Lock screen bug and Google Play Store update won't install

I've got a 3.4 with fimware build 00WW_1_330_SP01 and am finding that I'm having to enter my screen unlock PIN a lot after using fingerprint scanner or face unlock. I'd expect it maybe once a day or after reboot, same as all my other Nokias, but this one seems to ask for it pretty much everytime. The phone is hardly used - it may only get unlocked twice per day so this could be a factor as I don't hear any other reports about it.

Speaking of the Google Play store, in the security menu under phone settings, it shows this as having patch dated 01OCT2020 and an update is available, however it never seems to install the update even though it says it has and needs a reboot. I've rebooted it every time but it stays on 01OCT2020 and offers the same update to download again.

Please could you look into these issues and address in an upcoming patch thanks.


  • @HMDLaura kindly let your team look into this. That Google Play system update doesn't get installed. It leaves the phone in a loop of restarts and reverts back to October 1.

  • There is a Google Play system update available, but it can be installed. After the restart everything is the same.


  • Mean ... do not install ...

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    also to me the same thing, asks restart for update, restarts and returns to the same point, October 2020, for safety, I reset to factory data, but nothing changes