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Hello everyone,

We've just introduced our first tablet - the Nokia T20 - and we're overwhelmed by your response and encouragement as we tread new territory.

Nokia T20 brings the classic Nokia quality to the big screen and helps you find a better work-life balance. Its crystal clear 2K screen lets you see both work presentations and movie marathons in stunning detail, and enhanced speakers and dual microphones help you hear and be heard better. Take part in up to 7 hours of conference calls, enjoy a season of your favourite show in one go, or work and play throughout the day with its long-lasting battery. Plus, 2 years of OS upgrades and 3 years of monthly security updates in a well-built design mean you’ll be enjoying it all for years to come.

If you have any questions, write them in the comments below, and we’ll have our team get you the answers.

Ask away!



  • Hello Everyone

    Android 12 Q1 or Q2 - Not official yet

    Nokia T20 Status = Released

    Released date= 6th October 2021

    Specs - Nokia T20

    • Performance
    • Octa core (1.8 GHz, Dual Core + 1.8 GHz, Hexa Core)
    • Unisoc T610
    • 4 GB RAM
    • Display
    • 10.4 inches (26.42 cm)
    • 224 PPI, IPS LCD
    • Camera
    • 8 MP Primary Camera
    • LED Flash
    • 5 MP Front Camera
    • Battery
    • 8200 mAh
    • USB Type-C Port
    • Non-Removable

  • The biggest question about the NOKIA T20, for now, is its price and availability in India?

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    When is it coming out in India?

  • singhnsk
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    Hi, do you have a data source for this information? Not having L1 support on a tablet that's being advertised as streaming device among other use cases is a deal breaker for sure. It will not be very nice to watch stretched 480p content on a 2k resolution display.

  • @singhnsk I can confirm that it does not support widevine l1 and only l3 as I have this device and have downloaded the DRM app which confirms this

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    @singhnsk In addition to Heathiopian's response, two reviews i've seen also confirm this.

    Even in this topic it is marketed as "Its crystal clear 2K screen lets you see both work presentations and movie marathons in stunning detail", so lets hope they add L1 support, as 480p is not what I call stunning detail.

  • @singhnsk In addition to hnu and Heathiopian's responses, even the Netflix application says that only L3 is supported, check in Settings | Playback Specifications.

  • Widevine L3 is a clear deal breaker for me too...

    I was looking foward to this one, a budget tablet with good software support and decent media capability.

  • Will it launch in the Philippines?

  • Wow! Nokia have provided Widevine L1 support in my Nokia 7.2 phone (6.3" screen), but not on the brand-new T20 tablet (10.4" screen - which should make it a FAR superior platform for watching Netflix etc).

    What a major omission for a device in this category - a deal-breaker for me also!

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    Can I replace the backbutton to right and square button at left

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    I noticed they have added this footnote to the T20 product page:

    "Nokia T20 supports up to 1200*2000 resolution. Actual playback resolution depends additionally on other variables such as quality of the connection when streaming and possible digital rights management requirements."

    This makes me think that Widevine L1 support will not be added, so no T20 for me (with L1 support it would have been the perfect price/specs/update policy fit for me).

    Unfortunately no response from Nokia in this Q&A topic.

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    Nice find @hnu. And thank you @Heathiopian and @dan andreșan for your replies as well. So, it seems to be a problem and that means the playback quality for Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime and Discovery+ will be affected. I am not sure which all other streaming services rely on DRM rights, however, I am sure most of the premium platforms will be utilizing DRM in some way. Would be nice if hmd clarifies on this matter i.e. if they will be able to upgrade the Widewine certification, and if yes, when.

  • Currently the Nokia T20 only supports Widevine L3. So Netflix (and other services) can only display SD quality content, not HD content.

    Is Widevine L1 support on the roadmap? Will it be available in the near future? Answer us Nokia!!!!

  • Considering to by T20 but 480p streaming IS absolutely insufficient resolution.

    Nokia please respond If L1 Will Be supported.....of not.

  • Hi @dipankar paul

    Being this a Q&A at some point someone should be answering our questions :)

    So far there's a big one awaiting your response: will Widevine L1 be added at some point? Is it even possible?

    As everyone is pointing out, it's a little strange you call this a multimedia tablet when only 480p streaming is available...

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    Wait, theres a team?! 🙄

  • singhnsk
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    Thanks for the clarification @Adam F. Even though I'd have preferred that there be support for L1 playback, but it's okay, at least you spoke with transparency.

    I think that's what helps in connecting with the people. I wish we frequently had people with information to come out and talk to some curious minds who really want to know and not listen to a customer support rep who generally is as clueless as the user asking the questions. I really miss the 2017-18 era of the community when so many staff members were here, talking about a lot of stuff from beta labs to designs and some technical support too. Stick around, please, even if it gets boring at times 😇

    I didn't ask out anything due to me not expecting anybody to actually respond 🙈. Thank you for taking up the questions and responding.

