Nokia 5.4 front camera clarity!

I got nokia 5.4 TA-1325, i found it has a problem with its front camera clarity and details, even in 16 MP mode the details is not bad, seams like it is out of focus all the time or have a problem.

Third party camera apps, see the cam as 4 MP cam only, and no option to change it to 16 mp, except in main camera app which have sane problem regarding the details.

Also, switching the front cam to 16 mp mode, photos became very dark in a normal indoor lighting conditions.

You can see that problem in photos you take for yourself, but the problem will be obvious in text. I used to have nokia 3.1 plus with only 8 mp front cam, but did not encounter this problem the photos was clear and i could read the text the camera captured.

Does anyone has same problem?

Android 10 build 1.300


  • I found a solution to reduce the noise in front cam when you zoom at photos.

    Use portrait mode instead of photo mode. And if you don't like the blure effect at the background, reduce or disable it, and same for beauty mode.

    But still the front cam can take picture only in 4 mp resolution, you can't use 16 mp in this mode!

    Also the cam still has focus problem, you will see it obviously if there is a small text, will appear blurry. but at least you get rid of imperfections and noise.

  • I founf that in this pbone, the focus is at about 50 cm distance so anything nearer than that, like text, will not be clear.