Android 11 roadmap for Nokia phones



  • To be honest...none of them 😔 For gaming you get for same price better phones from other brands.You can go on website of GSM Arena and compare the specs of phones,then you can see good which phone gives you the best performance for the money you want to spend 👍

    Well,seems that after Motorola i found another brand to put on my personal blacklist:HMD/Nokia 👎 What they're doing is a farce and reminds me of the early days of Android,when LG or HTC 😔 At that time updates were a gamble too 🤣🤣🤣

  • I will only buy Nokia mobile phones. Why? Because you can throw them to the floor and they won't even have a scratch. That is long before XR20.

  • Less than 1week in Q3 and no A11, well this Nokia 9 was my first Nokia phone in 11years and its going to be my last.

    HMD is just incompetent to make flagship phones and keeping them uptodate.

    As Finn, this makes me sad

  • Fixes for fingerprint and camera will never happen, development for this phone sadly stopped right after release. Maybe we get Android 11, but maybe with this update everything becomes worse.

  • Hmd you just keep on keeping on your false promise. The day is not far when no one will be ready to take a Nokia phone even in the name of update. Keep making false promises like this and keep making garbage phones

  • Lawrence JB
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    Please note that A11 will come for sure, but when, only HMD knows.

    The phones released earlier never got any camera fixes. It all happened after the recent releases. So TBH, Nokia phones are still available in the market for the brand name that's it. HMD has time and again proved that they're incapable of taking forward the Nokia Legacy.

    My decision was to never buy a Nokia phone and my last Nokia phone was Nokia 5.3 which I sold because of too many problems. But unlucky that my family member thought of giving me Nokia G20 because of my loyalty towards the brand as he got fed up using the same.

    As a phone its just below average performer which irritates a lot, but as a secondary phone it's ok to use.

    Camera and the battery life is decent but I may not use it for longer and may end up giving it back to the person who gave me.

    There's no charm in using any Nokia phone available in India now.

    I am happy with Samsung now and the Nokia 7.1 which I was using from the last two years, which I had got from Dubai.

  • I have a Nokia 9 Pureview. Is Android 11 late? Yes. Am I worried? No. The truth is that the phone works correctly with Android 10. So while HMD is a little late, it does not fetter my usage of the phone.

  • So nobody from Nokia liars won't speak with us? This company is over...

  • ETA 6Hour and still no A11, this is going to be final nail to my nokia coffin.

  • Andi Aay
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    No update A11 in indonesia it's realy suck

  • 4th quarter now and STILL no Android 11 update for the PureView 9.

    Are we waiting for 12.

    I've always had Nokia phones from the beginning, through the Windows phones (which are still working fine)

    I got this Android thing when Windows phones stopped being supported.

    3 of my family followed with the Nokia 9

    To be honest, I'm not impressed but at $1100 in Australia when it was purchased I have to stick with it bad camera and all.

  • singhnsk
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    All cool, but buddy, there are way better phones than the substandard Pixel. It is overrated. All I'd say is visit the Google Product forums and rethink your decision :)

  • We are in Q3 and I'm still with Android 10.... Is it a joke???

    When will be released Android 11 for my Nokia 2.4??? Is it just a problem for devices in Uruguay???

  • tudor georgescu
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    Nokia/HMD is bound to get approval from the national authorities. You aren't, so you may upgrade to Android 11 by ADB or VPN.

    Oh, yes, if you have unlocked your bootloader, the warranty is void and you should not expect upgrades from HMD.

  • singhnsk
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    @tudor georgescu I think this is for hmd to figure out. If they delay the updates for too long only to blame the regional authorities, it does not necessarily work. It's something that hmd should think about before promising such things in those markets where such approvals can take longer. From April to October, it is way too long for any regional authority to approve it. If the updates are still unavailable, the reason must be something else.

    And it is not possible to update these phones via ADB. The bootloader unlock is impossible as well.

  • They haven't released Android 11 yet so what's the use of using VPN?

  • Is it possible to sue HMD/NOKIA in connection with the massive deception of customers?

    If we can do this, then maybe we can get monetary compensation from this lying company if they don't meet the deadlines?

  • tudor georgescu
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    Possible? Yes. Everyone can sue everyone else, with or without reason. Same as you're free to sue Trump, Biden and the Queen of England. It does not mean that you'll win the case.

    I mean: the phone is not even damaged and it has received the September security update.

  • If they do not have time to update the operating system during the period of their stated support, it turns out that the company has misled customers, deceived, violated deadlines. I do not know what laws are in force in your country, but in general it will be possible to demand compensation from the company. It remains only to settle matters with a lawyer.

    I touched on a serious topic. You can joke elsewhere and tell fairy tales that everything is fine with nokia devices.

  • I don't know what rules you follow but since Nokia did not fulfilled its promise they are on the wrong side. First they said Android 11 would be available in the 2nd Quarter then they changed their statement and said it would be delivered to us in the 3rd Quarter and now it's the 4th and the last Quarter and still they have not provided with Android 11.

    They should not make those promises which they can't fulfill.

    Your non sense logics will not change the reality. Majority here knows Nokia is doing wrong while you're considered on that minority who are either **** or their own employee who try to defend the company. But once again your non sense talks or comments will not change the reality! What is wrong will be considered wrong in every way..

  • Vasilis Kos.
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    Have you ever considered to calmly notice that those who are constantly (and yes, rightfully) arguing about updates, Nokia etc, are just the same, not more than a dozen of users? A dozen out of thousands of Nokia users! So, do you really expect Nokia to even care about what you're saying? And thinking about going to court??? Are you serious? Are you some kind of trial loser?

    So, better get a life, stop whining all the time about updates, and get another phone...

    P.S. I'm pretty sure Levi, one of the dozen, will reply saying again that I'm a Nokia employee, CEO or whatever... Same old story... 🥱

  • Obviously I will not go to court, but people like you should know their line.. There's literally no reason to support HMD here. Also, it is not important that the dozen of users are either same or not. Point is just that simple that this HMD deceived their customers by the name of UPDATES. 2 years of OS UPGRADES are provided by companies. This Nokia isn't new to this world. The prices of these Nokia 7.2 were so high when I purchased it, and the phone is yet full of bugs, can't even open the camera, 90% of the time camera is died out.


    However, the reality would never change even if you don't accept it.

    @Lior Levi @lior levi new account please check these garbage Nokia employees who can't see the reality.

  • Gosh... You definitely live in another, parallel universe...