Guys What's ur opinion on Android one in nokia? Is it any good or nokia should have change?

MD khaif
MD khaif ✭✭
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My opinion

I think hmd should have provide both android one and their custom ui phones because many people don't like clean android they actually wants more features in their smartphones, which actually lacks in android one programme phones and many people like it but they opt for Chinese phones because they get many good specs if we compare them with nokia phones, but those Chinese phones actually provide a bad build quality and security and hmd global is no. 1 in providing better build quality and amazing security, but the specs used to very underpowered if we compare them with hmd's competitors, it's actually happening because of android one programme, so hmd global should have make two different category of phones one for Android one and another one's with a lookalike skin of 'Meego harmantaan' in android,and stock android preferred people buy stock android phones, and specs preferred people will buy Nokia's meego harmattan ui based phones.

Guys feel free to share your thoughts on my this discussion.


  • Lawrence JB
    Lawrence JB ✭✭✭✭

    Looks like HMD by choosing Android One over custom UI is doing the same mistake what Nokia did in the past when they had chosen Windows OS.

    Initially there was success but later on what happened we all know.

    HMD's failure to deliver again Android 11 update as per the revised roadmap shared in May to most of the devices especially Nokia 5.3 is another example of the path to failure for Nokia branded phones.

  • viaan chaudhari
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  • The white splash screen and the tone need to go

  • Nokia should provide more flagship phones, since dey are only concentrated on budget phones. Should bring out the complete potential I feel..

  • king bat
    king bat
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    looking for android minus 1, i.e., the ever annoying google assistant which i wish can be totally banished from future android phone, at lease give me a choice.