Nokia 7.2 not Ringing after Android 11 update

My nokia 7.2 phone is not Ringing after updating it to android 11, Earlier I have faced one more issue that camera recorded video is not playing and deleting from internal memory.

That issue got fixed with uninstall and reinstall camera app.

Can you please let me know the procedure to fix this not Ringing issue.


  • Nokia 7.2 not Ringing after updating it to android 11

  • You should be thankful that your phones didn't get bricked! Don't be ungrateful! 😂

  • HMD is known for it. It's a rule here to remain silent, don't complain orelse change your mobile 🙈

  • After android 11 update I am also facing same issue my phone is not ringing

  • 😂😂 You must thank your mobile is still receiving the calls. I hope the issue will get sorted in the upcoming update.

  • Move all our ringtones to folder 'Ringtones' on local storage (not SD Card).

    Use .ogg (or .mp3) for notifications and ringtones.

    Clear 'Meadia storage' cache:

     - Go into the App Drawer and select Android Settings.

     - Select the Apps configuration option.

     - Search for "Media Storage" but if it's not shown, you may need to select "Show system" in the 3-dot option menu.

     - Select "Media Storage" and then tap on the "Storage" option.

     - Select "Clear Data" and "OK" when the confirmation dialog appears. This will reset the Android Media Scan database.

     - After the reset, reboot to force a rescan and reindex of media content.

  • This worked for me.. found tips on the net..

    Clear cache on Google Play Services app. .restart phone..! .worked for me

    after weeks of not ringing phone.

  • I don't know if it worked for me, but after I did a soft reset (hold Volume up + power button for ± 10 seconds until restart) ans clearing the cache on the Google Play Services app, I have my sound back when receiving a call.

  • No ringing sound still after Android 11 update Dec 2021. Have tried to follow advice but to no avail🥺

    Anyone else tried something that worked for them please.

  • What worked for me was. Disabling ascending volume for incoming calls under SIP settings.

    To do this, open phone app, settings, calling account, then disable ascending volume for incoming calls under SIP settings.