Issue with proximity sensor in Nokia 5.3

I recently bought Nokia 5.3. For a week it was working fine. Then I started getting issue with proximity sensor.

When I am in the lock screen, the swipe up does not work as expected. Normally when you swipe a little you get the password option. But for me I have to swipe it all the way. Similarly when I pull down the notification in the lock screen, I don't see the action options.

When I investigated further, this is related to proximity sensor. By default the value of the sensor should be 2 or 5 and when there is something closer then the value should be 0. When I checked with sensor test app, I found that proximity sensor value in my case is always 0 i.e. the phone is always assuming there is something close by. This is the reason why the lock screen swipe does not work correctly. Moment I move my finger on top of the proximity sensor then it works fine.

However, every time I lock the screen, the problem is back. Interestingly if I open the phone using fingerprint sensor then the proximity sensor works fine till I lock the screen again.

Any suggestion or help will be helpful.



  • I am facing same problem as Joydeep Ray facing... Is there any software issue or hardware issue..

  • I started facing the same issue that Joydeep described from today all of a sudden after using the phone for more than a month. And one more observation is that when this problem occurs, if I start a call, the screen will automatically become dark as if I am holding the phone close to my ear even if I am just holding the phone in my hand. Now if I touch the front camera area with my hand for a moment and then remove my hand, the screen will again turn on and the proximity sensor starts working at least till I am on the call.

    This problem is very painful and irritating and I hope that someone finds a solution to the problem. If anyone has any other information on this issue, please post it here so that we all can benefit from it.

  • Yeah my mom's 5.3 too has same issue. This irritating issue should be fixed as soon as possible as it is not addressed for a long time.

  • Sounds similar to what has started happening on my 7.2

  • Yes I am also facing issue while placing a call. Moving your hand in front of the proximity sensor helps while that call is active. But once the call is over then the problem reappears.

    Interestingly for me if I open the phone directly using fingerprint sensor then it continues to work fine till the phone is locked again.

    To me this seems to be software problem where the proximity sensor configuration is reset and the phone by default assumes that there is something in front the phone (even though that is not the case).

  • Yes I do use screen protector. But even after removing it the problem still persists. Even factory reset did not help.

  • All nokia phones having proximity sensor problems, I'm using 5.3 last 1 month it also amar problem. Yes I do use screen protector. But even after removing it the problem still persists. Even factory reset did not help.

  • I am also facing same problem.. done everything factory reset and all as told by support.. no use.. now my 5.3 is at nokia care repair .. they says require to replace part... One month new phone .. and repaire... Pathetic.. loosing faith in nokia brand

  • Thanks for sharing the information. Let us know if Nokia repair fixed the issue or not.

  • Thanks for the info.

    I was hoping that it would be more like a software issue and would be probably fixed by some future software update. But if it turns out to be a hardware problem, I also should get my phone checked from the service center.

  • i got it checked, they did some software - factory setting/ flash etc. but the blackout screen problem is still lets wait for some software update. or rather nokia should reach out to us and solve the problem. also i am facing alot of problem w.r.t to voice not audible to the other people i am talking to.

  • The same problem

    Please solve it nokia

  • same issue here, very annoying and I will never buy or recomend Nokia again

  • Yes, I'm facing the same problem.

  • hi all, the blackout screen problem is still existing. lets tweet and make nokia do something about it...ASAP

  • I am also facing the same issue, proximity sensor work only when i tilt screen down side.(screenfacing earth).

  • Hi everyone... I decided to sign up to this site so I could tell you how I fixed this issue for myself... Firstly I had the same issue when playing voice notes from WhatsApp... Figured out that the proximity sensor is linked to front camera so go into app settings select phone... and turn off permission to the camera...voila

  • This issue happened with me after the display module replacement. I am not sure, if the phone was updated somehow or not. I have a question to all of you with this problem: did you buy Nokia 5.3 and it had the proximity sensor problem already, or the issue happened within several months of usage (or after the update)?

    I have tried the following:

    • Turning off permissions for the camera in the phone app
    • Clearing cache in the phone app and doing soft reboot to check, if the problem persists
    • Downloading the apps which allow to shift from proximity sensor to luminance sensor, but it appears that all phone and voice messages processes are somehow linked to proximity sensor

    I haven't tried the factory reset, since some owners posted that it didn't work.

    For now I use the "turn off" button to hang up the call.

  • @kmthrwt very good question bro when I bought the phone it worked perfectly but after 2 weeks of usage this proximity sensor problem started

  • Nokia should please fix this the care centres aren't doing anything

  • I visited one today they didn't solve the problem so it's a software issue

  • I don't know guys whether this would work when I used lg g4 it had problems with tethering so I downloaded set edit an app by 4a and changed the values and it worked

  • I don't know maybe changing the value of the proximity sensor my make it work better and might solve the issue

  • I just need a collaboration or assistance in figuring it out

  • The way I solve this is... Immediately the screen goes off, I place my finger on the sensor (the right part of the camera) and remove my finger, the screen comes on immediately and it works for me everytime.

  • My phone is two months and some days old and it encounters exactly the same problem as you. It also occurs when playing voicenotes in WhatsApp when earphones are not plugged in.

  • Well, I've just been in contact with Nokia-Care, and the steps they suggest do nothing to solve the problem.

    I also have this Issue when making/answering calls, or playing Voice-Messages. But I realized that the screen comes back to live when I quickly wave my hand over the proximity-sensor (top of display).

    The damn thing seems to always read Zero, until there actually is something to read (my hand waving over it). Then it resets to the right value for a couple of seconds and I can end calls or stop Voice-Message Playbackmyself.

  • Quick followup:

    Just ran a test on the proximity-sensor. It does give out correct values. As I wrote before: When the screen shuts off, waving my hand over the sensor immediately reactivates my display. If I don't do this, I have to wait 5-10 seconds before the phone reacts to pressing the Power-Button and activates the display again.

    Maybe it's a software-bug, in which the phone shuts off the display ... just because. Without checking the proximity-sensor-value. And when the sensor actively pushes a new value (because I waved my hand over it) the phone reactivates the display.

  • So the proximity sensor problem for my Nokia 5.3 is resolved now. I took it to the Nokia care where they probably did some software reinstallation (I had to take data back as all the data was erased after the process). It has been two weeks since then and it has been working fine.