Nokia 9 Pure locks and restarts frequently

From the first week of Jan 2021, my nokia phone started to hang and restart while accessing the camera and showed the error "cannot access the camera".

Nokia 9 Pure locks and restarts frequently

saurabh1343 saurabh1343
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From the first week of Jan 2021, my nokia phone started to hang and restart while accessing the camera and showed the error "cannot access the camera". After this, my phone keeps restarting or getting locked even while making normal calls or using video call in whatsapp. While during normal calls or whats video calls, the screen blinks and the voice keeps breaking.


  • I have same problem with my phone Nokia 9 pure since this January also.

    Please if any one know how to solve this. To tell us

  • PG7 PG7
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    I have the same issue from last October, phone restarted frequently especially when I turn wifi on!, Also restarts anytime.

    Camera is also not opening everytime. Sometimes I will have to force stop the camera and then try to start but still sometimes it is not opening.

    I don't think "flagship" phone behaves like this!!!!!

  • Sagar_Naik Sagar_Naik
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    Same has started with my Nakia 9 from last week or so.

    It all started with the crackling sound during video recording and now the phone keep restarting on its own. even if it starts camera doesn't start(rear).

    can you believe it I haven't taken a single picture since last couple weeks.

    and the phone almost always stays warm if not hot.

    and there is a lot wrong with it I can't tell all of that. don't get me wrong I Love Nokia but if I can't use that phone what's the point

    but as many more people are having same issues than it must be a software bug or something.

    Note: even when phone restarts apps remain in the background, weird🙄

  • user1539163121617 user1539163121617
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    Get it rectified at nokia care, mine is working fine after service

  • Greer1251 Greer1251

    You must bear in mind that a reset or return to the factory state in a mobile deletes all its content, so you must make a backup of your data before doing it if you do not want to lose everything.

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  • Pelli Pelli
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    The same happened to my bouys Nokia 9 Pureview from may onwards this year. Hard reset (favctory settings) does not help. Anyone who has got some help for this? that you can do yourselves?


  • amal ジョー amal ジョー
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    It is actually related to battery, that's my best guess. You can get phone replaced under warranty. I don't know much about repairs.

  • avinashk9490 avinashk9490
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    My nokia 9 also has started showing these problems. Camera freeze, unable to either click photos or even save photos. Random restarts. And screen becomes washed out with high brightness. I have already tried hard reset, didn't help at all Didnt expected this from nokia flagship.

  • mat101 mat101
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    same **** my phone keeps restarting when i use any app that has usage of back camera, and overheating or hot after like 20m of a call, screen turn to green sometimes

    so overheating

    restart crashing

    green screen

    and we spouse to get new software update by today

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