Android 11 roadmap for Nokia phones



  • Well, until recently Samsung had extra ads and some Chinese brands still do. I mean additional to all Google apps and nasty popups.

  • And except for YouTube, Google is the master of unobtrusive ads.

  • If everyone demand that and put a forge upon HMD/Nokia, then the center of focus on solving the issues will be lavitate.

  • There is a problem of charging the phone after the Android 11 update

  • We are waiting for Android 11 for Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 in Iran (Middle East)!!!

    Have you forgotten us? 😐

  • tudor georgescu
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    I have received the November update for Nokia 9 Pureview (5.25T aka 5.25A SP18). It remained on Android 10.

  • Siema_CoTam
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    True! They have updated N9PV. Only in this way can they provide Android One promises 🤣

  • What's the problem with the Nokia Pureview android 11 update?

  • What are the problems after Update 9 Pureview to Android 11? I have my doubts and fears.

  • There are no problems, since the update has not been published.

    If you ask me, what happens with the security update for T20 is much worse than what happens with Android 11 for 9 Pureview. At least, 9 is up to date from the POV of security, T20 isn't.

    I know that Android exploits are hard to make use of, but anyway, if HMD provides security updates, they should make them public. I can see what is the problem with 3G, 4G, and 5G. I cannot see what's the problem with a WiFi-only tablet. Does that even need national approval?

  • Do you remeber that Microsoft promised Windows 10 Mobile for Lumia 1020 (and delivered beta versions)? Unfortunately L1020 have never gotten W10M. Mayby the same fate for N9PV

  • So, it is official, NO Android 11 for Nokia 9 Pureview.

    Got a notification today, there will be no upgrade to Android 11.

    If you want Android 11 experience buy a x-series device!

  • I saw it, and I'm not complaining. At least this is honest and clear communication. I know what to expect.

    My Nokia 9 Pureview works OK, and an Android 11 upgrade could ruin my usage of it. I'm better off with security patches for Android 10.

  • Same here. Of course I was hoping for Android 11, but I'm glad it is clear now. And the discount is nice if you want an X-device.

  • So the official reason for abandoning Android 11 on the Nokia 9 PureView is "Incompatibilities between the camera and the software".

    This sounds suspiciously like the problems plaguing the 6.2 and 7.2 updates to Android 11 (for which the deployment seems to have been paused). Does this mean we can expect a similar announcement for the 6.2 and 7.2 soon?

    I think my 7.2 will be my last Nokia - guaranteed OS updates was absolutely the prime reason I went with a Nokia over other phones in a similar price bracket. 

  • Instead, you should be happy that upgrading to A11 did not ruin your phone. It is still a good device to use.

  • Yup, but this is the real world, and in the real world s*** happens.

  • Well, nobody took your Nokia 9 away. It still works, it is still updated.

  • Beside the not upgrade to A11, they also left android 10 development behind for 9PV.

    Gesture Navigation for 3rd party launcher never was implemented....

    The app for Digital signature works on most Smartphones, not on the 9PV...

    They wasted no ressources for that....

  • It's not my problem. I have never used those options and I have never needed those.

  • praveenp
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    Is that true? Were Nokia 7 Plus users really given 8.1?

    My 7+'s port is almost non-functional now, but sadly, the service center people said it can't be changed now as the company has discontinued the phone long ago. Don't want to take the risk of 3rd party repair until I decide to buy a new phone.

    But I feel, like the 9PV, other users should also be given some kind of benefits for faults that are purely from HMD's end, and defective charging port is the commonest of all as a lot of people owning different devices have faced the issue.

  • petrus
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    # Nokia 9 Pureview

    I have no problem that the Nokia 9 will not have an update to Android 11, but it offends me 50% off mid-range phones. I would like to have a 50% discount on a new flag ship. That would be a fair offer.

  • As a BLACKBERRY afficinado for many years I can see how changes made in Android System updates that can affect the use, performance or even the complete failure of apps using previous versions of Android. For an example, the exemplary notification options using different LED colours and even BBM were either eliminated or compromised by Android updates. When Google says you can't do that anymore what choice do you have? Perhaps that is the issue with the the compromised camera and charging with certain Nokia phones? Of course ultimately Nokia should have caught this before unleashing 11 on devices such as the 7.2.

    Otherwise I'll stay on 10 forever if I need to as long as my phone performs to my needs. I also have an X20 on 11 and there are some better features but also features missing from Android 10.