Android 11 on Nokia 5.3



  • Same, got the new security patch but not A11.

  • jhonny walter michue rodriguez
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    Got Android 11 two days ago in PERU

  • Are you 🦆ing kidding me?! 🙄

    (Romania, btw.)

  • Primary microphone isn't working? the secondary mic picks up sound but primary has gone mute altogether. found some threads about pixel devices having same issue after a11 update.

    anyone with this issue?

  • I get 11 Israel

  • Broflovski1
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    I am still not able to update to Android 11 here in Germany. I only got the August Patch. Anybody an idea what might be the reason?

    Thanks a lot

  • It seems like some European countries only got the August patch and not 11. The wait continues...

  • Camera problem - Android 11 update was early August, but this happened only about 10 September 2021

    Problem: when viewing to take a pic, the view is turned 90 degrees to anti-clockwise - which makes it impossible to compose and take a useful picture.

    The picture when taken is auto-rotated - ie, it is right-way up, and saving to computer and viewing is OK.

    I can't find a setting in the android camera app to fix this - and I have had this model Nokia 5.3 for about a year or so, and have taken hundreds of photos.

    Not sure if this is due to the Android update or something in the camera app - but can someone tell me how to fix it?

  • Just restart your phone.

    This helped to solve it here.

    Happened just one time

  • Still no update in Germany, 1,5 months after the release. This is hilarious. I will keep this in mind for future purchases

  • I think Android 11 is great because it solves many bugs that was in on android 10.

  • One of the most furious bug in Android 10 was the swipe up screen in lock mode not functioning

  • Sept. 22: still no A11 update in Hungary. After 1.5 months.

    Only september security patch.

    I have already gave up, i let go of the update. We may get it when other phones already have A12...

  • I don't get it! Why hmd global is doing this. They should have provided the update everywhere till now.

  • It's October and still no news from HMD regarding the update.

  • HMD can only do so much… mobile phone carriers do have the option to block/defer Android OS updates.

    Have you considered downloading a VPN app such as Proton VPN, and using it to mask your true location?

  • Hello,

    I am a user of Nokia 5.3 from last 1 year .Almost after Android 11 update,my phone is getting very slow charging. It is taking almost 8 hrs to fully charge. Although battry is not draining, it is performing good after charging.

    So I don't think it is a battery pb.

    Please suggest the solution to very slow charging.

  • Still no Update in Germany. Will we get it before this phone dies due to age? If not, I will force Nokia to pay back the phone because of false claims at the point of sale

  • It will soon be November. No Android 11, Google Play system update stuck in August, last security update in September.


  • Poorly made in China..........

  • It's November 7th, and yet still no A11 update...

    Only received Oct Security Patch in Hungary (Europe).

    HMD Global and Nokia not only failed to fulfill the Android One program's promise of FREQUENT and FAST software updates, but also failed to deliver A11 to every region in THREE freakin MONTHS, even though A12 is already out for Pixel phones....

    My, and I'm sure a lot of other users' dissapointment is unmeasurable by now.

    Nokia only gave us empty promises and is a disgrace to their former great name. They seem to even abandon their community as there were no response given (or even a simple "sorry") regarding this delay.

    I cannot trust Nokia ever again thanks to this.

  • I'm experiencing lag on the nokia 5.3 n then i erased all recent apps that exist n then reboot.. when its on, i checked the recent apps but all of sudden there are existing recent apps that i never opened?

    But after rebooting the phone smooth again, but when the time comes it will lagging again...

    Is this a bug on android 11?

  • After this android 11 update phone lags a lot so annoying while in a serious match in call of duty. I got angry at a time I hit the phone on my table. Typing on keyboard lags too

  • It's not lagging, the screen freezes for a moment. Happens to lots of the device. I have been searching for a solution for a while now, the best I have gotten is that it's the low end chip that's responsible for it

  • After android 11 update Nokia 5.3 touch screen messed up. It doesn't scroll properly. Doesn't respond. Or clicks on something random. typing this took me 20 minutes. Please Help


  • I am using Nokia 5.3. recently I upgraded it to Android 11 and noticed that the call interrupt feature in DND is not working. The phone doesn't ring for the favourite contacts nor repeat callers. How can this be resolved?

  • December 2021 and still no Android 11 released worldwide (especially not in most of Europe, it seems only the Indian and Asian markets matter to a company that's...European). November security update is here however.

  • Wow, i got android 11 update in Germany 3 months ago. Dual sim version

    Last week i got November security patch

    All in all, i like this phone and Android 11

  • jdi000
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    Force stop the phone app the the three dots in top right uninstall updates. Reboot the phone and reinstall the latest update