Answer Honestly, You Enjoyed Nokia 8.1 ?

Being Honest, Build Quality is Superb, As Am A Student, Mobile upgradation isn't that easy for me , If It was then I Would Have Been Changed me nokia 8.1 so far...

Answer Honestly, You Enjoyed Nokia 8.1 ?

Abhi Chaudhary Abhi Chaudhary
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Being Honest, Build Quality is Superb,

As Am A Student, Mobile upgradation isn't that easy for me , If It was then I Would Have Been Changed me nokia 8.1 so far... B'coz Build quality Isn't only the Main thing a customer need.

1. Software Optimization in camera isnt that great.🤷🏻‍♂️

2. Call recording features Announced in every Call that this call is getting record, so i don't know what is useful in this case though.😂

3. Touchscreen Freezes atmost 3 time a day, i have to lock and Unlock phone to use. 👏

4. Battery Drainage is so fast after android 10, though it was quite good sometimes, i really don't know why , Or i am not a heavy user.

I don't play games, not even a single game.

So , i had used Samsung Smartphone i.e. c7 pro and my final verdict is Sometimes i disappointed a lot but on the other hand this device looks premium and solid but body design can't be a good idea to getting prase by customers.

Camera Needs A mojor update , screen issue must be fixed ASAP, not because I faced them, but because i can't suggest to buy nokia till now. And still i am using it cozz i don't afford new one right now. So, majboori ka naam mahatma gandhi. 🙏


  • Kachave Kachave
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    Yeah it is a pretty good device. The camera thing is sorted if you just use gcam. The touchscreen freezing thing is pretty frustrating. But the most major problem that I am having is the charging port. Maybe I will move to Samsung now. Even I will not recommend Nokia to anyone. Because Nokia's main selling point is the software, and I haven't had a great experience with software. They still use the old Android 10 code so the gesture navigation is not available on third party launchers. And we haven't received a single maintenance update since we bought the phone. We pay more to Nokia than the Chinese competitors by compromising on hardware for the software that Nokia has. And they aren't living upto it. Nokia's after sales service is also pretty crap. And phones of Nokia are also heavily overpriced.... So overall experience with Nokia is really bad for me.

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    I am pretty enjoying my Nokia 8.1 .......i hven't faced any problem till now......yeah there is some minor touchscreen issue (1 or 2 times in a week) after some software upgrade but ...these problem got fixed in upcoming updates......

  • Kustu Kustu
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    I haven't had any problems with my 8.1. Superb performance, amazing battery life (8+ hours screen on time), amazing camera with Gcam.... List just goes on.

    Overall, amazing phone for it's price.

  • Rx mahabub Rx mahabub
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    Yeah ! I think it's better

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    It is a super phone, personally i think it is the best phone HMD have released to date but these days it would be hard to recommend anything other than the Pixel 4a in this price range.

    Before anyone brings up that the Pixel 4a is all plastic.

  • nitinkachare nitinkachare
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    Nokia 8.1 is a good phone. It's a 2-year-old phone but it didn't have issues of lower CPU performance. The camera is decent. Battery back up is not that impressive but it's good. Nokia Camera has minor lags. I like one thing about Nokia 8.1 is 300Mbps WiFi connectivity speed on 2.4Ghz band (It helps to get good speed on single band 2.4Ghz old wifi routers). Most of the time's screen freezes when we do multiple heavy tasks on it, might because of poor RAM management or bugs or 4GB RAM is not enough to run today's Android OS for a smooth performance just like 3GB RAM was not enough to get smooth performance on 2018's Android OS.

    The issues exist in their provided user experience and consumer support at HMD Global. HMD Global doesn't have an interest in consumer feedback and providing supports to consumers issues and their needs. They don't want to interact with their community forum. Community forum should have to accept their complaints seriously and solve their issues as much as possible in their upcoming updates(Consumers should not have to go anywhere to complain and solutions about their issues).There are many things consumer wants from them such as Bootloader Unlocks, Software Recovery Tool, sAMOLED displays, In-Display Fingerprint, Higher refresh rates of the display, Higher touch sampling rates, Stereo Speakers, UFS storage, Strong and latest processor for good performance. There are no fps options in Slow-motion recordings. Nokia phones only support upto 18W fast charging.

