Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • Just to let everyone know, I had numerous issues with Android 11 as well, the most inconvenient of which for me was the front camera disappearing and also the AR services missing/screwed up.

    Anyway, I found a method to roll back to Android 10, which is surprising simple and does not require unlocking the bootloader.

    This method does involve a factory reset, so be prepared to re-signin to apps etc after doing the procedure.

    The first step is to make a backup and then remove your Google account from Android 11. If you don't, the phone will trigger frp (factory reset protection) after the slot change and factory reset. At that point it will force you to connect you to the internet during setup to validate your Google account. And when you connect to internet during setup, it will force you to install an OTA update i.e. Bring you back to A11 before allowing you to use the phone.

    So very briefly, remove all Google accounts > fastboot > change slot > reboot > perform factory reset when asked > turn on phone > skip wifi setup and Google account stuff > Go to Developer Options > disable automatic system updates > connect to internet and then you can setup as you like i.e. connect to your google account again.

    Thanks to Narender from techmesto for his advice.

  • I am from India and I am using Nokia 7.1. I received Android 11 update yesterday and it is updated. But now my phone is not getting charged. Not even 1% for the whole night. Please help. My charger was working good till my update.

  • The same issue with Android 11 update here in Denmark.

    Battery is not charging.

    Taking videos with camera is not working.

     There is again no GSM signal with HERE application.

  • Having similar issues like others in this thread, e.g:

    • Battery charging doesn't work. Device restart resolves charging issue for a while but you need to apply another restart when charging needed again
    • Battery drains too fast
    • Screenshot feature removed from Power button. While it was handy feature on capturing screenshot from a stream you now have to use volume down-power combination at success rate 1/10
    • Videos don't get stored on memory. Uninstalling updates (to default version) helped
    • Two-button navigation removed. Had to enable 3-button from gesture settings (2-button not an option)

  • Btw, when charging finally works somehow, it takes ages to get fully charged.

  • To all with problems: Write to the support via form or chat! They have to notice. None of the bastards look here in the forum!

    If the official update period expires after September 2022, do NOT buy a Nokia device. Better buy a Pixel 6 or then probably a Pixel 7! Google delivers a security update every month and for FIVE years - not sporadically like HMD/Nokia, despite promises to the contrary!

    Fortunately Germany was not used for these alpha test.

  • Heya, I updated my Nokia 7.2

    Visual are too good, but interface sucks...

    I can capture video but unable to play, error occurs and video doesn't display in photos or gallery.

    Recent apps, minimisation was good in Android 10, new one is weird, not easy in use.

  • When are we getting wave 2 for Android 11 to Nokia 7.2?

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    These workarounds worked for me:

    - charging issue. After restart charging works.

    - Camera. After uninstalling camera updates, videos are stored normally.

    Settings> Apps and notifications> Show all apps> Camera> Options (3 dots top right)> Uninstall update

    BTW, I do not have any issue with battery drain

  • After the update for reasons, the battery stopped charging. It shows connected and charging but the percentage doesn't increase. Plus, I have to restart the phone to keep it going. Any idea how to fix this?

  • So many bugs that they pulled the update OFF (INDIA) just like they did with A10.


  • I just want to say this- Provide stable and better update, else don't provide at all.

    Charging issue, UI lag what else you need in a phone?

  • Hopefully, they'll release a stable one. Wave 1 ended up being beta testers!

  • I also had the charging issue after A11 update, but doing a soft reset (e.g. holding volume up and power pressed until phone reboots) solved it. Worth giving a try.

  • I have downloaded a app called (battery recovery) and after I have run that program it looks like I can charge again without reboot the phone

  • Download the app called

    Battery recovery

    Runs it and the battery runs great again without charge problem it works for me

  • Remove all shortcuts and widgets that you have added to homescreen and then restart your phone.

    Now you will not face charging issue anymore.

  • I have spoken to Thier illiterate customer care chat executive about this.

    They've said same and asked me to visit the service centre.

    Let me tell you guys, I have fresh installed this update onto my device (installed the Upgrade and factory reseted it) to get best experience of the update but this was of no use..😑😑

  • Better to stay with Android 10 , Android 11 have many bugs and issues

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    The drawback is that the latest Google security patch on A10 is from September 2021, and we're now two months behind.

    Trainwreck in slow motion, and for everyone on A11 a slightly quicker trainwreck.

    Or, should I compare the effect of this half-baked upgrade on the Nokia mobile brand with Titanic? 🤔