#ShotOnNokia Spotlight – Abhishek (@hyperfinephotos)

Nikhil.V Staff member
edited May 2022 in Home of Nokia Phones

We love coming across stunning #ShotOnNokia photos and videos. It is a chance for us to see what this amazing Nokia phones community is creating. This month behind the camera, we have Abhishek, @hyperfinephotos  

As well as being a mobile photography hobbyist who is extremely talented, he also works as a physicist. Using his #Nokia7dot2, he’s been able to capture some incredible shots and we got the chance to catch up with him about his process. 

How do you capture such unique shots? 

I am a physicist by profession, and I love my work and one of the side-effects of being a physicist is that it gives you a very unique perspective on things and is the reason why I see every little detail/pattern. 

How do you capture this level of detail in your shots? 

I try to capture as many shots as possible without zooming too much as I find the digital zoom decrease the amount of detail. I only zoom in 2x max. 

What's your favorite part about photography? 

Photography is like meditation for me, it helps me unwind. Being able to see the world from my camera’s perspective gives me so much satisfaction as I can see certain things with my eye. 

Among your work, which one is your favorite? Why? 

This is a hard question but if I had to choose it would be this picture of this bee. It took me 1.5 hours to get this shot. The bee was very shy and whenever I try to get close, she would fly away so it was a game of patience but finally I got her to pose for me. 

Have you got any key tips when it comes to capturing nature? 

The best thing about nature is that it does not require a fancy studio setup, it is inherently beautiful. The best tip I can give is to keep the framing of your photo in such a way that you capture the symmetry in nature, it has to feel organic. 


What advice would you give to aspiring photographers? 

Don't get too carried away about how powerful your hardware is. The more important part is your vision and your unique perspective, which helps you tell your story. 

If you’re equally as inspired by Abhishek as we are and want to be featured in our next #ShotOnNokia Spotlight, comment below and tell us your story! 📸