Nokia 6.1 – General FAQs Thread



  • Why does Nokia always miss the mark...

    All nokias should have the following standards by now surely

    Super Black Pureview AMOLED(right across the range including classics)


    (OIS maybe not all classics)

    Custom Nokia UI Launcher (zero bloat)

    Nokia App Store (all simple all functional all value adding)

    IR Blaster + torch (from same lens/space)




    Whats on your list?

  • My phone is less than a month old and since yesterday my incall volume is so low I have to use headphones...I have tried every suggestion online with no success!

  • Nokia 6.1 (Android One phone ) asking for PIN after factory reset!🤔

    So, I gifted an unused Nokia 6.1 to a friend of mine while he was stuck on an extended stay in hospital. I did a factory reset before posting. He now has bought in his tech savvy local friend to help him set it up. So got called yesterday, from tech savvy friend, asking me for PIN.

    Anybody have any idea as to what is up here. Phone does not have SIM installed. ☹

  • Helloo~

    I turned off the pattern lock on my Nokia around beginning of January and it was all fine and good. Out of the blue my phone got a new pin lock since the 10th january, which I did not configure & i don't know the pin and can't access the phone anymore.

  • Hi, anyone here experienced this issue?

    My memory drained from 14g to 9g without downloading any apps or files, then I found out, that in my storage menu that my systems (the one who runs the OS) storage drained 5g of my memory, and yes without downloading any files and apps.

    Btw, im using nokia 6.1 (2018) running android 10

    Oh and its unlikely I downloaded a systems update since nokia 6.1 (2018) stopped its updates after 3 years and I only get security updates worth 30 or 40mb. Please help thank you

  • Thanks, but I already tried that before my phone's memory got drained and yeah it didnt work.

  • You can go to settings>Apps & Notifications>see all apps.

    And then click on the apps which are taking too much data. And then "storage and cache".

    Warning: you can "clear cache", it will not make that much problem. But "clear storage" can delete data you may need.

  • It's great to be here with everyone, I have a lot of knowledge from what you share cashewsinfo