Android 11 roadmap for Nokia phones

dipankar paul
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Hello everyone,

As you know, we have been rolling out Android 11 for our Nokia phones. 

Here is the full Android 11 roadmap:

If you haven't received the upgrade yet, this roadmap will tell you when to expect it. 

So, stay tuned, and get ready to welcome Android 11!



  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Thank you for the update :) here's hoping that things go as planned now.

  • petrus
    petrus ✭✭✭✭

    Androidone goes downhill. It is annoying for the only flagship on the list to receive the update last. It's probably time to leave AndroidOne.

  • I got a Nokia 6.2 knowing other phones in the price range have better specs. The one reason I went for a Nokia was for the clean android experience and timely updates. Ever since, my expectations have constantly and consistently been crushed by Nokia. Nokia is busy adding phones to their portfolio that people are never going to buy...

    Juho Saravikas also left the company and there is no sense of direction left here. Never recommending Nokia to anyone ever again. Unless there is some miracle, Nokia's mobile business will go under in 2 more years.

  • Having both a Nokia 6.1 with Android 10 and a Nokia 8.3 5G with Android 11 I can say that you aren't missing out on much TBH, don't get me wrong it's nice to have but there aren't that many changes.

  • MMF
    MMF ✭✭✭

    Why did you HMD guys keep months of silence?

    You did just so much harm for customers. Trust is gone.

  • Thank you for the roadmap. Well, it seems that the updates are going in a horizontal order according to what I've seen happen lately.

    I'd like to know when it will arrive for my Nokia 1.3 and 1 Plus, and which one will get the update first, but hopefully it won't be buggy.

  • petrus
    petrus ✭✭✭✭

    I will just add that in the future it will complicate the sale of new phones if you do not know how to deliver a new Android to old phones in time. So the only benefit of the Nokia X series is gone.

  • The Nokia 6.2 was pushed from Q1 to Q2 now we'll be the last device to receive the Android 11 update, by then Android 12 would be in full operation with Pixel 5A and probably 6. You've failed at your attempt to give quick and reliable updates to Nokia phones and I feel the Android one tag is a form of corruption.