Nokia 2.3 display problem

My nokia 2.3 mobile display vile blank many times .

After android 10 updated device very slow


  • I have Nokia 2.3 and I recommend you restoring the system to factory settings, but before that make a backup using your Google account phone numbers, settings, applications (but you will have to log in to these applications again) and other data, and transfer data such as photos, videos and other files to separate carrier, e.g. memory card. Remove the SIM card and memory card from the device and start restoring to the initial settings. I did it, but before the upgrade to android 10 and during the initial configuration I immediately installed the update, I have a clean installed system and thanks to this the phone works as well as before the update.

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    @user1532864778759 In your case, it will be without downloading and installing the update, because you already have it and you will restore the data after logging in to your Google account and selecting the appropriate options in the applications or tab in the settings for the google account and backup. I recommend to everyone the way I presented here. The system on the device works well and I have not lost my most important private data and settings before restoring to the initial settings.

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    I have same problem,after update ,my cam foto not working on video. Thank You nokia

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    After the Android 10 update:

    Display blinking is still there once in a while.

    Too much lag.

    Sometimes the system UI error pops up and the phone gets stuck for some 4 seconds.

    So even if the design, screen quality, camera is good the average performance makes it a poor phone.

    I can understand not to expect much from this phone as it's a budget phone.

  • මගෙ පෝන් එක nokia 2.3 .පෝන් එක මිලට ගෙන දින 4ක් වෙනවා..ගෙනාපු දවසේ සිට පෝන් තිරය සුදු පාටින් එළියක් ක්‍රැක් වෙනව..ඒක විනාඩියකට වතාවක් වගේ..ක්ෂණිකව ඒ පෝන් තිරයෙ white ක්‍රැක් එක ඇවිත් යනව

  • Please translate my messenge

  • Three days after taking the nokia 2.3 phone, a white light comes on the display. It happens about once a minute. Is it a problem with the display or a problem with the company software?

  • Hi,

    I face same problem after some update of Android Patches.

    So, my friend what is the matter and the solution?