Outdated 3.18.119 kernel, 2020-07 update while 2020-09 available, still Android 9 while 11 released

Let's talk about several elephants in the room.

Even for 3.18 kernel : last version seems to be 3.18.140

Newer Android kernels than 3.18.119 are existing, as this one lacks 21 kernel updates, all of those updates are security/bug related.

Even if 3.18 is scary old and officially reached End Of Life long time ago, and it's frustrating to be tied to such old kernels, someone is working hard to get security patches backported into 3.18 kernels anyway, so that millions of devices can be kept secured. But Nokia is not even using them. See his comment here (gregkh) :

Google security patches for Android : there is a problem, here, too.

It's easy to see on which date Google is making those security patches available. Sometimes, after more than 20 days, we receive the update... of the previous month! As so, we are having an "always out of date device" even when it receives updates, as they are already outdated before being released to our devices...

Today is a great day : Waiting Android 10 for so long that Android 11 has been released by Google before having our Nokia phones updated from Android 9. The failure is now absolute, turning Nokia promises into a complete deception.

We'll receive Android 10 someday and yell "yeah, I just changed to another outdated Android version! What a great day"...

What will be done in the future to avoid that? Hopefully I believe it's not a deliberate will to scam users, but Nokia / HMD, do you have plans to do things differently in the future? Because nobody knows the Nokia/HMD point of view about this situation. My guess is that HMD is a business, and for being already paid, the priority is about selling more new phones, more than about turning commercial promises into a reality for users of previous models.

Am I wrong?


  • Sadly, it look like Nokia/HMD Global, is nothing more than another 'scamming' Chinese 'clone' that PROMISES the earth, yet really provides ****...

    There claim to supporting 'android one' is nothing more than a 'smoke screen' to try to scam customers into purchasing phones they 'believe' to be from a 'branded' name, only to find that there is no substance to the 'promises'.

    'Cheap' nokia 1...yet gets android 10 MONTHS AGO...while the 'more expensive' 3.1......still on 9, and looking less and less likely to get 10, and now...11 is being beta tested prior to release!!!

    So much for Nokia's 'vaunted' promises of regular updates and security patches.... all 'smoke and mirrors' with no real substance...

    In reality, Nokia/HMD Global are nothing more than another 'profit driven, shareholder led' company, 'ripping off' its customers.........

  • This is what it looks like, even if expect it to be wrong... after 2 years (including 1 year delay on android 10 update) there is still approximately one promised remaining year of support.

    I hope this very disappointing delay will be made up soon and during the following months, at least for Android 10 (or 11, as 11 is officially out now), and about the kernel, too, 3.18.119 not being secure anymore :

    Looks like even 3.18.140 version number won't even change, as kernel.org stopped supporting it, but according to the previous link, security fixes for 3.18.y android kernels are now applied to

    Hope all this will be solved soon... as "Android One" label is supposed to apply on trademarks and phones that should respect some promises and rules, if nothing get fixed, may be talking about this problem with Google is about to be necessary for things to move a little bit faster!

  • Now 20th SEPTEMBER, last 'security update' was 5th AUGUST, so not only are we behind on the OS, we are now behind on the security patches TOO....

    Even the 'cheap' Chinese rubbish is quicker to respond with updates than this '3rd world Nokia' (owned by HMD Global)

    Basically, Nokia are a 'shell' company for HDM Global to SCAM users by pretending to support Android One, and offer something they never even intended to provide.....

    Better off buying a 'cheap Chinese clone' at less money, and get BETTER service......

    Nokia, basically, is cheating those who assumed it would HONOUR the Android one program... Google needs to be informed that Nokia have RENAGED from the agreement they signed, and need to be removed from the program NOW!!!

  • Just received the 2020-09 Android 9 Security Patch on 2020-09-22 (on TA-1063 - 00WW_3_31A_SP01)

    Thank you for this patch, but you know that we are still waiting android 10 for an entire year now 😉

    Any official feedback on what is going to be done would be welcome. You're may be working on Android 11 to be forgiven (and if so, me and others users are likely to forgive ^^) but we need some official and clear answers.

    Thank you in advance

  • Am on TA-1125, latest security update for Android 9 is 5th of April... This phone let me understand why Nokia failed. They don't give a **** about their customers...