[#Campfire] Feedback Friday #8: Switching to 5G

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Hello everyone,

Continuing with the topic of 5G:

Assuming your phone is not currently 5G, what is preventing you from switching? 

Select one of the options below.

Let us know in the comments if your Nokia phone has encountered anything nearly as strange, and stand a chance to be selected for our next Campfire!

[#Campfire] Feedback Friday #8: Switching to 5G 56 votes

5G is not available in my country
BeVenkateshSG86singhnskpetruspraveenpnokianchetanRajatParasharichiraggohilShubhamPatil822joe367thanoofnainam a s i k aherrdAhmad93ChetanssoniMdSadiquepushp kumarnikhilkunwar0904rohitkrmeKiran Rodrigues 34 votes
5G phones in the market are too expensive
PATAMSETTIOgar parmarTroy ClevelandSam KarishUser 132636 5 votes
No phones available have the right balance (e.g., they are too focused on 5G)
madbillyKartik Gadakrishnasnapshotsuser1538408022965YojanMuviNokia user06shrishti singhTan juu 9 votes
Other - you tell us!
terminusaquobluetoothskAndycoolLuke Stauntonamitkumar6970@gmail.comWongkamupThe GoatNyasha Mubani 8 votes


  • praveenp
    praveenp ✭✭✭✭
    5G is not available in my country

    Indeed 5G is a luring and appealing technology, but it's availability for general consumers will take time in India. It's still in a nascent testing phase in India, and will take 1-1.5 years for a full roll-out. Even spectrum allocation is pending, so we can imagine the time for allocation, upgradation of machinery, and other required additions.

    And this is the only reason for me being uninterested in 5G phones in current times.

    But since as a brand promise, HMD has been firm on it's commitment for a longer update period and support till now, seeing a 5G budget device from Nokia will be a welcome step (though market will still be low as even 4G penetration is not good in many areas, forget 5G which doesn't even exist). Merely branding a costly phone as 5G will not serve any purpose as this feature will anyway be of no use till the end of 2022.

  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭
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    5G is not available in my country

    As still the 5G is on the preliminary stages in India and as the X series is yet to release, I'll wait till I switch to 5G.

    But yes, it all depends on how well 5G is implemented.

    But definitely my next device will be an X series from Nokia.

  • No phones available have the right balance (e.g., they are too focused on 5G)

    Even if I thought to buy a future-proof phone, the phones which are launching right now arent a perfect combination like some have focused too on 5G but compromised on display, camera, some have focused on other features but compromised on 5G and those which have both are way expensive. Basically, a consumer is waiting for a perfectly balanced 5G phone from INR 20k-35k might be like Pixel 5a with 5G.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User
    5G is not available in my country

    Disclaimer: My current primary phone has 5G support. But I cannot use 5G because my country doesn't have 5G support.

    My previous purchase wasn't because of 5G. I bought the phone because I liked the phone overall. The 5G support was/is a bonus.

    However, if I buy a new phone from the segment above 20k INR, I'll make sure that it has 5G support. 5G will now be a priority instead of a bonus as was the case for the last purchase. Hence, mere 5G tag won't be enough. The phone should have support for the necessary cellular bands compared to the bands that will most probably be used in India.

    I'll pay a bit extra for a 5G phone but it has to be a well balanced product. Merely having 5G support and compromising on many other aspects will not get the deal done. And I'm certain that it will be same for most of the digitally-aware consumers. I can't speak of the traditional ones.

  • Andycool
    Andycool ✭✭✭
    edited August 2021
    Other - you tell us!

    Do you remember how much you loved your Dream phone Nokia 3310💙 ( 2G ) ? & In this era how Nokia dominat other brands. 💥🤑

    In the last four decades, mobile phones more than any other technology, have quietly changed our lives forever.

    2019 is when 5G lifted off, and 2020 and 2021 are when 5G networks and 5G phones are available en masse for the users.

    Worlds First two companies Apple & Samsung revealed new 5G phones.✨

    Similarly, Apple has launch most awaited iphone 12 5G & Samsung has released its new Galaxy S line of 5G phones. 

    Also Nokia's first 5G smartphone is Nokia 8.3 is the 'first global 5G phone in the world. ( But not launch in INDIA ) 🇮🇳 ,Nokia X20 ,XR20 arrived in Europe and some other markets earlier this year as HMD announced a big expansion to its smartphone portfolio.🥰 The Nokia X20, along with the Nokia X10, joined the Nokia 8.3 5G in the company’s 5G phone kitty, HMD NEVER SHARED PLANS FOR INDIA AS FAR AS 5G PHONES WERE CONCERNED, 😕AND THAT IS BECAUSE THE COMPANY IS NOT AS AGGRESSIVE AS ITS CHINESE RIVALS IN INDIA. AND THAT IS WHY HMD STILL DOES Not HAVE A 5G PHONE IN INDIA. THAT MIGHT CHANGE SOON. 🙏🏻 The Nokia X20 and Nokia X10 will be making their way to India.💙😍

    These new devices are also likely to have a lower price point than the company’s current 5G phone line. lower-cost phones will help make 5G more affordable for many of us.

    5G speed tops out at 10 gigabits per second. 5G is 10 to x100 faster than what you can get with 4G.

    5G will be super fast and create possibilities for wireless VR experiences, driverless cars, and medical advances. 5G is currently available in very limited areas with very few devices on the market that are compatible. 

  • 5G is not available in my country

    Pretty much like my country (India), 99% who doesn't even have the right infrastructure for 5G, I find it a real waste in buying new 5G phones in 2021-22. I don't expect new technology to be here any time soon. Also, 4G won't be over for at least 10 years. And right now I see no difference between 4G and 5G, just that 5G consumes more power and phones are launching with a higher price.

