Network issue in Nokia 6.1 plus

Hello everyone did anyone face network problem after changing the charging port? I got my port changed in Oct since then i m facing a weird issue my phone doesn't catch signal at all at some places but if i use same sim in another phone it works perfectly even 4G notworks works perfect.

Evertime i go to service center they say the problem is not in phone. One time they just updated my software and now second time they changed my network cable. But it is still not working.

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks you



  • Please Reset ur phone

  • @nikhilkunwar0904 tried resetting many times.

  • @Dhiraj Pandit no bro! U facing same problem?

  • I am facing issue after changing port. It catches signal at some places and not at others. Did anyone facing same issue. Kindly give me solution

  • Hello mine is ta-1099, I had suddenly this pb (I have changed my charging port many times myself, I bought some of them on the net) I don't think it's due to charging port but to battery heating (I had often 50degrees or more!)

    I changed battery (he342 instead of he341 or he 341 instead of he342 I don't remember) and no heat at all (max 35 degrees!) But too late, I never could have data or voice connection again, only wi-fi works well, since that I bought a new phone on November

    (I am in France and this phone from China is not warranted)

    I bought my Nokia 6.1 plus on September 2018, had charging problem in early 2019, solved by replacing myself charging port every 3 or 4 months! And finally phone is dead (no 4g connection) in October 2019

    I have lost 220 euros just to use it one year!

    I loved Nokia (had a N95, then N8 from 2010 to 2018(yes!) And this 6.1 plus, now it's finished

  • PS I have bought and change my network cable too and this didn't solve the pb

  • Same here used to connect well now i cant even play pubg at my house it heats up a little and disconnects

  • @sagarsinghal Even I have the same problem since 2 months.

    Had changed charging port twice before too.

    Took to service center 1 month ago and they told it's not problem with phone. Still have the same problem.

    What did you do?

    Any luck?

  • Nokia phone issue

  • Got it repaired or dumped the phone?

  • @sagarsinghal


    It's the charging port. I changed the port myself and started getting these signal issues. Being a type A personality disorder I opened the phone again several times playing around with antennas and all. After a few tries I took it to a shop. The repairer **** it even bad. I took it to another guy. He told me phones behave like this when the network is IC is faulty. This guy tried hooking up several ICs on it and **** it even badly. Now I don't get reception on it. Plus, I don't get WiFi on it. I though found a trick. I stand real close to the router and turn the router on and off and after a random number of attempts it sometimes do get connected to the WiFi.

    I am not sure about what the problem really is nor can I or even the repairers identify it. For an idea, a vague one, I guess the picture embedded to the comment is the problem.

    Yes. The network IC. I have not tried this solution. The repairers have **** my phone even more, it is missing a plate and an antenna too. However, the website below ships ports with IC and without IC and you can get them there. Worth a try.

  • I am also facing the network problem with nokia 6.1. Somewhere its showing network and somewhere not.

    I have tried so many times , going to repairer to solve the problem. He told every thing found ok.

    I have changed the sims slot, the problem not resolved. Then I have purchased new sim think that Jio sim is not working and insert airtel sim. But problem isn't resolved yet.

    Now I am getting frustrating due to this issue.

    Kindly resolve the problem properly else I will throw this handset and will propagate not to purchase any Nokia model.

    Nimbekar JK

  • Same Same same😑

    Same problem. Anybody please suggest a solution

  • These HMD people are idiots, these smartphones have manifacturing defects, you'll experience the faults within a months after buying this crap.

    The charging port issue is an endless paradox, cellular network will obviously fail after replacing the charging port.And the AndroidONE is not fully compaitable with HMD's hardware.

    This people think we're lab rats and testing their **** on us by false marketing.

    They were stupid and will be stupid, never ever buy HDM's stuff.

    simply using NOKIA's name for marketing.

  • i've just got changed the charging port today now I'm facing this problem. somebody help me please

  • I don't think unless we visit Official Nokia Care/Service Center the problem will be resolved.

    I took it to serval shops to get it fixed. Nothing helped. I ordered parts from India, imported from China as well. But none of the Charging Ports worked. I mean they worked for Charging but not for Networking.

