Nokia 6.1 WIFI does not connect



  • @user1526846382607, indeed my wife has an Honor 7x and i'm amazed by price, features and even their proprietary UI. It's that i'm trying to keep the phone at a fairly decent size, and this Nokia seemed right compared to the latest Chinese brand trends.

    you seemed to dislike MotoG6, any experience with it ? why would you not see it as a true alternative to 6.1 ?

  • Hi I have the same issue with my nokia 6.1 . 

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    Hi everyone, 

    I still have nothing new to report, very sorry. 

    Question for all: where are you all located? Because so far, we think this is mostly happening in India. 

    Best regards, 


  • So you figured out, we only had the problem??
    Atleast Nokia shall concur the problem and float corrective action, you guys are awsome snails! Writing here and spending time on this waste.
  • Yes almost all are from India only, and we are using a smartphone which can't connect to WiFi since it's launch ..
  • Everyone should boycott Nokia.. Nokia is nothing without Indian consumers
  • Dear user1526652198111, 

    We suspect that already longer, I just want to get a confirmation from you guys that we don't oversee other countries. 

    I'm just doing my job here since I'm the Community Manager and I try to help you guys but without information it is quite difficult. 

    Best regards, 


  • Hari M
    Hari M ✭✭

     Yes I am from India TA-1089 device

  • Roger that, most of us from India- includes me.Still trying to believe you, telling our location and wait for fixation.Thanks!
  • I got my version rolled back at the service center this evening. It takes barely 15 mins. It rolled back to the 8.0 Feb patch. Right after that i got an update to 8.1 April patch. One sensible thing Nokia has done is stopped the May patch. At-least the newer consumers are not affected. Surprisingly folks at the service center are clueless that there is an issue like this!! I gave up on my wait with Nokia and went the service center route. I would recommend if you can spare time during your day, get this done - that way you have a usable device. Writing to them on their portal is an absolute waste of time.

    Absolutely callous attitude from Nokia and 0 marks for them on this behaviour. Even cheaper phones like Infocus and the likes have the last two versions of their software available on their website for manual download and install. Nokia team - are you listening?

  • Hello Team,

    Its been 2 weeks and the phone is still unusable. And I believe 2 weeks is good time to at least provide an ETA, so that we all dont login to this portal which is of no use so far and waste our time.

    Now I started to think I have made a wrong choice, can Nokia / HMD be generous enough to provide one or the other following info:

    -> When can we except fix for all users ?

    -> At least ask users who are affected to provided phone details and roll out updates for them. 

    -> Educate service center and support team about this issue.

    Seems like we have to escalate this to Rajeev Suri, does someone have any idea about his e-mail ? 

    May be we have to shoot in dark with random e-mail ID's like [email protected], [email protected] etc.

  • I m also facing the same issue , I should have gone for other mobile like Redmi note5 pro. Nokia team could you resolve this issue and don't make customer regret their choice
  • maxh
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    Hi Laura,
    No Wifi/Reboot/Mobile-connection issues for me (Netherlands, TA-1043). Only unstable Bluetooth connection with the car's Bluetooth sometimes. 

  • Wifi Signal range has become too small. From India, model TA-1089. I still don't understand why it is taking so long for your devs to roll out a patch for this. I thought the android one program would have proper testing before rolling out any update. I do hope this fix is your top priority
  • Hello i am from Mauritius, facing same problem..!!
  • leadpb
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    Hi Laura,

    I am from India and facing the wifi issue.

    In addition I am facing poor call connectivity as well.

  • Aisha
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    Hi Laura,
    Yup.. I'm from India. The device is TA 1089.I'm pretty sure the team is looking into this ;but do ask them to expedite.
    - thanks
  • Hi, I'm from Italy (TA-1043): I don't have a real wifi problem, I still can connect, but BEFORE the update I was surprised that I could reach wifi from my garage, now AFTER the update I can't reach it no more. Surely hte power of connection has dropped down (but I still can use it).


  • Hi Laura,

    I am from India( TA-1089). It's been weeks to fix this Wi-Fi issue. Do we need to wait till June to get this update ( probably 2 week ) ?  

    Can you please co-ordinate and check with development/R&D team , how long we need to wait for this fix ?

    Wi-Fi is working for most of the user if sitting next to router. Few steps away from it , making this phone useless. 

    I hope you can understand our patience. If possible please give us a clear deadline time for this fix.

    With Regards,

    Abhijit Biswas

  • Like i mentioned in one of my earlier posts, if you can spare 1 hour, and a service center is close by, it is worth heading there and get your phone re-flashed to the earlier version. I exactly did that and now my phone is operational. Only caveat is I am on the April patch and i have no complaints about that.

  • Does anyone facing fingerprint issues because I do. It adds finger in setting but doesnt recognise at lockscreen. And also if works fine then stops working after 3 - 4 days. Then I need to delete the finger and again add it.
  • I am also facing the issue with wifi after updating to the new update and I am also from India. I am so bugged up, I cannot access internet and this device is useless now and I have started using my Sony Xperia again till Nokia fix the wifi issue.

  • Any updates? About the ETA?
  • I'm from Brazil, I downgraded to patch January 1 and continue turning off wi-fi
  • Hi Laura,

    Any Update on this?

  • I've tried mailing on the official address and writing on the social media pages of Nokia but there is zero response from them. They are not even interested in telling their customers that they are working on it. Pathetic and irritating service from Nokia. Never expected anything like this from such a brand. They are not only losing the trust of their customers but also those who were interested in buying this device. I have seen many who are making fun of this and have taken a step back from even considering to buy such a phone. And who knows whether the devices or the update is faulty since it is happening in the Indian subcontinent mostly. If such a big issue has come out in just the first quarter of the launch who knows what kind of stupid problems we will get to witness in the near future. Wake up now. Don't test our patience.
  • Hello Laura,

    Will we get any patch release tomorrow ? June 1st 2018 ?

    Please update !

    ~ Ravi Kumar S

  • L eluded?

    Shall wait for next patch, what else.Or roll back to last month patch, I done that, but again auto updated even it was on pause.There was NO option for Do Not Auto update.Nokia/HMD whoever coudnt cater swift customer requirements and they couldnt prioritize the critical customer requirements.Pretty bad!
  • Hi Laura, same issue as others. WiFi connectivity/reception is horrible. I own a Nokia 6. I'm from Philippines, model TA-1021.
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    I am using Nokia 6.1 TA-1089 and nothing seems wrong with the WiFi. Though there's some workaround you can try if you face issues with wifi with no internet. 1. Select the wi-fi network that is showing no internet from saved network and click on forget and then try connecting the device again. If it doesn't work 2. Go to settings>system>reset options from there select reset wifi mobile and bluetooth option. Note: With me when I am connecting to a router it works just fine but when connecting to a mobile hotspot (jio) it gave me no internet at first attempt but in the second try it's connected.