Phone screen goes off and becomes unresponsive the moment a call is connected after Nov 20 update

So, the curse of HMD's updates strikes again.

Phone screen goes off and becomes unresponsive the moment a call is connected after Nov 20 update

So, the curse of HMD's updates strikes again. I've just (stupidly, as I really should know better by now) updated my Nokia with the November update so I'm now on build 00WW_2_390 and ever since when making or taking a call the screen shuts off and the phone becomes unresponse (not even able to lock/unlock) until the call is ended by the other party after which eventually the screen comes back up again.

Seriously HMD, are you incapable of actually making any phone that works consistently and reliably?! Have you heard of testing?

The following advice from Nokia support didn't work either, by the way:

Settings -> Apps & notifications -> See all apps -> Phone-> Storage -> Clear cache and data

Settings>system>> advanced>>reset options>>reset apps preferences

Followed by reboot.

Anyone else having the same problem?


  • Update on this, I appear to have gotten it working normally again by uninstalling the Phone app itself, forcing the originally installed app to return instead. Calls do not currently cause the screen to go off... let's see if this lasts...

  • nokiajo nokiajo
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    for me its the same here. the screen also tirns off in case of discord... it seems a problem with the approximity sensor when using the mic...

    how did you force the original phone app?

  • Lemuras Lemuras
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    Same problem for me 😭

  • radekm radekm
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    I have the same problem, very annoying, can someone from nokia speak here when they solve it?

  • Same problem here but not all the time

  • okeno okeno
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    The same problem with me, I took it to care center and the guys replaced the phones motherboard later to be told it was a update issue, like what kind of ineptitude is that, Im super angry with Nokia.

  • andrewholland1973 andrewholland1973
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    Well that fix didn't last long, when I dial 1 to check voicemail now, screen goes off and I can't hang up the call after. I feel like taking a hammer to this phone. I've had it since June so really, I think I'm going to take it back to the retailer and get a refund. Any suggestions what I should get next anyone, not another Nokia obviously!?

    Edit: the fix didn't last because it seems it's automatically updated it again to the latest build in the background.. but unstalling that again hasn't fixed it this time.. what is going on with this thing!?

  • okeno okeno
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    The problem persists and Nokia are silent about it.

  • Lemuras Lemuras
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    I got this from the support, nothing helps....

    Thank you for contacting Nokia Mobile Care,

    We value the importance of your concern and regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    Regarding your inquiry we would like to suggest you some troubleshooting steps :

    Settings -> Apps and notifications >> see all apps >> 3 dots on the top right corner -> show system >> Carrier service-> Storage -> Clear Data & Clear Cache

    Settings -> Apps and notifications >>see all apps >> 3 dots on the top right corner -> show system >> Phone -> Storage -> Clear Data & Clear Cache

    Settings > Systems > Advanced > Reset Options > Reset Wifi, Mobile and Bluetooth

    Also, may you try to enter the safe mode to check if the issue is the same there:

    First please press and hold power button for 2 seconds

    The menu ( Power off, Restart, .. ) will appear >> Press and Hold the Power off button for 2 seconds

    The menu ( Boot to safe mode ) will appear >> Press ok and it will reboot your device in the safe mode

    While in the safe mode the device is working with the OS system only, without other 3rd party apps so you can test if the issue is still the same.

    To exit the safe mode please just restart the device.

    In order to assist you further and more accurately, may I please know:

    - The Model of your device.

    - The IMEI number of your phone? You can find it on the box or by dialing *#06#. You will receive a 15 digit number starting with 35xxxxxxxxxxx...

    - Which security patch and android version are you using?

    ​- Have you tried with any other calling apps, rather than default apps is there any issue with third-party apps?

    We are looking forward to your response.

    If you have questions or face any difficulties, please contact us at your convenience.

  • The same problem with me, but when the headphones are connected the screen does not turn off.

    Try it to solve this issue.

  • Hmm interesting. What's worked for me so far is uninstalling the latest version, clearing cache and data for it. Reboot phone (and then it worked) then for good measure I joined the beta programme for the app and installed the public beta. It's working ok thus far... someone else give the public beta a try also please?

  • Aditya US Aditya US
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    I have faced the similar issue.

    But, after updating Phone Dialer App and Carrier services App to latest version from Google Play Store, that issue got fixed, now I can make or answer calls without any problem with sensors

  • Jon Soh Jon Soh
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    What app did you uninstall? How to join beta programme and to get the public beta?

  • same problem here.

    try to troubleshoot it myself but no luck. even i try reset to factory default.

    then i contact the support. that was a joke. i explain them the problem and i mention 2 times i had reset to factory the devise so now didnt had anything in and they start the same mantra, go and clear cache try safe boot was something except the latest update inside to create the problem.

    so the problems are when i receive or call someone then screen goes black so i cannot press anything until call finish. moreover when i use gps seems to lose the signal after 30 sec or something..

    someone knows if and how we can get rid off this update?

  • Lemuras Lemuras
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    Hello, I've got my Nokia 8.1 replaced when the screen crashed, with reused Nokia 7.2 from my work. The 1.5 GB update downloaded automatic, and the rest is history.

    Now I got a Samsung A40 instead, no problems so far ;)

  • PhoneGuy PhoneGuy
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    I have the same problem as well. What to do?

  • My nokia 5.3 screen goes blank when I place a call even if I use a headphone

  • Soulfiah Soulfiah
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    my 5.3 does the same, a solution is needed ASAP!

  • Soulfiah Soulfiah
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    if your phone has a screen protector, remove it. Nokia people told me to remove and phone is back to normal. will keep monitoring

  • etb etb
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    Yes... same thing here with Nokia 7.2. Love the phone but that November update has killed the GPS and my phone app (hard to enter your password to get your voicemail when you can't see the keypad). I see the comment to remove the screen protector but I hesitate to do this because I won't be able to re-attach it if the fix doesn't work. Sigh.

    Update: Yes, using headphones works.

  • PaterAnt PaterAnt
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    I have been attempting, with chat support suggestions (nothing worked, so I can't claim it as "help") to solve this black screen issue since 18th December when I first noticed it. I don't make or receive many calls, so it could have been a problem much earlier. Waiting for a solution, like everyone else, from Nokia, because the December update didn't fix it. I also noticed a problem with GPS when using maps the other day.

  • Phone blacks out when call is received. What's the solution?

  • bloke bloke

    Nokia 7 Plus Black screen on phone call problem solution.

    Plug in headphone jack.

    Make a call. Screen no go black.

    Remove headphone Jack

    Make same call. Screen no go black.


  • Mickwb Mickwb
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    Having the same issue.

    Tried plugging in headphones and making a call, that worked for a single call after it was removed, then back to black screen again for the next call.

    Signed up for the public beta and also no change, still black screen.

    Any other ideas out there on how to resolve this issue?

  • The same problem with 7.2

    With the bluetooth headset connected is never happening.

    Even during the call that the screen is black, I open the bluetooth headset and connects the screen is working again.

  • nokiajo nokiajo
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    for me it worked now after changing the pure Display setting and activate the dynamic mode.

  • Mickwb Mickwb
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    Just got off a chat session with Nokia support, they confirmed to me that they are aware of the issue of the screen turning off when a call connects, but do not have any fix or any timeframe for a fix to be available.

    They assured me that the "experts" are working hard to find a fix. 😯

    I have tried a full factory rest, tried changing the pure display setting, tried joining the beta for the "phone" app and tried the headphone trick which only worked for a single call.

    Anyone know if it is possible to roll back the Nov update to fix this issue and the GPS issue?

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