[Moved] Nokia 6.1 plus auto restart problem solved

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For the people using nokia 6.1 plus who are facing auto restart problem. Phone gets restarting in a loop at nokia logo, if we use audio or multiple apps. It only switches on when connected to a charger.

There are two solutions

1. Change the battery (Original nokia battery costs around 2500/- )

2. Follow the steps in the link

The problem is with the fuse in the battery it gets tripped while supplying the power so when phone is using more power the phone is getting switched off. So all we do is remove the fuse and give a direct supply.

(People who are aware of disembling and assembling the device can follow step 2 because it doesn't cost much) and for the people who are unaware can go to service center and explain the issue.

(Note: For noobs follow step 2 at your own risk I am not responsible if you device gets further damaged) .



  • Did anyone tried this and got your phone back alive, please let me know, as my phone seems to be dead and want a solution, bei h it's only 23 months old and i don't want to get my money wasted and also the service center people have given me a solution to change the PWB component, which is approx 16k. So please help 😢

  • This i got from service center, but don't know what to do.

  • Bro if it's stuck on android one logo it is Software prob you may go to Authorised service center ( 650₹ they will charge ) or you may go to any known mobile repairing shop ( 400-500₹ they will charge)

    My opinion - try to update in authorised service centre because they have best software OTA

    Or if it's randomly switching off on android one logo then it's CC strip prob or may be battery prob

    I'm also faced the same prob after changing charger port , I searched many days to resolve this prob , when I went to Nokia Authorised service center they asked me to pay 2200₹ and there is no warranty for this service also if I not want to repair I want to pay 350₹ for service charge I'm very much dissatisfied but yesterday when I went to mobile repairing shop near my friends home , they told it's software prob but after trying the software issue also it's not fixed , then he checked my phone and asked me to change CC strip, which is the charger port board ( first quality of CC strip is worth only 150₹ ) I agreed and changed the cc strip now my problem is resolved so try this in your nearby mobile repairing shop its cost less than 500₹ make sure you are buying first quality CC strip of nokia 6.1 plus

    Note: I'm only preferring Mobile repairing shop which is well known by you because there were many fraudsters who stole parts in your phone so kindly go known shops

  • Dear user, thanks for your recommendation, as i will also go to local market, as the authorized service center asked me to change the PWB port, which will cost me 16k and they said, the phone will work fine, but what is the use to get it repair for same price as the phone, so will try for local market in Delhi which is Karol Bagh, lets see what they will do, i have a feeling, they will repair at very lower price, which i know from my past experience.

  • My Nokia 6.1 is stuck on "Androidone" logo and I've tried all the button combos. Vinovengat I see you mention something about changing "CC strip", but I don't know what that means. Will you please explain a little more? Did this fix the problem on your phone? Is it still working?

  • Hello did you manage to get your nokia fixed.please explain how ?

  • I have a Nokia 6.1 smartphone which has Android 10 installed on it.

    I did a factory phone reset after the latest update screwed my phone up,the audio became choppy & the phone kept on trying to restart itself once it got to the Nokia logo.

    It is not the batteries fuse or self resetting circuit breaker which is at fault,it is the latest security patch update which is causing it so I might wait until the next factory update to find out whether it's fixed or not - cross fingers !

  • This is cheating, No one will by Nokia battery for the softawre issue.

  • Am facing same problem with my Nokia 8.1 and would like to change the battery and have ordered same online. My question is does that fuse is alongside battery or it is not included in battery