Nokia 5.4 -- Android 11 upgrade has lot of software bugs and issues

I purchased Nokia 5.4 (India), a week ago. Upgraded my phone to android 11. Facing lot of issues.

  1. Phone unlocks itself
  2. phone doesn't recognize finger print
  3. UI screen text and input sections of most of the apps are overlapped (apps like CRED, Phone pe, google pay etc...)
  4. Network is lost sometimes and have to restart my phone

How do I get support to fix these issues



  • An updated version of Android 11 is currently being rolled out with the October security patch, this will hopefully fix issues with the 5.4. parts of Asia received the update last week, more countries should get it soon.

  • Nokia 5.4 R.I.P in my cuntry

    We don't receiv update anything it's realy disgusting

  • Total disaster this upgrade. WhatsApp fails to download any media, send any media. No one seems to answer on support. Any ideas on how to sort this out. Before I throw your piece of crap phone in the bin and get a iPhone?

  • @Fedup it's a common problem with Android 11 updates with other manufacturers too. You can fix it by moving/renaming WhatsApp media folders, google the details.

  • Well well, seems like you should reinstall WhatsApp. I applied the update to A11 and then WhatsApp failed to download files and media. At first I thought it was a network issue and waited for a day to get it solved. Text messages are being recieved but media files like audios and videos can't be downloaded. So backup WhatsApp as soon as possible and uninstall it. Also after the update WhatsApp doesn't restore from the local backup. If you want to save some space, delete the WhatsApp folder also. Then reinstall the app and restore your data. That should work fine. I did this last week when the new Android Update was issued.

  • My mum's 5.4 had this same problem, wiped the app data and it started working correctly

  • Hi, I own a Nokia 5.4, it sometimes has an issue that stops the music from playing each 10-15 seconds with Spotify, Newpipe (Youtube) etc.. I don't know why. Nevertheless, rebooting usually fix it, but it's annoying I've to reboot the phone when I'm listening to music. Am I the only one with this bug?

  • After some days Nokia would not Nokia it will be No.....Kia

  • I can update my 5.4 to A11 with october patch.

    Does it have bugs ?

    Should I update ?

    Cause currently in A10, I haven't faced any bugs, but if A11 has bugs, I won't update.

    Please do reply.

  • Thanks, three goes at removing and installing and eventually normality restored....lost a weeks worth of chats as it hadn't been backing up either.

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    WhatsApp isn't working for me, as of today I can't send voice recording and I can't send pictures, is anyone else experiencing this?

    When I record it says can't configure the recorder, try again later

  • After upgrade to Android 11 I received reports about 4G problem on TrueMoveH from many users in Thailand. The phone can't use 4G but 3G only.

    I reported this issue to Nokia Mobile Thailand but this issue is not solve.

  • Yes lots of lag with Android 11.

  • The jump to camera feature is no longer working with the latest update (double tap power button to launch camera). Option is already enabled in system -> gestures

  • I'm from Asia. Believe me this update gonna bring more issues. My camara is not working properly after this update.

  • in fact you are a lucky guy.. this upgrade is the worst thing can happen with your phone..

  • almost the same with me. But in my case camera open after 3~4minutes screen frozen. I ask for help and google say to cleanup cache... tsssss

  • if its in time.. Please dont do it. unique gain we have is increasing "screen frozen". and a lot of lag. And nobody to solve such issues... :(

  • 2nd & 3rd issues are still there. Also, the camera freezes when taking photos to send someone using Whatsapp, Instagram, or other IM apps. The touch freeze issue is also still there.

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    මම ළඟ තියෙනවා nokia 5.4 ෆෝන් එකක්. මම එකේ මෘදුකාංග දෝෂයක් අනාවරණය කරගත්තා. ඒක ගැන කොහේවත් සදහන් වෙලා නෑ. මම හිතන්නේ ඒක මම විතරයි හොයා ගත්තේ. දෝෂය තමයි, ෆෝන් එකේ display එක අඩු දීප්තිය යටතේ තියෙනකොට ෆයිල් හුවමාරු කරන මෘදුකාංගයක් භාවිතා කරලා nokia 5.4 ෆෝන් එකේ සිට තවත් වෙන ෆෝන් එකකට ෆයිල් එකක් හුවමාරු කරන කොට(share it වගේ ඇප් එකක්) nokia 5.4 ෆෝන් එකේ අඩු දීප්තිය යටතේ තියෙන display එක ඉතාමත් සියුම් ලෙස ගැස්සීමයි. ඕක තමා මම හොයා ගත්තු කව්රුත් නොදන්න දෝෂය. ඔබටත් කරලා බලලා අදහසක් එක් කරන්න පුළුවන් මට

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    I have a nokia 5.4 phone. I discovered a software bug in it. It is not mentioned anywhere. I think I was the only one who found it. The error is that when transferring a file from one Nokia 5.4 phone to another using a file transfer software(An app like share it)when the phone's display is low brightness, the low brightness display of the nokia 5.4 phone will blink too finely. That's the mistake I made when I found out. I can try it for you and add an idea