[#Campfire] Feedback Friday #1: What's the most important factor when you decide to buy a new phone?

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our first ever Feedback Friday, a new initiative to understand what makes you - our Fans - tick, and how you can have a say in the products and services we build tomorrow.

In the coming weeks, we will ask you a set of questions about our product, the Nokia brand, and a host of other topics. The more you participate in these polls, the better your chances of being selected for our monthly Campfires.

What's a Campfire? Well, read all about it here.

So, here goes, the first poll:

When considering buying your next phone what is the single most important factor in making your decision?

Please select one from the list below. 

Tell us in the comments the thinking behind your choice, and stand a chance to be selected for this month's Campfire!

[#Campfire] Feedback Friday #1: What's the most important factor when you decide to buy a new phone? 90 votes

Being able to take great pictures
Sisu MattGrzesiosinghnskpetruspraveenpAKSHAYSAnokianchetandorsoRajatParasharikrishnasnapshotsAndycoolThomas Flowerchildherrdpushp kumarKINSHUZunairStanicAshish HunkeriOgar parmarTiina Ikonen 30 votes
Being ready for anything with two-day battery life
user1519971235795user1513188804234Ruiner Ram 3 votes
Being able to keep your phone for three years
nitinkachareArthur AmatusrichMacgarrettKartik Gadachiraggohiljoe367thanoofnainachussIago Richarduser1520881638007NITINMZNMdSadiquephcr809Bharath KBEszz4rohitkrmeuser1559934921552hrithik roshan purbaPuppy2019 39 votes
Being able to pack your phone with apps you love
rt social marketingAfronatty 2 votes
Having the trust your phone and its data are secure
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  • Lawrence JB
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    Being able to keep your phone for three years

    This would be the most important factor for me.

    Nokia's build quality and the overall package ensures us that we can keep and use the phone for longer.

  • Zunair
    Zunair ✭✭
    Being able to take great pictures

    I've nokia 7.1 but sadly some bright dots almost more than 30 are now appearing in main camera lens, they are in grid line pattern and visible , I've reset and update software bur it's not software issue rather it's camera lens issue. I don't know how i can get rid from these kind of cheap stuff from ziess lens! I didn't even expercied such dots in local cheaper mobile camera never ever! Shame on nokia

  • Roobaroo
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    Being able to take great pictures

    For me, pointing out a single most important factor is tough since I prefer a well-rounded phone. However, a factor that will certainly keep me away from buying a particular phone will be its inability to take good pictures. So yes, in that manner, the camera will be the priority. Not only camera hardware of a good quality, but also a stable camera application that can keep up with the hardware is necessary.

    Among the other choices, the next thing that I would look for is the design, a respectable build quality, and support, which will eventually determine how long I will use the phone. Considering the usage and charging pattern on my current phone, a battery life of more than a day will be enough. I am not asking for high-end specifications or performance, but the phone should continue to perform, even if it has a mid-range processor and only 4 or 6 GB of RAM paired with 128 (or more) GB of storage. These are the aspects that are of greater importance, but any other added feature that can make the phone more buyable is always appreciated.

    Looking forward to Campfire and more such polls.

  • praveenp
    praveenp ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2021
    Being able to take great pictures

    The single most important factor in making my decision will be the camera, the sole reason being my love for photography. Basic things that phones are meant to do like calling, web browsing, playing games, etc, are done by almost every phone. But the performance of camera is not same even if the hardware is same. And since photography involves experimenting with new things, the duet performance of Hardware & Software makes a huge difference in the outputs. And after seeing the improvements in camera of mobile phones since past 11 years of my phone usage, I can say that it's one of those crucial fields where an OEM can get everything right and steal the show.

    And apart from that, having used Nokia for 3+ years now, I have made up my mind to go for phones with stock Android/OS as far as possible, as it is less clumsy and more secure than skin-based UI which are more or less like bloatware themselves. And also, a pure vanilla Android means a much better security coming directly from Google, as in this data-based era, breach of personal data is happening very frequent, which is harmful for every person.