    5G is still in infancy and infrastructure not even close to that of 4G. It honestly doesn't make any sense to prioritize a 5G chip in your phone as of yet, it's just media hyping up 5G.

  • 5G is not available in my country

    There is no Nokia 5G Phone Available in my country & that is the main reason for me not switching to 5G Phone 😊💙

  • 5G phones in the market are too expensive

    Although development of 5G network in my country would take time, It would be a major change in the network technology, & this will definitely take time. Till then just owning a 5G device will be not usefull, but may be befinicial also in terms of grabbing offers from network providers during their network trial period.

    Also 5G devices are currently expensive compared to 4G once. But still I think upgrading to 5G would definitely be a good option if you want to keep your device for long!

  • 5G is not available in my country

    As everyone here says, 5G service isn't currently available in India. I firmly believe that it will be there, by 2022.

    And also there aren't any Nokia 5G phones either. I really hoped to see Nokia 8.3 hit the Indian market. Such a great phone with better video-making options and some of the features were the first to see in the Nokia phone. It was a real loss for Indian customers and I think, also for Nokia Mobile India; 8.3 would have brought Nokia phones to the next level in India.

    I hope not to see the same in the case of the X series. Love to see those in use, here in India.

    Back in 2018, when I bought 6.1, the time Nokia phones began to show up after a while. Hearing the Nokia ringtone, while I was in Classroom, Canteen, Bank, Bus made me so exciting, It was literally everywhere.

    Love to see and hear Nokia more.

    Thank You☺️

  • 5G is not available in my country

    Frankly speaking i am not interested in Switching 5G phone because 5G is not available in India and it's take more time to available and running full forcely, their is no sense to buy 5G phone for now as we don't know which band will we get ? Currently phone with 5G chip is expensive in comparison of 4G and by the time 5G service available in India that time Smartphone technology will also change then current time so I will choose to buy 5G phone when it's actually available. So that we can use 5G phone with that time mobile technology.

  • 5G is not available in my country

    I will not be getting a new smartphone at least for the next one and a half years, but my decision is not inspired by 5G in any way. It is because my present phone is running all well and good.

    However, the main reason I would not switch to 5G right now has to be the lack of 5G connectivity in my region. As per reports, the initial deployment is not happening until the next year, while a wider deployment is expected by 2023. Also, the 5G phones with a balanced set of features, including support for enough network bands, still require a big-budget. So, hopefully the prices will come down by the time I decide to hop on 5G.

  • 5G is not available in my country

    The primary reason I'm not switching to a 5G phone is because 5G is not available in my country.

    The second reason might be the 5G phones being too expensive.

    Until mobile network operators don't establish 5G network in India on a large scale and offer cheap and affordable data plans, not many people will be using or buying 5G mobile devices.

    Someone needs to take a stand. Like Jio brought 4G revolution in India with cheap data plans, which was followed by cheap and affordable 4G mobile devices in the market. Either Jio or Airtel or any other mobile operator should bring the 5G revolution in India by offering cheap and affordable 5G data plans with the support of the government.

    When cheap and affordable 5G data plans are offered, it will be followed by cheap and affordable 5G mobile devices which people will be interested in buying.

    People are always fascinated by new technology and will buy and use them when offered at cheap and affordable prices.

    Although, I think that because of no 5G network in India till now, buying 5G mobile devices these days is redundant in India if the same phone specs come with a 4G variant and much lesser prices, tech enthusiasts and hobbyists still buy them.

    I think it's just a matter of 5years or so that 5G networks and mobile devices are adopted by the Indian population on a large scale.

    Also, I think Nokia Mobile should release all its mobile devices in India whether 5G or not because Indian consumers would like to see the high-end offerings of Nokia Mobile as well like Nokia X20, etc... because those phones generally don't come with a 4G variant with the same high end specs.

    So, 5G will be popularised in India when both mobile networks operators and mobile device companies start providing cheap and affordable data plans and mobile devices.

    Till then, 5G is a fascinating idea for the people of India because 4G is more than sufficient and serves its purpose for use in our daily lives.

  • 5G is not available in my country

    First of all, 5G service is not available in India yet and There is no time frame when we will get 5G service in India. the phone is 5G or not, it doesn't matter if the phone is 5G yes then it is good for future but We're buying the phone because it's 5G, that's not the right reason and also no impact in current time.

    IamMSDIAN ✭✭
    edited September 2021
    5G is not available in my country

    According to sources, the. Official Launch of 5G in India is stated by Mid of 2022. Also due to Pandemic there has been Financial loss , That's why The Auctions are postponed right now. But 5G is Launched in Many Countries, that's why Mobile Companies are rushing a bit to launch 5G phones, they are costly too,but also the bands of 5G are less whether they may be Flagships or Mid-range Phones. Acc. to me, we should accept 5G in a phone right now just as a Bonus, Just for one feature 5G , I don't thik so that will a appropriate option to spend extra Money!!

    Thank You!

  • Other - you tell us!

    Won't let me , says it's looking for something

  • Other - you tell us!

    I have a 5G enabled phone (the Nokia 8.3), but if I were switching I would say there is no real incentive for consumers as the speeds promised by mobile operators are negligible improvements in most use cases. It doesn't offer much for daily use at the downside of cost and battery life.

    It is good to have for a sense of futureproofing, but it is not a major selling point for at least a couple of years.

  • Other - you tell us!

    5G is available in the UK but only in a very small number of areas in a select few towns and cities.

    As the town where I live has seen the start of a rollout I decided that getting the 8.3 5G and a 5G SIM only plan was the best thing to do. It means that once 5G availablity matches the likes of 4G then I'll be ready for it.

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