Sharing new experiences of A11 in Nokia 5.4

Hey guys. Hope you have received the Android 11 update for nokia 5.4.

Can you tell me about;

1. Performance of the phone

2. Battery life

3. Appearance

4. Bugs or faults

5. And other

After the new android 11 update on nokia 5.4 and let's share the experience.


  • Faster. Smoother. Prettier. Not noticed hugs yet. I'm impressed, so far.

  • Well, if jewelie didn't notice bugs then I'm totally happy for him/her. I noticed some bugs instead, first of all the screen recorder is totally missing, and even if you enable it by using adb, its settings keep being missing. Then, the screen capture doesn't work properly if you take a screenshot by dropping down the tiles menu and tap on it. 3rd point: pictures taken by the default camera app now have a worse quality, plus the macro and ultra wide camera tiles now disappeared. At least they fixed that ridiculous bug that didn't make you close background apps properly.

  • What about battery life? Anyone experiencing fast drain?

    And what about applications, does all the applications runs smoothly without any lags?

  • Uhm, battery life seems to be the same, and applications run smoothly, sometimes I noticed some lags/ bugs when using messenger, but it could depend on application' side. Maybe sometimes there are some lags during the user experience, but nothing important. They removed the coloured themes from the developer options, but this depends on Android 11 itself. I didn't notice anything else for now, if I will, I'll report it.

  • Yesterday I updated my 5.4 to android 11, everything seem to be ok with performance so far,

    But.... Camera app is the worst of all. Picture quality is bad, macro and wide modes toggles have moved, I'm much disappointed with the camera app.

    But everything else is working properly.

    I hope HMD will fix that issue with another update.

    Plz comment your opinions with new Android 11 experience, so that others can wait before they update now and get an optimised update later.

  • Updated to Android 11 3 days ago but native screen recorder isn't available and in addition my mobile network indicator indicates 3G more often now even in areas where it once indicated 4G/LTE whiles running on Android 10.

  • Today I suddenly noticed a problem with my microphone. Microphone has low gain and my voice is low to other side.

    But earlier with a10 there was no problem with the microphone at all.

    Do you guys have any suggestions to correct this by myself.

  • In fact what did I say about camera? Lol well, at least we can install the gcam, it works pretty good but you have to try some versions of it, because there are compatibility issues with Android 11.

  • Oh yes, you're right, I'm sorry, I forgot mentioning it. I had that issue too once installed android 11, then, after a couple of days, it seems it got fixed by itself, so it shouldn't be a problem

  • I'm much concerned with the camera issue with android 11 update.

    I hope another update will fix the issue

  • John Lazard
    John Lazard ✭✭
    edited September 2021

    Anyone else seeing this bug? When you drop down the notifications (only one level down and not all the way), and tap the empty space right below notifications, you can see this.

    Experienced this issue since Android 10, bur after the latest update to Android 11, it's still present.

    Is this a widespread bug?

  • I had never noticed it until you pointed it out just now. Curious!

  • Yeah, it's very easy to miss. When I first discovered it, I thought it was some sort of malware frankly. Seems like a couple of others have the same issue as well.

    Wonder what it is, and if it's just some bug that has gone unpatched.

    Are you using a Nokia 5.4 as well?

  • Yes. Nokia 5.4. UK. Recently updated to Android 11.

    It's like a bit of a rubbish Easter Egg, isn't it? LOL.

  • I'm currently in Asia, what about you? Is this present on your device as well?

    Haha, no kidding. Still suspicious this might be some sort of spyware, but if others are seeing the same thing too, then it might just be a bug.

    Hopefully, they fix this soon since it's quite annoying especially when you have lots of notifications

  • I start remembering I had that light gray thing on my 5.3, then I returned it back to buy the 5.4 because I need the gyroscope. Here my new experience of android 11 in 5.4: as I previously said the phone became slower, and the September patches update didn't help. Here the proof of what I'm talking about

    Same apps, same stuff, same usage by me... Basically now it seems the Nokia 3.4 with the Snapdragon 460. It works like a phone with a low end CPU...

  • Is anyone else facing this problem?

  • Andries Bester
    edited September 2021

    My VoLTE settings is completely gone after the update to Android 11. Many, emails to Nokia support, reset after reset, clear cache, nothing worked. My carrier supports VoLT. I, tested my SIM in a Samsung A11 worked perfect. It feels like the days when Blackberry first went Android. We're labs rats. I should have bought the no-name brand Chinese phone for half the price instead. At least you don't expect anything.

    Also, microphone also very soft/low gain. Have not noticed the poor Camara quality, purely because this is more a work activity phone.

    Did notice the screenshot issue, take 3 screenshots and none was saved.

    No VoLTE settings:

  • Yeah, Nokia really needs to up their game here. I think if they can continue delivering a vanilla Android experience + fast updates then they can become really compelling alternatives to Pixel phones.

  • Ok this is interesting. I tried this myself, VoLTE was gone on my main sim after the update to Android 11. However, I used my second sim, which is also from the same Telco and guess what, VoLTE was back. Hence, I suggest requesting updated settings from your Telco.

    This can usually be done from your Telco menu by dialing something like *123# depending on your Telco.

    Let us know if this works for you.

  • Yes exactly, in fact in my opinion they were a really good alternative to pixel phones at first, but then their software quality decreased much, plus their hardware choice makes no sense...

  • My Nokia 5.4 lost Video Stabilization (EIS) after Android 11 update. Also when on Android 10 the phone started silently if it was set to 'Do not disturb'. After Android 11 i get the loud Nokia greeting even when set to 'Do not disturb'. The loss of Video stabilization is making me so frustrated. I wonder if Nokia will fix this soon or ever?

  • It's so tired to make a video call or phone call. My friend cann't listen my voice. This phone is suitable for using alone -_-

  • I changed version bluetooth AVRCP 1.5 into 1.6 and bluetooth MAP 1.2 into 1.4. Now I can make a video call or phone call, my friend can listen my voice exactly. We can change setting of system.

    Setting> system> developer options> (default) USB configuration. Later changing them.

    Good luck all ;))

  • Hello, I also noticed about the loss of video stabilization. Have you tried to report this through customer support?

  • I am still waiting for an update to fix the loss of stabilization so i will contact customer support. I would not have bought the 5.4 if i knew it could lose EIS. I also upgraded to the Nokia X20 Gold and the video stabilization is impressive but it's GB£229.