    Getting both these things right automatically make a phone worthy enough to keep for a minimum of 2-3 years.

  • RajatParashari
    RajatParashari ✭✭✭
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    Being able to take great pictures

    started photography with nokia mobile . In 2011 and that time nokia produced the best camera in mobile phone and more innovation on mobile camera every year. I loved photography and moving towards becoming a photographer Only because of the Nokia phone.

    I see only two things in mobile phone design and camera. And Nokia is great at both things.

    And current time I very disappointed for nokia phone.. no new phone launch in india.

    After launching , Available time on market very long in india.

    Present time, there is no phone available mid and high range category in india.

  • Being able to take great pictures

    The first thing I would consider wile buying a new phon would definitely be..Good Camera's!. And another factor would be the Trust in the brand. And for me NOKIA was & is the first name which comes in my mind, since i have a very good experience in the past using nokia devices from feature phones to nokia x302 a symbian phone to Nokia Lumia devices to the present Nokia 5.1 plus, 6.1 plus & the 7.2!.

    So the experience a customer gets by using the device is most important!.

    But Now while looking at Nokia i feel little disappointed as well! As Nokia has now become a bit slow in launching phones and making too delay in making the launched devices available. This is currently making the Nokia fans to look for another brands as an option.

    Another factor would the battery life and definately one would expect a longer battery life!

    One important factor I safety also, and no doubt nokia is performing well here.

    Also now a days manufacturers are making bigger and bigger phones which makes them difficult to use and even it doesn't sit in your pocket. I personally feel a phone should be of max 5" display! The nokia 5.1 plus & 6.1 plus makes the perfect size.

    Another thing comes in the mind is Software. Although thr software is up to date but it must be bugs free too. Otherwise it doesn't makes the user experience good!.

    That's all what I feel about a phone. And wish a good luck to Nokia and wish u launch new devices soon.

    & Also request you to bring back atleast one phone designed like the lumia series! Add a question in the next Friday feedback about the lumia design, I am sure nokia fans still love the design and it's uniqueness

    Thank you

  • Arkey
    Arkey ✭✭
    Being able to keep your phone for three years

    I look for a good specs in a phone which will stay usable even after 3 years. I also appreciate a phone with regular timely updates. Having said that, in the recent days I'm really disappointed with the trend Nokia is going. Nokia is charging us for low spec devices and promises the timely updates. But sadly even that 'point' is gone!!

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭
    Being able to keep your phone for three years

    Good one, atleast they should understand what Nokia fans think about them now.

  • nzrs
    nzrs ✭✭
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    Being able to keep your phone for three years

    I choose the option "Being able to keep your phone for three years" because for me a phone needs to be future-proof. I took this approach as being able to resist not only physical limitations but also software limitations. As technology progresses, we've seen that smartphones are getting more powerful and able to do tasks that years ago where only exclusives for computers. Smartphones are way more accessible than were before and the average user today can opt for a good mid-range smartphone that could last 5 years.

    But all of this depends on the company behind such smartphone. Providing an exemplary customer support, software updates and good optimization on their devices could lead to a great combo that guarantees to the user a long and rich experience with their smartphones.

    So that's what I want: A device that could last me 3 or more years. A device that I know It won't let me go on daily tasks. A device that I'll partner with.

    ... and It does good for the environment too!

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭
    Being able to keep your phone for three years

    We Nokia fans have been speaking about this for so long but until now there's no use. They are still bombarding the market with too many devices.

  • chuss
    chuss ✭✭
    Being able to keep your phone for three years

    When considering buying a new phone I always look for a device that will last a long time, also that has an iconic design and the construction of the device that is excellent. I have always chosen Nokia for its durable devices and iconic designs, I wish they would revive the Nokia N and E series.

  • Being able to keep your phone for three years

    The commitment of HMD Global back in to 2017 for fast updates was the reason that i bought Nokia 6.1 .

  • dipankar paul
    dipankar paul ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for your responses, everyone! This poll is now closed.

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