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Over the years, all of you at our Nokia phones community have helped us shape and drive the direction we take our products in and we want to bring you closer into the circle by introducing you to what we call, Campfire.

Every month, we want to send you, our community, products, and accessories for you to try and let us know what you think.

We’re interested in hearing from our most active community members who would love to take part. We’ll be using our community forum to ask you questions, to get your thoughts and opinions on certain topics, and more importantly, the accessories and devices we will be sending to you.

We’re extremely excited to be launching Campfire!

So be sure to keep your eye out for future posts from us, so you can find out how to get involved!


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  • Lawss
    Lawss ✭✭✭

    Great initiative!!

    Yes surely I'll love to be a part of Campfire, only if you guys may consider me for the same.

    @Nikhil.V & @rt social marketing

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2021

  • Great ❤️

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    Good to see initiatives on taking feedback from the community 🤝

  • Wow, an interesting thing for the development of the Nokia fan community. I am really very lucky and happy if I or anyone here is chosen to be a part of Campfire. Good luck everyone.

    @Nikhil.V & @rt social marketing

  • It's a great initiative, we would love to talk about it.

  • nokianchetan
    nokianchetan ✭✭✭✭

    Wow! Interesting ❤️

    Excited for #Campfire also hoping more n more fans activities now on 🙂

    @dipankar paul sir thank you 🙂❤️

    Also think about this idea 🙂


  • Wow ❤️

  • rohitkrme
    rohitkrme ✭✭✭

    Great Initiative! ❤

    Excited to take part in the Campfire! 🔥

  • Andycool
    Andycool ✭✭✭

    Intresting ❣️ Finally after long time community is active.

  • chiraggohil
    chiraggohil ✭✭✭✭

    Finally some interesting stuff from you Guys, looks exciting move form Nokia.

    Like to be part of campfire 😊 looks interesting and unique concept.

    Keep community engaged with stuff and activity like this

    @dipankar paul

    We want Nokia once again on top 💪

  • Wow😍 finally something is coming after a long time😍 can't wait to be a part of this journey ❤️

  • Nice concept 😍

  • Am so excited to be a part of this, thanks Nokia

  • Sisu Matt
    Sisu Matt ✭✭✭

    Love the rebirth of all these initiatives and names. Long-time member of the old Nokia community... Discussions, Conversations, Beta Labs. Also was a member in the OG Nokia Campfire on Facebook that later became Microsoft Campfire!

  • Поддерживаю!!!!

  • Это отличная идея!!! Мне нравится что мнения пользователей Nokia будут услышаны,и смогут повлиять на дальнейшее развитие новых телефонов,которые будут радовать нас своими новыми решениями)

  • herrd
    herrd ✭✭


  • sajwaz
    sajwaz ✭✭✭

    Thanks @dipankar paul . Here is my suggestion

    Definetly I would expect my phone to work longer same time it should be upto date with latest OS. What makes phone to work longer is good quality internals. 

    When I ask for more warranty, ultimately expect I want assurance with my phone longer . IF OEMs has to offer the extended warranty it will add to the cost of the phone. That will increase my phone price which again I don't want. If phone has a good quality of hardware do we really need the longer warrantly ?

    So phones with good quality internals with standard warranty should be enough to phone to last longer. Nokia has been successful in delivering this in past. So they should continue. Even today my nokia phones likes of 3310, 1100, Lumia 720, Nokia 1 , Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 7.2 are perfectly working fine. Definetly along with quality hardware I would expect longer OS and security updates.

    Ulitmately a good quality of hardware makes phone to work longer. 

    Nokia name is known for delivering quality products .

    Suggestions to improve upon the brand value

    1) Value for money products

    2) Quality product

    3) Longer software updates ( More than 2 years...)

    4) Better camera

    5) Innovative.

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