    I'll ask out a few now:

    1. The Nokia T20 is made out of metal, like truly. Unlike the new Nokia phones which are said to have a metal underneath and then covered by polycarbonate. The touch and feel of bare metal is generally better than plastic (however that depends and varies from product to product). Anyways, is this only for the tablet. Or we can see some full-blown metal unibody in some of the future Nokia phones as well? Also, I'll extend the question to ask about the entire industry... Do you think there will be a return of metal? Like 2017-18 ish?
    2. The updates... Promised, but.. Okay, you're utilizing a Unisoc underneath and that's your decision. No complaints about the chip used, but are you certain that the chip maker will provide support to let you upgrade the tablet for 2 more Android iterations? Future is definitely not so easy to predict, but do you have certain arrangements in place with the vendor of the chipset and other components? Because whatever happenes, I as an enthusiast don't want to see a return of the Android 11 like update ficaso, irrespective of what reasons led to it, out of which I think the age of chip and support from vendor is a contributing factor.
    3. Is the Nokia T20 eligible to get Android 12 L? I'm sure even though consumers get to hear things late, you as a preferred Google partner get to know what's next a bit earlier. So, is the Nokia T20 going to get Android 12L via a feature drop? Or Android 12 to it will only be released when 12L features are made available by Google? Or it will not be a part of Android 12L and we'll have to wait for Android 13 for the large-screen benefits to be merged into base Android?
    4. Compatible accessories.. Umm.. Would you like to comment on what's compatible and what's not? Would be interesting if somebody could be had to test up certain stuff.. Like.. Can it power up a hard disk connected to it via USB and allow to play media from it? Or can it take a wireless logitech keyboard and mouse together via a unifying adapter or Bluetooth? Tech that matters to the techies and can be of use to many 😋
    5. Support for more file systems? And on the same note, support for more formats (such as NTFS and EXFAT) for SD card and external drives will ever come? Google doesn't seem quite interested but other OEMs have been doing it since years. Media sizes have grown bigger, FAT32 can't support anything larger than 4GB in a single file and 2K movies will definitely consume more space in original rip. You know, it is not so nice when you hook up a disk full of media and your phone/tablet says it can't support that File System. NTFS and exFAT are so common these days. I don't remember when I last formatted my disks to FAT32.
    6. Can the tablet run WhatsApp? Since it has SIM support, why not! I mean, on certain larger screen debices, WhatsApp doesn'ts show compatibility via the Play Store, but will an APK sideload work in this case?
    7. The 4G support includes ability for calls and sms or is it only for data? Does it come with the Google Phone app (I'm kinda away from YouTube these days - didn't watch if any reviewer has covered it).
    8. The 4th year of security updates are optional and enterprise only. But when you are going to cook them anyways, then why not push them to the consumers as well? I mean, the package is prepared, sent to enterprise customers, so, why not also send the same to the regular consumers and make them happy, maybe? Or is that because it will be a paid add-on only for enterprises that are willing to pay? Will an end consumer be able to get them if he/she is willing to put in some subscription fees? This has been asked by a few consumers in the past - they are happy with their phone and would be keen to continue get updates by paying an additional fees.
    9. Will carriers still interfere in the delivery of software updates? As with the phones, even on unlocked devices, the carriers do have some influence (I tried to understand why and never got a clear cut answer, so, I wouldn't mind a more detailed document that can tell me why or how the different carriers across the globe manage to delay the updates on unlocked devices). Anyways, given that the tablet has a WiFi-only option, will the delivery of updates still be affected based on the user's region? Or can we see a more seamless delivery of updates?
    10. Does the tablet support multiple users and maybe an option to easily switch? Because it could be a device that gets shared around at home with everybody. A seperate space for each person would be nice 😁

    I kinda have a lot more to ask/suggest, but since that's not related to the tablet, I'll save it for some other AMA kinda stuff (if that ever happens) - I also don't want to bombard you with too much text that you'd wanna pass 😜

    Thanks for being here, looking forward to hearing your opinion on the above. Or or.. If somebody else from hmd is here, please please feel free to jump into the discussion.

  • @Adam F Thank you for the clarification. I was of course hoping for a different answer.

    While I do realize this is a budget tablet, I was at least expecting 720p quality for all streaming services, given the excellent screen and the way the tablet is marketed.

    Is there any chance the Unisoc T610 will be supported by Netflix in the future? Is this something you (HMD Nokia) can ask Unisoc and/or Netflix?

    Thank you.

  • Good day, I bought the new T20. I cannot find a way to exchange data with the PC. My previous tablet had its own program for this. The T20 appears in Windows Explorer - but is empty. No display of any data e.g. pictures. How does it work ? I tried the support: 1. Email does not work! 2. Chat is ignorant and simply breaks off the chat. Impossible like that!

  • singhnsk
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    Hi, when connected to the PC, there should be a notification (generally towards the end) which reads - Charging this device via USB. Tap on the notification and select "File Transfer".

    That should enable the MTP mode and the device should appear in your PC. You will need to repeat the steps every time you want to transfer data between a PC.

  • Thank you for this quick answer, but there is no notification. I knew that from my old tabnlet, but here nothing appears. When connected, tablet says: is loading. nothing more...

  • Oh, soory, i found now: More options. And then to choice transfer. Now its going. Thank you.

    But: The support doesnt know that? Thats not good...

  • singhnsk
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    Support is generally like talking to a bot. I don't know if they do not provide devices to the support staff so that they can trial and assist customers or the support is just uninterested in general.

  • Does T20 support enrollment to Intune by tapping the very first screen 6 times and scanning a QR code? At least I can't see text "Tap anywhere on this screen 6 times" but is there some other way? Or there is no support?

  • Can any1 suggest a good flipcover for nokia T20 tab available in india?