during these difficult times and you take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe and be healthy!

    Kind regards,

    Nokia Mobile Care"

  • I have the same problem of Bluetooth crashing settings, build number 00WW_2_370_SP02 installed on 5th September in UK.

    I've looked at rolling back to Android Pie using ADB and Fastboot but the required comms drivers don't work in Windows 10 and Nokia doesn't provide any of their own drivers for windows comms.

    Has anyone else tried this?

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    I finally made an official warranty request and sent in my phone for repair. In Europe this is very easy via the homepage. I instantly got a free express package tag to their repair center in Hungary just after my request, and the package was even collected at home by DHL the next morning.

    Lets see what will happen next and if I will see my phone once again...

  • Same here. I spent 1 hour chatting with an assistant. I even tried the factory reset but nothing.

    I won't send the phone to assistance as suggested, simply because if this is a common hardware + software issue, I don't see how they could fix it.

    I mean, if they can fix it for 1 phone, why they couldn't do it for all with an update?

    Still, I might be missing something, so please @Moshammer let us know!


  • I have noticed something more besides of the Bluetooth issue, the notification problem is coming to light again with this update, because even havin the 370 fix, after installing the SP I have noticed that a notification from WhatsApp can take 30 minutes to appear, so, Nokia did something really wrong optimizing this SP, I'm gonna rollback to the July SP so I can have the phone fully working, again

  • Same problem is also me when i bought this mobile it contains Android 9 in that time i like it very much but the recent updation that is called Android 10 it is very very worst and my problem is bluetooth crass .my system bluetooth is didn't connect any other portable devices it accept only calls ..but it not accept the media audio .. and also it was not turning off suddenly ..and device settings also isn't responding due to that bluetooth issue and the main thing is all those following problems are occur only The Android 10 updation only this is very big drawback for tis system..... I hate this updation.... But also i am waiting for another updation....

  • Update to my warranty request:

    Today I got mail that my phone will be excanged...

    If I get a new 2.2, I will try to start it without ANY update on Android 9 and block any update trials until i can read in the forum that a stable one exists.

    Any ideas how I could skip the automatic update on first start of the device?

    Staying offline is not the solution as I need the other google backup services on startup.