Android 11 roadmap for Nokia phones



  • If HMD do not deliver updates according to Android One regulations, can I gry my money back?

  • Android 11 for Nokia 7.2 has been posted at nokiarepoen.

  • Not received in India till now 10 November 2021 , 7:30 am IST .

  • Android 11 for Nokia 6.2 has been posted at nokiarepoen..

  • Arrived today 👍 Hope it's not so buggy like for other models 🤔

  • Received Android 11 for Nokia 7.2 , 1.57 Gb size in india ,

    As of now only one major bug , CANNOT ABLE TO CONNECT TO INTERNET , Tried to connect to internet by switching on mobile data icon on both scroll down screen and in settings , but the ARROW MARK ICON on Right Top is invisible ,

    Dear HMD Nokia Team ,

    I appreciate the Android 11 update for Nokia 7.2

    But with the above Major Bug it is no meaning to use a smartphone

    Kindly correct it ,

    Hoping to get an early reply and thanking you in anticipation .

  • Issue Resolved , Reset the Wifi , Mobile Data settings .

    Nokia 7.2 is working fine .

  • Wow,since the update it charges only with 3mA...🤔 I was wondering why it took so long (after 3h still only 50%),then i checked and saw the current 😱 When i plug my X3 NFC on exactly the same cable,it charges with 1428mA... So it's not the cable,not the adaptor,it's the stupid Nokia phone 👎

    So not only they screwed it with the delay,now also buggy updates 😠 Good luck not so long anymore and my 6.2 will be replaced with a better phone 🥳

  • For people who can't read german:on first picture it says "Connected,actually can't be charged" 🤔 And the reason i know it's from the messed up update:when i turn off the phone and hang it on the charger,it charged normal 😕 So something in the A11 update Hmd brought messed up the battery and charging management 👎

    Also battery drain is higher than before.With A10 i could use the phone easily 1 full day (4G and Wifi permanently on,normal use of WA/Telegram/Messenger),now it was fully charged at 7h00 in the morning,but at 13h02 it was already at 38% down without doing something (for gaming i only use the X3 Nfc because with only 4GB RAM it's horrible laggy to play).

    Well,maybe a factory reset would solve that issue...but since i won't keep this phone for long time anymore,it's not worth to do that.

  • Siema_CoTam
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    N9PV waits for A12 🤣

  • Anthony.
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    Nokia 9 Pureview will be EOL in March 2022.

    I have a concern that Nokia will keep postponing until Nokia 9 pureview end of life (3 years) and it will never get Android 11.

  • Based on the issues that users are reporting for the A11 update on the Nokia 6.2 and 7.2, it might in fact be better if the 9 Pureview doesn't get the A11 update!

    Are there any Nokia reps who would like to provide an update on what is happening as a result of the dismal end-user experience with A11 on the 6.2 and 7.2?

    (crickets chirping ...)

  • Really? If you have major problems just perform a factory reset. Photos should be saved in the cloud and using a password manager apps get quickly set up.

  • Oh, you are really annoyiong. Why all the time you defend HMD/Nokia?

    Which company delivering updates and forces on users making factory reset? It's terrible procedure for people who needs phone all the time and using it for work. I never met problems like this on Samsung/Moto/and others.

    Nokia/HMD making terrible software and phones, and nobody can trust for this devices. New update? Okay, but just do factory reset. This is ridiculus...

    I will not mention the complete lack of communication and support from Nokia/HMD because it is obvious.

    Oh and i missed that this f*cking factory reset doesn't help at all in 90% of cases.

    I hope they will fire all the bastards who work there and restructure the company because now this is some kind of joke.


  • Factory reset doesn't help to solve the charging bug, did even 2 and still the problem stays: it charges only with 3mA and is unusable (there are much more bugs).

    It's a huge disappointment, cause already the update a9-to-a10 for 6.1 they messed up (camera bug, battery drain, spontaneous reboots) and now again... First they let you wait a year and then it's a buggy update 👎

    Well, if it was my one and only daily phone, i would be totally **** off... But since i wanted to replace it anyway (got a nice offer for a Mi 10T Lite 5G), i really don't care anymore about Hmd or Nokia.

  • Short update: the Nokia mobile support confirmed that this is a bug and that they told it to the developer,so maybe a future update should solve it 🤣

  • I have read the topic, all what's needed is a reboot, not a factory reset.

  • So for you it's totally ok and normal to reboot the every day once or twice only to charge it...🤦🤦🤦 ? Well, if you like to pay and live with buggy stuff, then it's your choice and right to do that. But i'm not, if i pay for a product then i want that it works properly and without that i have to clean cache every day or reboot every day or using voodoo to keep it running.And since this isn't the first or second time they messed up with a update, i really good understand the anger of many user.

    Personally i don't give a s.h.i.t on HMD/Nokia and if they will solve the problems or not...cause for me it was already clear before that i will not again buy anything with Nokia branding on it. Good luck there are tons of good or better alternative devices. And if a new manufacturer messes up too, then i switch again. In the end i don't care what brand is printed on it, as long i get a good price/value for my money.

  • Yeah and it's nice from Nokia. Most people when going sleep pluging phone to charger, set alarm and start dreaming.

    But when you're a Nokia user, you can be late for work, because this crap discharged despite connected charger. You should do a reset before going sleep. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

  • singhnsk
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    I'm really saddened that hmd approves updates with such serious bugs for delivery to end users. If hmd doesn't have testers, it would have been way better done via Beta Labs - push it and let some specific users try and test it. If major issues are reported, fix them and push another beta release. Once that's settled, push to the regular users.

    At least in Beta Labs, you get a choice to downgrade to a working build. In their regular deployment, there's no official way of going back (no downgrade packages, no PC tools, nothing). You'll have to stay with bugs until somebody wakes up months later and brings a fix (if at all).

  • Lawrence JB
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    This is normal when it comes to Nokia OS updates. With my Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 7.1, an audio bug took at least 5 months to resolve which had come with A10 update.

    For me Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 were the only phones owned by me which never had any major bugs, which can be understood as that was the starting point of Nokia/HMD.

    I still seriously believe that Android one and the lack of beta testers are the real culprits for this mess.

    Seriously after all these delays they still think that Android one is seriously something!!!

  • Speaking for myself, Android One is what I like. I don't want an OS with built in ads.

  • After buying Nokia 8.3 5G, i will not believe in any good phone at a reasonable price, HMD has outdone itself, HUGE LOWER PHONES FOR SPACE MONEY! 🤮 shame hmd so shame...

  • singhnsk
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    All inbuilt apps with ads though. Google app, ads. YouTube, ads. YouTube music, ads. Gmail, ads. Google feed, ads. Chrome, data feeder for Google. Google One, promotes paid plans after a trial. Maps, ads. Drive, asks for money. Photos, so many features locked and asks for money. My Device app, ads.

    So, to defend a phone with not even an ad-free email, music and video player, we're talking about competitors. Had hmd made some effort to develop better apps, that were not ad supported, then you would be in a position to call these phones ad-free. The reality is that there are ads and as a preferred partner, hmd earns more commission from the Google ads than most of its competitors.

  • Why we do not have November Patch yet in 7.2? Everyone should urge for a bug free November patch. I think that should be the prime demand of time.

  • singhnsk
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    You'll get the security patch, but not a bug fixer release. I don't see hmd doing bug fixer before 3 months.