Nokia's future in the USA for those on AT&T network

First let me straight off say I hate what AT&T is doing to the smaller independent manufacturers that primarily use their own independent distribution channels, rather than selling through the carriers themselves. Yet, where I live, I need to be on the AT&T network. I have a Nokia 6.1 (TA-1045) which works perfectly fine on AT&T. Yet AT&T sent me an SMS today saying I have to buy a new phone before next week. The only Nokia on AT&T's current "whitelist" is a 6300 4G (TA-1324). Why would I want to move to that from a 6.1? As much as I respect Nokia for not participating in an obvious, in my opinion, "pay to play" scheme, I still need my phone to work. Worded as delicately as I can, is there a chance of more Nokia phones working again on the AT&T network in the near future?


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    Hi @akbrian this is sad. Are there any specific reasons why AT&T decided to stop supporting the Nokia 6.1 on its network? Seems quite like a discriminatory practice.

  • This is the actual message they send out;

    " AT&T Free Msg: ALERT! It's time to replace your 3G dependent phone! We want to give you a FREE device, because your current phone won't work when 3G network goes away. If you don't replace your phone, by July 1, 2021, any calls you make will be redirected to customer service so we can help you upgrade to a newer phone. Some features like voicemail won't work when calls are redirected. To avoid service disruption please call (877) 475-#### to get your new FREE phone today or stop by one of our stores for other great offers."

    The excuse being being offered in their forums is the AT&T wants to limit their customer's phones to those that they have "certified" to work with their "proprietary" version of VoLTE, which they call HD Voice. Rather than drop to normal VoLTE, they will now be dropping the call to 3g, which they are retiring from service. They are taking a similar approach with their "proprietary" WiFi calling. You can find their whitelist by searching for "Service-Capabilities-Unlocked-Devices-ATT-Network" . It's a PDF, so I don't know if I can link it.

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    I am not sure if it contributes in any way, but there is another PDF (linked at the end) with the title "Devices-Working-on-ATT-Network" that lists all the phones, which will still work on their network after they phase out 3G in February 2022.

    It mentions the following Nokia phones:

    • 6300 4G (TA-1324)
    • Lumia 830
    • 3.1.A (TA-1140)
    • 3.1.C (TA-1141)
    • 3.1 Plus (TA-1124)
    • C2 Tennen (TA-1226)
    • C2 Tava (TA-1218)
    • C5 Endi (TA-1222)

    The last five are Cricket Wireless models. Seems that 6300 4G is the only unlocked Nokia that will keep getting the support.


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    Thank you for that link. The good news is that apparently that list is expanding, as when I looked there was only one Nokia phone on it. Hopefully Nokia will become proactive work to get their capable phones whitelisted. I don't think anybody is happy with the way AT&T is doing this.

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    I just received an email announcing the G20, and on the Nokia website it shows as compatible with AT&T (and some of AT&T based MVNOs) and for sale now. Can someone from Nokia assure me that it is actually on the AT&T "whitelist"? Sadly we are in the era where meeting the technical specifications isn't enough to insure it will be allowed on their network. It has to be on their whitelist. If so, what is the actual model name (TA-####) of that "blessed by AT&T" variant?

  • FYI, the current published AT&T whitelist is marked "Last updated June 28, 2021". No additional Nokia's are on it. I do see the new OnePlus Nord N200 (DE2117) is already one it. Come on Nokia, put your pants on before your shoes. Don't offer a brand new phone for sale marketed compatible with AT&T (The G20 ) before getting it on the AT&T allowed list.

    Your (US) webpage today July 2, 2021 shows;

    This device is sold as unlocked and will work with these carriers:




    Simple Mobile



    AT&T will either deactivate the SIM or reroute calls to their customer service number. This is of course AT&T's fault, but that's what will happen, and it will result it a lot of returned phones. This will not be good for Nokia.

  • TA-1343 is the variant that is available in the US. As you mentioned, AT&T last updated the document on June 28, and G20 was released in the US on July 2. So let us wait for AT&T to make more changes in the document. Hopefully, it will be included in the subsequent updates.

  • As I understand current AT&T policy, a phone only gets added to the whitelist if AT&T sells their version of it, or if the manufacturer submits it to AT&T for their certification. AT&T no doubt charges a fee for that process. How much that is, I don't know. HMD must know whether they have summited the phone to AT&T for approval or not, or if they plan to in the near future. This is where it would be helpful if HMD would comment officially on what their policy is going to be going forward.

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    I purchased a Nokia 6.2 this year, great phone for my needs. Few months later having to replace it because of at&t flagging it as a 3g phone. They will shutdown 3g in February 2022. Doesn't build confidence for another Nokia phone purchase. I wish Nokia would open a dialog with at&t, for their own sake, and their future in the USA. They had potential.

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    Both of the two Nokia 6.1s in my family moved from AT&T to other US carriers that don't do whitelisting. Nokia just needs to indicate one way or another how they will deal with AT&T "whitelisting", because some places AT&T is the only choice for coverage. I personally hate the whitelisting practice and think it should be illegal. We have international industry standards and certifications that should be used to address compatibility issues, in my opinion.

    Edit to add: VoLTE works fine on the 6.1 using T-Mobile and GCI Alaska as carriers.

  • It's been over 2 months and Nokia still hasn't addressed this issue. The only Nokia phone on the current AT&T unlocked (non-carrier) phone whitelist, which is currently dated September 3, 2021, is the Nokia 6300 4G (TA-1324). Nokia just doesn't seem to get it. If it's not on the whitelist, AT&T won't allow it on the network. It doesn't matter whether or not it's compatible.

