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Great news, also they mentioned every (including last gen) Nokia phones will get Android P.

Camera Update - Coming soon!


  • Great news, also they mentioned every (including last gen) Nokia phones will get Android P.

    People have been nagging a lot but good to see it's all coming together.

    Also they didn't have the patents for until sometime end of last year for the Lumia UI and stuff like that, and developing takes time.

    Thanks HMD for all the work you're doing.

  • pasoderb pasoderb
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    I just got the update :) Don't know if it is a feature or not, but I can't enable Pro mode when Phone/Camera is in landscape mode, works well when I hold the Phone normally.

  • Update rolling here after manually checking for OTA!

    603.2 MB.

    New functions : 

    - Camera Pro

    - user interface improvements

    - improved system stability

    Can't wait to try it!

  • pasoderb pasoderb
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    I got the update :) I don't know if it is a feature or bug, but I cannot enable Pro mode when phone/camera is in landscape, only in "portrait" mode.

  • alexkay alexkay
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    In which region do you receive the update? Asia/Pacific where it is already after midnight (and Friday)? In Germany (4:45 PM) it doesn't show up...
  • Nate Nate
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    Yes, you cannot activate pro mode when you started in landscape mode, might be a bug. You will have to open pro mode first in portrait and then rotate phone to landscape.

    I also found out that the bokeh of a picture taken from the front cam cannot be edited in bokeh editor. There's no "edit in bokeh editor" option. Bokeh shots taken from the back camera is still editable in bokeh editor.
  • Belgium, TA-1012.

    Yes it's weird Pro mode only works in portrait mode, probably a bug i think.

    Likebokeh now works on the front cam too, but blur can't be modified after the picture has been taken, probably because it's taken with 1 camera at the front instead of the monochrome lens working together for it with the color lens on the back.

    Overall sharpness has improved a lot.

  • Unknown Unknown
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    Hi all! Hope everyone's enjoying the new professional flavour of the Camera on your Nokia 8. It's good to have the update covered up with both feature and quality improvements. There are still a few minor bugs and they would be fixed through future updates. The new Camera is too cool to enjoy right now!
  • UK here and no update as of yet, did update go over system update or play store in the end?
  • @Chi1701 Camera firmware updates are purely carried out through system updates always! And update roll-outs are phased ones. Must be reaching you in a few more hours.
  • Aki Aki
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    Nokia 8 is receiving
    1. pro camera Update...
    2 .user interface enhancements
    3 .system Stability
    I just update my Nokia 8 software.....
    And it's really fantastic... .
  • Downloaded and installed in Norway..
  • Dheeraj Dheeraj
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    Is it just inclusion of the pro cam or has the image quality been improved over previous app while not using pro mode?
  • Nothing yet in UK 
  • Denis.S Denis.S
    Nothing in Australia as well.
  • Pechu Pechu
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    Nothing in UAE
  • Nothing in Korea, too..
  • Conqueror Conqueror
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    Nothing in Nigeria too
  • I have the TA 1004 and haven't yet received the update . I'm in Kenya . :(
  • I have TA1004, in Poland and still no updates 
  • Unknown Unknown
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    Still not got any update in turkey 樂樂
  • user1514619665383 user1514619665383
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    I am in Qatar and was not getting the update. I did this trick and got the update. Inserted my India SIM card and disabled Qatar SIM. Changed the time zone and checked the update. Boom!!update is downloaded
  • Please send us all Indian sims ASAP. 藍藍藍 :-D
  • Pechu Pechu
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    user1514619665383 thanks worked for me too..heheii..downloading updates now....

  • alexkay alexkay
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    TA-1004 in Germany: Inserted old (deactivated) Thai SIM and immediately got the update. Thanks for the hint!
  • Hmmmm still no update on the uk
  • Conqueror Conqueror
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    It is tempting to believe that HMD has suspended the roll out.. Today is Monday 4th June and no user in Africa, America, Australia, Europe and even Asia has received the update since Friday or may be the update is only for the India market as other markets don't matter to Nokia. If Google can rollout its updates within 48 hours to various markets, I wonder why it will take Nokia decades to roll out its own.. If the roll out has been suspended, Nokia should inform its customers instead of keeping us in the dark like it did before the Pro Camera release was announced..
  • Maybe they're just gonna push it through with the June security? I've tried the Nokia Support app chat feature and no one there is being helpful at all. 

  • Still didn't receive camera update in India also
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