Android 11 roadmap for Nokia phones



  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭

    Hope Q2 2021 is not June 30, 2021 for the release of A11 to Nokia 5.3 with the March security patch.

  • a great disappointment I'm getting along with this better I'll go to Google pixel in truth you're already falling under 😭😭

  • Security update on Nokia 5.3 now red status and when HMD Global roll the update?

  • M Rijk
    M Rijk ✭✭

    Just bought Samsung, already disappointed. For updating Samsung apps (e.g. User Interface, like other Samsung bloatware) strangely outside google apps store, you have tot accept their conditiones, this includes selling your (app usage) data.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Play Store also has its range of terms and conditions and it also uses your usage data for recommending ads and similar apps etc. So, that's how it is. Samsung has an own platform it will make use of it :)

  • JAVA
    JAVA ✭✭✭

    We having lots of issues with our nokia 8.1 after Android 11 update. Please release a fix upddate for nokia 8 1

  • Once i bought a Google phone LG Nexus 4, perhaps the specific device had software/hardware issues and i sold it immediately. I bought LG G2 for the battery life and i used it for about 4 years with third party OS. Now i own a Nokia 6.1 and i would say my next device will be a Nokia X10.

  • Nokia 2.3??

  • Nokia is going down.

    Update are **** now.

    You was always first.

    Samsung is first now with updates en other phones from China.

  • Si però ormai nel Q3 sarà già uscito o quasi Android 12 , per fortuna erano tutti telefoni i quali dovevano ricevere molto presto o essere già pronti ad Android 11

  • FedyaG
    FedyaG ✭✭✭

    Yep, this is exactly what was the killer feature to sell the phone, giving a promise of support, as the specs and prices in some comparisons lose other brands. So basically my decision was made on 70% on the statement of Android one. Before Nokia I used Motorola, hoping they could achieve that, but seems if you want a reliable software it's worth to pay a bit extra (even not the latest model) but buy from the company who makes the first party software, like Google. As they actually update quite an old models with new major releases. I hope someday see the real Android one Google partner thou, maybe another iconic brand, maybe Siemens will try next to return %)

  • Well,in january i bought the Poco X3 NFC since my Nokia 6.2 isn't running smooth anymore since A10 update.Sad to see,that the X3 NFC has the much better HW specs (120Hz display,6GB RAM,bigger battery,better camera,etc.) and that for same price as the 6.2 :-( Plus even Xiaomi has much more phones on the market,the software support is much better:i get the security patches faster and with Miui 12.5 even A11... So for me it's time to lay the 6.2 back in box and don't buy anymore a Nokia phone...specially now Android One slowly dies (since Xiaomi left the program...not many manufacturers left).

    Time to say goodbye Nokia!

  • sAbii
    sAbii ✭✭

    Since I upgraded to android 11, my phone has been misbehaving in a funny manner

  • How long will He take for nokia 2.4 to get android 11

  • Nokia is sadly going the same way like Motorola:when they had only the Moto G,X and Z the software support was great.But then portfolio was growing,Motorola bought by Lenovo and the horror started:long time till updates came (even SP),buggy software...

    I started using Android with 1.6 and now we're on 11...and one thing didn't change over all the years:as soon a manufacturer started to have a big portfolio,the software support went bad.Ok,HTC made that even with small portfolio :-D

    And it's easy to say because of Covid everything is slowed down,since other manufacturer still release at least the security patches (my 6.2 is still on february patch) and try to keep their promises.But like i said,for me the time with Nokia is over,my 6.2 will not be used anymore or only with custom rom.

  • I think they have a lot of trouble the last few month. But i think that they better took a month more To release and upgrade 7.2 directly to Android 12. Then they can work to an point in time. And do not have to run after monthly patches. Monthly patches makes it from month to month more complicated. 😉

  • If you look once with how many manufacturer Android One program started and how many are left over...that sadly explains a lot :-( Most of them jumped off,so from a point on Android One is dead.

    If somebody wants a vanilla Android,then it's better to buy a Pixel,cause there you really get updates fast.And even they're a bit more expensive,but only because of the long time support it's worth the money.

    If i remember how good Nokia was in the past... If somebody after that story still buys a Nokia phone,that person most have masochistic tendencies :-D

  • I just got the April security patch recently installed on my Nokia 5.3 earlier this week. My 2 previous phones were made by Nokia. I don't know if brand loyalty was the key driver in me to go for a Nokia using Android. I was researching other OEMs before I decided to go with Nokia for my 1st Android phone.

    The 2 previous phones that I had used were the Nokia 5070 & 113. They were not smartphones now but the performance of them was quite a mixed bag. The most realible dumb phones of the 2 was the 113. It just felt brilliant to use. I only had to charge it once a week & that was it. It lasted just over 8 years before the battery began to die on me.

    I'm disappointed in hearing that the more I hear about Android One; it becomes a less attractive option for me to use in the future. I can't believe Nokia is so slow with rolling out Android 11. To hear that people have to wait for over a year later just to get a feature update on a phone when other OEMs got it before we get it is just farcical.

    I hope Nokia can some way learn their lesson when they release their new smartphones. But if they don't release faster Android updates when they're out in the public market. It will be quite painful for them to see a long term future for them.