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I have tried to uninstall the updates of phone app, but the play store only shows the 19.0 version.. Maybe it's not pushed yet for me.

May update - No mobile data connectivity - TA-1046


  • I have tried to uninstall the updates of phone app, but the play store only shows the 19.0 version.. Maybe it's not pushed yet for me.

  • Maybe... But it fixed for me the same time when I update this app... Coïncidence ?...
  • My wild guess is that Nokia did a silent update like they did for the Telia carrier.
  • I switched my phone back on 4G after seeing your messages and i also confirm 4G/4G+ is working for me. 

    I did not receive any update for the phone app either (still in V19).

    I Don't know who fixed this and how (HMD/Nokia or Sosh/Orange?) but all i can say is Thanks!

  •  Retried this morning along with a reset of APN, data cache clear for carrier services, phone app, play services and a reboot.

    No 4G.... I guess it's not related to the carrier only, the last software update probably also have side effects.

  • I have the same problem. My carrier is OneCall, Norway.
  • I bought a Nokia 6.1 in India in end-May, and use Vodafone India service.

    I travelled to the US on June 8 with a roaming plan from Vodafone that requires me to connect to T-Mobile. I have been unable to connect to T-Mobile for two reasons:

    1) Automatic connection doesn't work, except very briefly at the airport when it connected to AT&T.

    2) Manual selection for network throws up "Error while searching networks".  So, my phone says "No Service".

    Sometimes, it shows Sprint, and if I do try to connect to it, I get "Emergency Calls only" in place of "No Service".

    The interesting thing is, my old Nokia Lumia 720 and 730 phones found T-Mobile as the only network, and I could connect to the network.

    My phone is TA-1089.

    Current software: Android version 8.1.0

    Security patch level: 1 May 2018

    Clearly there is some problem with the new Nokia 6.1.  I wondered if it was a hardware problem, i.e. a fault in the antenna.

    Looks like I will have to use my old phone till Nokia find a way.

  • Laura, could you kindly ask from Hmd when this same problem are going to be fixed for the Nokia 7 ta-1041? I have been without 4g and mobile data since 8.1.0 update, yesterday June security update received, didn't bring any thing fix or new, just security! Checked from Chinese feedbacks, same problem reported there. Unbelievable, over month and problems still not fixed.
  • French user getting the 8.1 update today on a Nokia 8, carrier Bouygues Telecom, and getting the exact same issue. I cannot understand why they continue pushing the update with this known defect issue and no solution proposed.
  •  June security update installed on my nokia 7 plus and always no 4g with Orange France Provider :(

  • It's strange...mine work well since app phone update, doing June update this morning and work fine with Sosh.
  •  maybe it's a silent update with a deployment Little by Little,

    i don't know :(

  • June patch installed and 4G is now working. (France/Sosh). It was not working at all and got ok after restart of the phone after june patch.
  •  for user1528405454569 : did you restart with wifi activated and connected?

  • Yes WiFi was activated for the update and during the restart. I tried a soft reset 2 days ago so parameters were recents. (APN set to default, reset of wifi/Bluetooth /mobile connexion and cache reset of carrier service)
  •  thanks

    il will soft reset the phone this evening with wifi enabled

    may be....

  • 4g is back without any action of my part.... Very silent update indeed

  • rbfr rbfr
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    June patch is a joke and a punch in our faces.

    I have already detered several friends, family members and coworker from buying anything Nokia. Why?

    Nokia/HMD don't care about existing customers, they don't have the manpower to properly develop/adapt software for so many different models, and this is it. Marketing won here too. Look at the communication: "New shiny this, new shiny that" and this is it, no step towards the community.

    Very good hardware for the money IMHO, but poor software (OK, this is partly google's fault). Support only answer is "bla bla wait for next patch", same as official community contacts here. Useless.

    Nokia/HMD do not listen the community. See bootloader unlock thread, and all other problems there are with this phone.

    Look at all the forums, it is anormally full of people complaining, you do not see that in those proportions with other brands.

    I deeply regret purchasing this piece of crap. Will never buy again anything from this brand.

  • Hi, 

    bug with 4G in France (Sosh) is fixed, but there is still another bugs : 

     When phoning with bluetooth, the network is not working properly (connexion/deconnexion)

     - if connected with wifi, the connexion is showing but internet is cut off randomly 

     - if not connected with wifi, only 3G connexion is working (no 4G).

    When phone call is finished, the connexion to wifi and 4G are both fully stable again.

    Bug seem related the the previous bug on 4G not working, now it is only during a bluetooth phone call.

    @rbfr, your post is not usefull and not very respectfull, please, just post on the topic. Bug was fixed with june patch as announced, but there is still something wrong in the management of the mobile connexion it seems.

  • Have just got my son a 7 plus and have the same issue in UK on vodafone. Phone will uploading 4g but not download. Is there an easy solution for this or have to just wait
  • rbfr rbfr
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    @user1528405454569 yes I agree, not respectful. Is Nokia/HMD respectful with us? Useful may be if people in the process of purchasing this device read it (I doubt it...) and decide that coping with those kind of issues and Nokia/HMD attitude towards existing customers is worth it or not.

    For me, you may have understood it, it is clearly not. I am frustrated because of 8 month old half-promise of bootloader unlock, of complete silence on obvious issues, total lack of communication. And because I would lose too much now by reselling the device, because I believed in the "wait for next patch". Fix one thing, and break two.

    @user1529087414247 "sorry, wait for july patch". Or may be it will happen magically at one point, without any notice nor explantation from Nokia/HMD. QED.

  • user1527011066020 user1527011066020
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    just installed the July security update on my TA-1054 and i am facing the same problems as after the may update. Mobile network ist not connecting and my Google Account ist no more available on my phone. (problem communicating with the Google servers). Nokia, are you kidding me???
  • rippex rippex
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    I had the same problem with carrier Elisa during last autumn. I switched to Telia and all the problems vanished. Now all the problems have gotten back and I've lost all connectivity. Nothing helps. This is really frustrating. I'm using Nokia 6.1 TA-1043 Android 9.

    My phone does run on edge for some time then it connects to 4g or 3g and loses all connectivity.
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