    I think the phone is manufacturer in this way to prevent swapping out original parts and it prevents buying stuff from unofficial vendors. I think each phone comes with a serial IC which prevents connection ones it's changed or replaced.

    It happened to me. Before it worked fine. But the moment I got the Charging Port Flex cable replaced.

    A lot of connectivity problem issues started to occur. Not just Cellular Connectivity but also WiFi, Bluetooth and even hotspot.

    Detailed report and my observations are mentioned here.

  • I am facing the same issue!

    I regret buying this nokia phone!!😠

  • I'm also faced the same prob after changing charger port , I searched many days to resolve this prob , yesterday when I went to mobile repairing shop near my friends home , they told it's software prob but after trying the software issue also it's not fixed , then he checked my phone and asked me to change CC strip, which is the charger port board ( first quality of CC strip is worth only 150₹ ) I agreed and changed the cc strip now my problem is resolved so try this in your nearby mobile repairing shop its cost less than 500₹ make sure you are buying first quality CC strip of nokia 6.1 plus

  • Had same problem for like 6 months ....worst customer service and service centres....I dumped the nokia for good 3 months ago and bought a Oneplus 8!

  • Having same problem. people with other brand phone in same area don't have any issue i am the only one having network issue. now i got the fault. soon i'll change the phone.

  • Well, I have a Nokia 6.1 or Nokia (2018) and same problem after changing the sub main board or charging pcb. I checked it has both the fast charging and network ic yet the problem persists. My bet is that the phones maybe linked with serial/product no. and that is why it's causing such issues only after the genuine one is replaced. I have reception but Internet works as if it's 2G with 15-20kbps down to 5-10kbps up. Calls work even on VoLTE. WiFi sometimes refuses to connect no matter what I do. Only way would be to either manually reboot or turn on and off WiFi until the network shows. Sometimes it won't even connect after it turns up on the screen. Then Bluetooth was way faster before now it takes 10-16 minutes just to share a 8mb file(image). File Transfers via Hotspot or WiFi Direct are affected as well. It'll time out or won't show at all. Wifi Hotspot will work sometimes or won't turn on at all and show error on the status bar. Not that I'd be using it with such poor internet. It's greyed out manually sometimes. The rapid charging will vanish moments after plugging in the charger. It used to charge from 0-100% in ~37mins. Now it takes ~2hrs.

    Nokia and Google don't use good charging sub boards. Both me and my friend got our respective Type-C sub board/pcb replaced. He owns a Google Pixel 4 and I have a Nokia 6.1 as well as Nokia 5. We both took our phones to repair shop and paid about 1.2K for the whole pcb replacement and got faulty phones back. The repair shop has a very good reputation as well. They admit that they can't fix it. It's either in the software or there serial number on the new board doesn't match the old one and may be the cause.

    And tbh, currently in India, Nokia services and their customer support is non-existent or sub-par. Same for Google and Asus. Compared to Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO and One Plus, they are no way near. I in no way like these Chinese brands but I can't deny that they at least provide quality customer support services.

    While my Nokia 5 performs way better. It may lack the power that this does put never gave me much of an issue. Same Sim from the same carrier/operator/service provider works with 47 Mbps down and 29 Mbps up on the same 4G Vo Lte which gave 10kbps up and down in my Nokia 6.1

  • I have same issue with 6.1 plus, unable to connect 4G and some cases drags to 2G and then No Service finally, disappointed after port changing...:(😌

  • Better Hard reset if you have facing problem usually this type of problem not Aries

  • Hi I am also facing the problem. After changing the charge port Network problem.

  • My device is Nokia 6.1 plus, I have Jio sim in it, what happens is that network is shown full in my device but my friends complain that my phone is showing not reachable, then I have to restart phone and then it's working fine. This happens everyday. Please help

  • Hey I had the same issue after changing the port from a local shop. Since the normal port don't match with the device there might be network issue. That's how Nokia set this phone 😤😤😤

    Then I replaced again at nokia authorised service centre with 900rs something. Now there's no issues. It's been months no issues after that. Try service only in authorised service centers.