Nokia 8.3 - Unable to hang up calls, Phone app gets stcuk, only full restart helps


I am using Android 11. I had many bugs/malfunctions in A10 and I hoped that A11 will fix them, but unfortunately it only add bugs :(

The most bothering problem is that I have to fully restart my phone 3-4 times a day (!) because the Phone app gets stuck after I try to hang up a call. If I don't restart then my phone won't be reachable: I can't receive nor make calls.

I tried to report the bug using the Developers menu, but unfortunately, it is stuck too.

This is SUPER-ANNOYING! causing me to regret about having this model (instead of my previous S10+ which was great but didn't have 5G)😫

Any idea how to solve it?


  • madbilly
    madbilly Super User

    Hi @Shlomi Angi,

    Sorry to ask the obvious, but did you do a hard reset after upgrading? If not then what's probably happened is that some of your A10 settings are not properly compatible, or haven't migrated properly, to A11. If you backup all your settings, files etc, then you can reset your phone and reinstall everything to see if that fixes the issue. I know that's a long fix, but it surprisingly often works.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Hi Madbilly

    Thanks for the advice. It does make sense. Is there a simple way to backup all my settings including e.g. desktop layout, alarm clocks, tones etc?

    Thanks in advance


  • Use Microsoft Launcher