So I have this weird magnetic buzzing sound from the rear/main camera module when shooting video, also interferes with microphones, what should I do?

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  • David1989
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    Yeah, similar problem here. It is a noise when using the camera, even before starting the record, really? I noticed yesterday.

    I thought my camera should be broken, but if more people have it, I'm thinking in some kind of bug.

    Do you know when the problem startrd? I recorded videos on august without this noise, so it should be recent, maybe since september update.

    This is my issue:

  • Add me to the list of people experiencing this.

    Just another fault in a long line which have blighted this absolute abomination of a phone.

    Spoke at length with Nokia "customer support" earlier and they asked me to send in video which I did. Then they said sounds like a hardware problem and then said there was nothing they could to do help because I bought it off eBay !

    Last Nokia "phone" I will ever own.

  • David1989
    David1989 ✭✭
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    I have doubts of this being hardware problems. Then, why we're some people experiencing this in this moment? It seems to be something related to a software bug, due to an update (everithing points to september update).

    I have videos recorded without problems in august, and my mobile didn't suffer falls or hits. Why we have this error now then? I don't think it is a coincidence...

    The last thing the support told me was to do a hard reset... -.-

    I don't like too much this idea, but I think I'm going to try it. Then, if the problem persist, they must offer me another solution. And also is a reference for all you that are having the same problem, and you know what to try and what not.

    I think It's important to report this with the support in order to make Nokia realize the error and give a response and fix. I'm sure that a lot of people more is having it.

  • Wouldn't bother with hard reset to be honest. I have done it twice to my phone and it's made no difference.

  • Yep, tried it twice and made no difference.

    Weirdly shaking the phone whilst it's making the noise stops the noise. However, as soon as you stop shaking it the noise starts again.

    Something is clearly amiss with it, and Nokia's lack of interest is shameful.

    Resigning myself to only being able to "sell" it as faulty for £20 or so to one of those recycling sites. Sooner it's out my house the better.

  • Yes, Well I noticed it first time recording the video, square trade couldn't fix my old nokia 8.1 so they delivered me this nokia 9, and pretty much as soon as i started shooting video i noticed it, even tho the sound does appel even if not recording, first noticed it with snapchat.

  • I have the same problem.

  • Contacted support. They told me this is a known SW issue and it would be resolved with a SW update.

    Waiting for the SW update ...

  • I got this issue either

    but what's worse is that's not only during during video, but also in camera mode, and much worse is monochrome mode is simply unusable as it always misaligned and comes with a nice 3 different position-ed monochrome image after processed

    and it's already existed since August, and now still not fixed

    really hope they could remember this thing and fix it if they really want to make a premium high-end phone and saving the Pureview trademark reputation.

  • Also having this problem when in video mode with my Camera. Its gotten worse now and won't even take video just makes the noise.

  • Update: Still no fix.

    Such a shame; a flagship camera phone, with an unusable camera 😕