    If the link doesn't work (it's a PDF) search for "Service Capabilities of Unlocked Devices on the ATT Network"

  • Come on Nokia, there are three possible responses;

    1) No, we won't pay AT&T to certify our phones.

    2) Yes, we commit to paying AT&T to certify our phones so they may be used on the AT&T network in the near future.

    3) Eh..., we haven't decided.

    Mind you, I'm absolutely not okay with what AT&T is doing. But we have very little influence in that. For may of us, this has meant either changing phones, or changing networks.

    Please Nokia, clarify your position on this. You have future sales hanging on your response. Continuing to ignore this problem will mean not being able to consider Nokia for future purchases for many folks.

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    Is it known how much AT&T is charging for certification? Where is that documented?

    BTW, I recently purchased, from the Nokia store, a Nokia XR20.

    On 10/21 I moved my AT&T SIM from my old 7.2 into it.

    It initialized jnto the AT&T network without a problem, and I have been using it since.

    However, the XR20 is NOT on the current (10/13) AT&T whitelist, and I have no idea whether it will continue to be supported.

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    4. Ignore the customer (as they do anyways).

    I don't expect hmd to give out any public announcement or answer to this question. They may settle something with At&t, but it they will is known by nobody.

  • So cricket is currently selling the nokia 8.3. Does this mean it will work after the 3g shut down? I dont see how it wouldnt work on either cricket or att if THEY are selling it.

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    Their whitelist was updated on Nov. 4, still no Nokia 5x/6x/7x/8x on it. I just went to the Cricket web site, I only see the Nokia C2 Tava. But I did test my Nokia 6.1's IMEI on their compatibility check, and it failed due to upcoming "network changes". I also checked it on the T-Mobile compatibility page and got back:

    • This device is fully compatible with T-Mobile’s network technology. Tell me more
    • This device is not blocked from use on our network.

    Of course the usual caveats about not guaranteeing performance of phones they don't sell were listed, but that's expected. Interestingly, I chatted with Consumer Cellular support, which is my current provider, since I've been getting notices from them that I need to get a new phone due to the 3G shutdown. They told me I could switch to a T-Mobile sim (I currently have an AT&T sim) through them. I had seen on another forum that they supported both AT&T and T-Mobile, so I guess that's true. Of course, I could also just switch to T-Mobile. They are offering a free android phone (6 models, 5 are 5G) if you get a new mobile line from them and keep it for 24 months. Maybe I'll first just get a T-Mobile sim through Consumer Cellular, see how it works for a while, and then switch to full blown T-Mobile.

  • I noticed graybeard21 in this discussion bought an XR20 in October and said it wasn't on the whitelist then, but it is now. I'd be curious to hear if he is getting VoLTE when he makes calls now. The latest list of Nokia's on AT&T's whitelist is below, last updated Nov. 4.

    • 3.1.A (TA1140)

    • 3.1.C (TA1141)

    • 3.1 Plus (TA1124)

    • 3.4 (TA1285)*

    • 6300 4G (TA-1324)

    • C2 Tennen (TA1226)

    • C2 Tava (TA1218)

    • C5 Endi (TA1222)

    • G10 (TA1338)*

    • G20 (TA1343)

    • G50 (TA1390)

    • G300 (N1374DL)

    • Lumia 830

    • XR20 (TA-1371)

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    The answer to paulp's question is ”Yes.”

    I'm looking at the status bar now, and it now shows a VOLTE graphic. (In October it didn't, just the LTE graphic. Now it shows both.)

    Have not tried a call, but I'll take that as authoritative.

    BTW, the XR20 initialized on the AT&T net with no problem.

  • Thanks graybeard21, that's great news. I'll bet your phone got auto-provisioned onto their VoLTE as soon as it was put on the whitelist. I have to believe at least some of the Nokia 5x/6x/7x/8x phones will get added to their whitelist before their 3G shutdown occurs in Feb. 2022. I'm not too worried one way or another, I can always move my 6.1 (TA-1045) to T-Mobile, although I'd prefer not have to mess with any changes under the gun. Unfortunately, that's not an option for akbrian, who said he needs to be on the AT&T network.

  • I just bought nokia 8.3 5g and my son told my wife to have the phone to return because of the 3g phase out, so my wife my don't what to use the phone that I bought for her birthday. It's so sad to know that this phone cannot be used after February 2022 once AT&T phase off the 3g. Nokia needs to take action on this issue so att customers who had Nokia phone can still use the phone at AT&T.

    Thanks Nokia

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    I went ahead and got a Consumer Cellular T-Mobile SIM for my Nokia 6.1 TA-1045, and it's now able to do VoLTE and wi-fi calling. So now I won't be affected by the 3G shutdown. If you are curious, see my phone's mobile network settings on AT&T vs T-Mobile below.

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    Thanks for the update @paulp :) Good that T-Mobile is working as expected!

  • I bought Nokia G20 (TA1343) which is on AT&T compatible list but it will not work with Tracfone. I'm sending it back to Amazon. I ordered the A32 5G like my husband uses with Tracfone. Nothing wrong with my previous Nokia but not on the stupid list. Too bad we need to use AT&T. Nobody should have to pay to get phones certified? It's always about the money. 😠

  • J'ai acheté Nokia 3.1A TA-1140 compatible sur AT&T. Or je suis en Afrique avec le Phone. J'aimerais vraiment que vous m'aidiez à déverrouiller le Phone afin qu'il soit utilisable sur les réseaux locaux. Merci de me revenir.