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Dear Nokia,

We love you, but please allow us to unlock the bootloader, I am a developer and unlocking the bootloader is locked from your side and I do not want to brick my devices, I have purchased all of your current devices, you are providing us with stock android experience which is a great thing from your side, but I also like Custom ROMs as well, in the latest news at Twitter, you guys mentioned that the bootloader unlocking method is being discussed internally and there's no confirmation regarding it until now, looking forward to hear some good news for it!


  • AlexSpl
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    Bumping this thread.

    Can anyone provide an estimate please? (of course first you'd have to actually pay attention to this thread and not just ignore it)

    Will it be here by the end of December? In January?

    You guys know you should've already done this by now. The people that are interested in buying this device and are also interested in Custom ROMs are running straight to HTC and One+ because Juho's "Give us time, we hear you" turned 2 months old a while ago and this phone will be abandoned by any developer if you plan on unlocking and providing Kernel sources after half a year.

    All we want is an estimate, to know if we should abandon the Nokia brand now or if there's still hope for it in the dev/modding community.

  • Wildfire
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    And push up Nokia Team we need an answer. Don't ignore us we are the people who buy your devices.
    If you give a sh.. Of that what we want you will see the results in the near future.
  • muhannadsalhab
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    Nokia's support team response during my chat with them: "We are not allowing such a thing because it may harm your device" , Well dears! I am a developer and I know how to treat my devices! and I am going back to buy HTC and Motorola devices, Many custom ROMs for them as well, Shame on you Nokia! and its not professional at all to ignore your customers!

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    true words mate!

  • When will you unlock your Nokia 6 phone?

    To promise and not to fulfill their promises.

    I bought this phone, it's mine now, and I want to see the unlocked bootloader.

    How much can you? Why should I beg to unlock my own phone?

    I spit on this guarantee, I do not need a phone with a castrated system.

    I want my phone to have a full Dolby Atmos.

    I want to do with this phone, all I want.

    With me, more than half of the users of this phone will agree.

    When will I receive an unlock of my phone ???

    I need a concrete, thorough and complete answer.

  • madbilly
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    I do want to be able to unlock the bootloader and see what other OSes can be ported to the new Nokia phones.

    However, in Nokia's defence, they never advertised these phones to have an unlockable bootloader did they? Is it on the spec sheet?

  • user1526136597848
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    Please Nokia (HMD) open up your nice hardware for maximum experience. If the devices aren't open to install custom roms i cannot consider buying them.
  • madbilly
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    Maybe the opening of the new global centre in Shenzhen will allow HMD to get some resource working on this. The software for HMD phones seems to be written/prepared by Evenwell, which I think is related to FIH/Foxconn somehow, so as both are Chinese companies maybe an HMD HQ in the region will help all the teams work more closely with each other and respond more quickly to community feedback.

    As has been said elsewhere though, there are three parts of the puzzle - source code, bootloader and device trees. So far we have the source code for some phones, but no official way to unlock bootloaders and certainly no device trees. We need all three.

  • edwaine
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    Bump! I hope somebody from HMD read this and release not just the Bootloader Unlock for all Nokia Android Devices, but also the Stock Fastboot files & OTA sideload files.

  • This isn't gonna work. Let's tweet about & mention the CEO, CPOs of hmd global. We need to get more attention. Btw, they don't really read the forums.
  • I've tried to unlock TA-1033 Nokia 6 with your official application from your website, 
    but this error pops up.
    How to unlock the bootloader now?

  • elektroniczka 

    You are facing this problem because the only supported device to be officially unlocked is Nokia 8 and the unlocking apk is developed and meant for Nokia 8 only, I've been working with my colleagues from XDA to make it happen unofficially and we have unlocked most of our devices but HMD released august security patches and they have blocked our method as well, the only way now is to wait for their official statement regarding boot-loader unlock because I love to see my Nokia devices running on LineageOS since I'm a main developer with LineageOS as well and believe me guys, Nokia 2 is running so well on LineageOS and TWRP recovery is almost stable on every single device, rooted my Nokia 2 and customized it to run butter smooth and it worked! will do the same with the rest of my Nokia devices once the unlocking method becomes official.
  • I have purchased a nokia 6.1 (TA-1089) and didn't get any official steps to unlock the bootloader.

    Is there any option to do it making an helping attitude?

  • madbilly
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    Hi @Kazi97,

    There's no official method to unlock the bootloader on your phone, you need to search for an unofficial method.

    Cheers 🙂