Sirocco alternative?

So, since the updates have stopped and that there are no cfw's for this amazing phone, it is time to be on the lookout for a new phone.

Sirocco alternative?

MacGyver1985 MacGyver1985
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So, since the updates have stopped and that there are no cfw's for this amazing phone, it is time to be on the lookout for a new phone. What do you think is the best phone to buy when we are done with the Sirocco? Personally, i think the pixel 5 is a winner. I don't want a phone that is bigger, it still needs to fit in my pocket. And spec-wise has to be the same or better then the Sirocco. What do you think?


  • valyo_bg valyo_bg
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    My Nokia 8 Sirocco is still in perfect condition - only battery was changed several months ago.

    For replacement I already order this one, but with 8G RAM and 256G storage:

    Hopefully will receive new phone till end of 2021 :) .

    I'm Nokia Communicator fan for more than 20 years. This is the reason to order F(x)tec Pro¹ phone - old good, hardware qwerty keyboard and other innovative features of course :) .

  • MacGyver1985 MacGyver1985
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    Wow! Amazing phone, never heard of it. Looks a bit like my old c6. Its still is al little too big for me, but i like the fact that it also supports Sailfish

  • TatsuyaSou TatsuyaSou
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    Interesting phone. It's like the good old BlackBerry ❤️

    The Xperia are relatively small compared to the rest. I have Xperia 10 III and it fits well in my hand. Xperia 5 II and 5 III may also be of interest to you. 10 III in the future and will likely get official SailfishOS support.

    I don't know about the rest, Samsung and Motorola have huge phones. Nokia has no interesting phones at the moment.

  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    It's really interesting if it supports Sailfish, but does Sailfish support the phone as well? Because I've been fooled by a lot of devices that were said to support Sailfish but never managed to in the real world. Because Jolla wouldn't support it and the OEM doesn't do much.

  • ElZoido ElZoido
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    Currently & personally, I'm favoring Google's Pixel phones.

    They come with a relatively pure Android experience - so not too much bloatware - and importantly they do receive updates for quite some time, including major ones.

    In the mid-range, there will likely be a Pixel 5a soon, and 4a still looks interesting if you look for small-ish phones and don't need 5G.

    Of course custom rom support for the Sirocco would be great - but let's face it, that's not going to happen...

  • pranay cheerla pranay cheerla
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    Worst service from Nokia, I have raised repair request multiple times where they doesn't respond and cancelling the request..

    Hope this is the reason they are losers in the market..

  • MacGyver1985 MacGyver1985
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    Hmm, not really a helpfull anwser for this topic

  • Ok, after problems with the battery, three times charging per day, a not working fingerprint scanner and **** WiFi.. I was done. Did a factory reset and nothing worked like it should. Bought a Pixel 5! What a difference!

    The Sirocco was a great phone, but now in 2021 and after the three years i had it, it was over. Phone still looks brand new, that is not the problem. Hardware and software wise the phone was EOL. Bye Nokia!

  • trckojr trckojr
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    Would you continue using this phone if there were security updates coming? If the answer is yes, just keep using it. Be carefull what sites you visit and what apps you install and that is all. I've replaced the battery and plan on using it for a couple more years. SOC is fine, no problems. Small formfactor and steel frame are hard to find today.

  • After 3 years on duty, my Sirocco's successor will be a Google Pixel 6 Pro 256GB. Excellent choice, I guess.

  • Since they are no longer releasing flagship phones, I just bought pixel 6 pro and I'm loving it.

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