Nokia 8.3 Home screen temperature displays Fahrenheit instead of Celsius


Yesterday I noticed that the temperature displayed on the Home screen of my Nokia 8.3 is no longer shown in Celsius, but in Fahrenheit.

This does not make any sense, as I did not change any settings on my phone and am living in Europe, where we use Celsius.

I looked at the temperature settings (tapped on the temperature displayed) and it correctly showed my current location and that Celsius was selected instead of Fahrenheit.

After I exited the temperature settings, the display showed Celsius, as has been the case from when I got/set up the phone.

However, the temperature goes back from Celsius to Fahrenheit in around 10 - 30 minutes, so whenever I want to check the temperature I have to go back to temperature settings page; as a sort of refresh.

Restarting the phone or shutting it down does not fix the issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I apologize in advance about the tags, even though Nokia 8.3 was released worldwide in March 2020, there is no Nokia 8.3 tag on this forum; hopefully they will "release" the phone on the forum too, at least in March 2021, to celebrate one year from the release of the phone.