    Android One lacks things like third-party gesture support, dedicated App lock, hide applications, dual space, Control over running background applications (I use Greenify Application to hibernate such apps running in the background), RAM Boost, Game Mode and many other things. The old story of Nokia Phones repeating itself by not supporting the above things.

    My recommended Nokia Phones to my friends : 2017:- (Nokia 3, Nokia 6, Nokia 2),2018:-(Nokia 6.1Plus, Nokia 5.1Plus, Nokia 7.1). In 2019, I have recommended only Nokia 8.1 till December 2019. Now, They feel like they should have to use something new because these Android One (OS upgrade) didn't bring new or basic features (Even restrict some of the features like the third party gestures support). Some of these people have upgraded to other brands and Now, Some of them will upgrade to 5G Phones of other brands.

    In 2020, There is a long delay in launching Nokia Phones. I hope, 2021 will be good for HMD Global and Nokia User.Might many people don't believe in such testing applications but I like to do such test of these applications to measure the performance of phones in numbers because I am a performance-centric person of a phone. I did CPU throttling test with some of the devices and you can see Nokia 8.1 didn't have detected CPU thermal throttling issue. Nokia 7Plus: CPU throttle to 84%, Nokia 6.1: CPU throttle to 91%, Nokia 6.1Plus: CPU throttle to 90%, Nokia 3: CPU throttle to 64% ).

    Nokia 8.1 Performance Test(SD710)

    Other Brand (SD712) 1 Year 5 months old. (Normal Mode)

    Other Brand (SD712) (High-Performance Mode)

  • Dwij B. Dwij B.
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    Two years of having owned this device and I haven't faced any issue apart from a USB port malfunction which I eventually had it replaced. I'd recommend every user to switch off their devices at night for a stutter-free performance. Mine still runs like new.

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    One thing i will add is benchamrks are a load of old tosh, in real life you'll be hard pushed to know what is powering it, i went from a Nokia 8 with a SD 835 to the Nokia 8.1 with the SD710 and the Nokia 8.1 felt much the better phone in use.

  • Mayukh Mayukh
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    When you zoom and tap to focus, it fails to focus properly 99% of the time. This is the biggest flaw of camera. I've tested 3 different Nokia 8.1 phones and they all had the issue. It's not only in Nokia camera app but in all camera apps.

    Battery is average and screen touch response is really bad even after replacing the screen. So gaming experience is ruined.

    Speaker is very good. That's what I enjoyed the most.

    Other than that, Wi-Fi and network signals are significantly weak.

    Not at all a convenient tool when you rely on it a lot.

  • The only problem I faced with this device is battery bulging, that may have happened due to dropping off the mobile multiple times and over charging with some random charger.. After replacing it with new battery at Rs. 2k, my phone is working as brand new.. And yes, some minor screen freezing issue once in a bluemoon..


    " A happy customer "

    Using Since Jan 2019

  • Nawapun Wisan Nawapun Wisan
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    It is really good in terms of design, build quality, screen and daylight pictures. For the price, it is really worthy. But what really bugs me the most is the nokia camera app, it is a disaster, I don't want to explain and complain more here. I hope they'll fix it even with so slightest chance. Few times I got so angry and wanted to throw it away and broke it into pieces, but I just couldn't, I just loved it so much. 😪

  • SanjayP SanjayP
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    Yes, this is the phone that I would recommend to anyone. No ads, no bloatware, monthly security patches and a guaranteed 2 years OS updates. What do you expect from a phone with your budget around 15k? Yes there are some issues that needed to be fixed but nokia team never ignored a issue. They just took some time to fix it. And the build quality is super good. I bought this phone for 14k and for this price this is the best mobile. Thank you nokia for this masterpiece.

  • MrBelter MrBelter
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    At least 3 years of OS updates as well as security patches on Pixels not 2 years 🙂

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