Android 10 on Nokia 3.1?

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When does Nokia 3.1 get Android 10 update?


  • Android 10 should arrive this month to the Nokia 3.1, in case the update does not arrive this month, the Nokia 3.1 may end up stuck in Android 9.

  • My 3.1 device is frustrated about this. 😭

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    This is "chuss" statement, communicating in the place of HMD/Nokia but this statement should not be accepted as true (if so, the problem will be solved for Nokia without having to tell anything)

    We got to contact Google about HMD/Nokia violating Android One promises. What are twitter account that we should use to make some noise ? Everybody should participate so that we are loud enough.

    Too bad for HMD/Nokia reputation but we have shown too much patience.

    Here, some Google / Android staff members names are appearing (but don't use this google group for reaching them about Nokia, this is not the right place -

    I'm not really good at using Twitter for making noise. I guess compagny names and hashtags should be used to be visible. Tweeting to journalists may be a good idea too

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    Looks like the official Twitter account is @NokiaMobile

    @Android @AndroidCentral @AndroidAuth should probably be used to be visible by Google and Android related journalists and websites

    Can someone who is comfortable with Twitter write something that is optimal for visibility, so that we can retweet in mass ?

  • @robinwood It is only my opinion, since Nokia does not pronounce itself in relation to the Android 10 update of the Nokia 3.1, it reminds me of what happened with the Nokia 2 which was similar Nokia did not pronounce itself with the Android 8 update in the Nokia 2 and in the final the Nokia 2 stayed on Android 7.

  • How to trust the brand? It has been announced that it will receive android 10 in the second quarter. We understand the slip. But where is the official message? Lots of fake news but nothing from the manufacturer. There is no one from Nokia on the Nokia forum. How to trust a brand?

  • This is frustrating, I need this update

  • Let's be VERY honest here.......The silence from Nokia is deafening.

    It's 100% obvious that Nokia 3.1 will NOT get the update to 10...the longer this silence goes on, the more obvious it is...

    'If' there was a 'genuine' reason for the delay, (covid, etc) then surely, Nokia would have at least 'tried' to placate users....BUT....nothing, so as it's now Q4, and the update is now 2Q late, think the obvious answer is no 10 for us, but, Nokia are refusing to admit this, as they do not want to lose customers, they are just hoping we will 'forget' about 10...

    Sadly, this will be the last Nokia I buy, to date, even my daughters 'cheap' Nokia 1 has 10...and the more 'upmarket' 3.1 doesn't....

    Draw your own conclusions, and then vote with your wallet..

    Nokia a reputable company?????? Dream on!!!