Nokia 1.3 and System slowness

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I got me an Nokia 1.3 this christmas, and really liked it until after setup, it just became slow. It running Android 10 and is very, very slow. Has anyone ran into a slowness issue with this device.



  • I have had issues with the same model aswell my guesses are it's because the phone runs with a ram of only 1gb Ive tried chatting with a Nokia employee on there website but nothing seemed to have changed

  • I had the same issue. Seams to be the lack of ram. I delete the cache on the apps and use the clean up app quite regularly and it speeds things up.

  • Keith
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    I went into developer options and reduced background running apps to 3. Not much difference. The worst app is the phone app. It takes ages before I can answer an incoming call. Online support were no help. Said to try the phone in safe mode. In safe mode the phone isn't much use.

  • Keith
    Keith ✭✭✭

    @TBubah the phone still slow. I just keep it for emergency use and a SAT-NAV. It is so slow. The developer options means I stopped it sometimes crashing. I certainly wouldn't bother ever buying another HMD Global Android Go device as they are so badly optimized. I'll keep it until Android 11 Go rolls out for it and if no better will sell it.

    If I have a wired or Bluetooth headset connected then I can answer calls quite quick so the problem must be the bad optimization of the launcher.

  • Mi teléfono Nokia 1.3 es excesivamente lento!! No pretendo jugar o una experiencia en calidad HD. Solo quiero que al abrir WhatsApp, no quede la app congelada!!!

    Conozco otras marcas como Samsung con 1 GB de RAM que tienen un desempeño MUY SUPERIOR a éste. Una pena, pero NO vuelvo a comprar Nokia.

  • Totally dissapointed Nokia. Or HMD...or whoever made this piece of crap

  • This phone isn't fit for purpose, it needs at least another gig of ram to do anything decent, forget stuff like social media because it can't handle the video, apps constantly freezing and even using Google is a problem, how I miss my Samsung. Got this phone because it died, don't know how Nokia can sell this crap.