Restarting while charging nokia 7+ Fix



  • I know I'm late to the party, but I also faced the same issue with my 7+. After almost a year of tolerating the restarts, the charging port gave way and I had trouble charging, had to keep jiggling the charging cable to find the sweet spot and only then it'll start charging.

    I finally got the charging port replaced and now it doesn't have the restarting issue anymore.

    So I believe it is not a software issue.

    If anyone here still reads this thread and hasn't used your 7+ as a hammer for your building project, then maybe you can try getting the port replaced. It's not very expensive.

    P.S.: when I asked Nokia about this problem, they reacted like they never heard about it. I'm in Malaysia by the way.

  • I have the same problem...reported this long back but the problem was ignored...its a software bug for sure bcoz i have tried multiple instances...charging while playing games , while browsing , while being idle , with screen off and on...

    The important point was - it always restarts only at 75%...not at any other point at all...i even tried playing games while charging at 10% and even at 100%...but it didnt restart...only when its on idle at 75% it restarts...this is definately a software bug...

    I have been facing this since android 10 upgrade...however since the latest MR , the incidence is quite less but it still happened 2 times since the update...

    It might be battery protect or some other evenwell crap which is causing this issue...evenwell apps have always caused an issue an HMD will never fix this bcoz they are married with evenwell forever🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻

    Only few people must be facing this bcoz idk why HMD has used different components in manufacturing the same phone even in the same country...just like Goodix touch panel phones are facing screen flickering issues and others dont...(screen flickering is fixed in the recent update for Goodix panels - very less noticable now)

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    The problem come from software issue - when charging 2000mA u will get restart. If you use charger with 1500mA its no problem! So use accubattery to monitor your charging speed and use other charger not one from Nokia.

    Bonus your battery will last longer if use a lower amper charger 😉