Covid-19 affecting service level



  • Stay Home, Stay Safe. Keep safe yourself and your family also.

  • Bravo! I covet HDM global employees and laborers' dedication to serve customers even in dire situations. They're not alone, and millions of other laborers are sacrificing themselves for the benefit of others. May God bestow His heavenbliss upon all those who are serving the people during this contagion, from medical staff and firefighters to IT companies' employees. Coronavirus lockdowns require telecommunication and therefore HDM Global's efforts in bolstering quality is appreciable. For human solidarity we shall observe all health protocols to protect our lives and those of fellow brothers and sisters worldwide.

  • I also have a few websites and it has a huge impact on my access and purchase, which is really difficult.

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    This time nokia providing worst services .Bought my nokia 7.2 on 29-April-2020 and from last month my power button starts malfunctioning (sometime opens camera sometimes make emergency call) so in this pandamic any how i managed to visit nokia service center on 26-april-2021 and what i got to know that my phone is out of warranty. Then i called the customer care and asked them about this matter than what i got to know that my waranty is expired on 20-sept-2020.My 12 month waranty expires in 5 month only . I am regrating that i have choosen nokia .worst services

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    Hi @mitu33sharma, you can dispute the warranty validity by presenting a proof of purchase to the service points.

  • This Covid policy is no excuse for not providing regular security patches. Today I received the April 2021 security patch on my Nokia 7.2, which is still on Android 10. This is the first security patch I have received in a long, long time. It's an absolute disgrace. Right now, I wouldn't want a Nokia if they handed them out free and gave you money as a bonus!

  • please safe yourself on 1st priority

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    Jess sunn is Shining

  • Hey I am Anupama From india. We Have faced Covid 19 Very Hardly Due To Covid 19 The Rate Of Death Increased In My Country. Stay Home Stay Safe.