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What are the eligible device (Nokia smartphones) to get Android 11 update...I'm using Nokia 6.1 Plus I got two major OS Android update...may be in future my Nokia 6.1 Plus get Android 11??

And also when did you release the roadmap android 11 for Nokia smartphone devices??



  • I don't think they will provide Android 11 update.(They will state their policy)

    But Nokia 6.2 which has same chipset as Nokia 6.1 Plus(SD636) do is eligible for Android 11 update as per their policy.

    So technically there's no problem regarding compatibility.

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    There's some confusion. Nokia Mobile promises 2 major OS updates and three years of security patches and not two years of major OS updates. Nokia 6.1 Plus came with Android Oreo and got two major OS updates till Android Pie as per the promise. So, Android 11 will not come to Nokia 6.1 Plus.

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    HMD Global should provide Android 11 updated for Nokia 6.1 Plus even if they have given two major updates as mentioned in their policy 'cause they have also given the "free" charging port problem with the device.

    #11for6.1plus #android11

    ......We the consumers would be really happy with Nokia then

  • Will Nokia 6.1+ get Android 11, would it be stable 🤔

  • Give us the 11 plz

  • Don't be a fool they couldn't fix android 10 vendor image😏

    Which helps 3rd party camera app to work.

    You are dreaming of android 11 lol😂😂

  • They should give us a roll out to nokia 6.1 plus since its still among Nokia's popular upper budget smatphones..and its also compatible with the hardware

  • We need to request HMD global for android 11 update for nokia 6.1 plus user..as this device is the most selling phone of nokia world wide.

  • Nokia has not given out that roadmap yet

  • Hi Nokia hello pls update Nokia 6.1 plus closing 2020

  • Android 11 please Nokia

  • Android One promises at lest two years of OS updates and three years of security.This is the second year of Nokia 6.1 Plus and all other Nokia smartphone which came in 2018. So technically the Nokia 6.1 Plus and other Nokia devices which came in 2018 should get a guaranteed Android 11 update. It is very shameful if hmd doesn't keep its promise of Android One.

    Once again I repeat two years of OS updates not two OS updates.

    Somebody please take this message to hmd...!!!

  • Nah they wont hear us tbh, better get Samsung Galaxy A upper mid range that give 3 years OS update if im not wrong, or iPhone that give 5 years OS update

  • Is there any way to get Android11 on Nokia 6.1plus??

    Is possible if I requested to Nokia care to upgrade for Android11 ?

    Or is there any way??

  • No there is no possibility

  • I have an Nokia. 6.1 Plus and I am using since more than 2 years. I like the design and how fast it works and I love this phone. I was wondering if nokia would give Android 11.

  • Hi, Nokia 6.1 Plus will not be updated to Android 11. It has received 2 main OS updates and it will continue to receive monthly security patches for another year.

  • In that case, the Nokia 6.1 Plus was launched around July 2018, and completed 2 years or sales around July-August 2020. Hence even by this metric, the Nokia 6.1 Plus is not eligible to get Android 11 update.

    This aside, the 2 years of OS is just literally 2 OS updates since Google releases only 1 major OS update every year and 2 years can't have more than 2 OS releases done 😁

  • I concur with you 100%

  • And thats why i think they deleted a tweet with the roadmap to Android 11 phones that will updated...my guess is they will add more devices to the list

  • Nokia 6.1 Plus Best Seleling Phone Awosome Look, Like That I Phone

  • It should since..nokia promised two years of os upgrades...not two os updates

  • Yes please upgrade

  • Android 11 kya ayega 6.1 plus me