Nokia5.3_Straight question to NOKIA

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Hey Nokia,

Though you have made good hardware bundled device (while lacking in optimizing camara performance and audio output), NOKIA, it is time to work on software part to catch the attention.

Design part can be considered + (Plus) factor, still it's far ahead getting pace reaching customers wishlist as it requires too much to calibrate/optimization work.

NOKIA at some stage have a great brand identity in the mind of the customer, matching that expectations can only be possible, once NOKIA start working on the competitiveness.

Now let me put the straight question to NOKIA Support Team...

  1. Would it be possible for NOKIA team to improvise/calibrate/optimization in NOKIA 5.3 ?
  2. Would it be possible for NOKIA team to work on software part to get more out of the current HARDWARE BOX (i.e. NOKIA 5.3) ?
  3. Most Importantly: Are your present tech-leaders (internal team) really love to use NOKIA 5.3 or in future ?
  4. Do NOKIA Team thinks that the launched HARDWARE BOX (Nokia 5.3) can perform well in future?


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