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  • I received the Nokia T20 TA-1397 SS LTE 4/64 IN BLUE.

    But this device doesn't support to receive or make a call.

    When I tried to install "Phone by google" app through play store it says your device is not compatible.

    But Internet is working fine when I insert the SIM card.

    Please address this issue!

  • Why is the tablet still at security patch August? It's the middle of November...

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    The tablet doesn't support calling features. The SIM support is only to serve as a data provider. It will not be used for calling. Sadly, that's how it is. And that's how most tablets used to be. I'm not sure if things have changed recently.

  • How to activate sim card on Nokia T20?

  • Because they mention on the box "3 years of monthly security updates", but they don't mention when the updates will start. To be fair, the tablet is still one month old, so I am hoping for an update this month.

    Time will tell if Nokia respects their promises and my wallet will vote accordingly ;)

  • Can't get screen cast to work with my LG TV.

    Doesn't T20 support Intel widi/Miracast?

  • Update available! This brings the device to October security bulletin. Very good Nokia!

    One problem though: although the update is available since November 11, I cannot get it, my tablet says that there are no updates.

    Check here, select Nokia T20: https://www.nokia.com/phones/en_int/security-updates

  • From where can I get user manual of T20 tablet?

  • Use Google. Enter nokia t20 user manual. First two links are good.

    P.S. You can do this with other queries you might have in the future, it is faster than asking in a forum.

  • I bought one in the Netherlands for 199 Euro. It's a cheap product: no GPS, no NFC. But, yes, I wanted a cheap, sturdy tablet and this is what I got. Some people don't want to spend half a month income on a tablet.

  • Hos do I avoid the 'swipe ledt to see new content'?

  • How can I transfer files/documents from my PC to the tablet via USB?

    It seems like the PC can see the tablet, but it has no permissions.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Just enable FIle Transfer mode from the notifications area.

  • Is the T20 capable of playing hi res music above 16bit/44.1Khz? I have a Bluetooth receiver which goes up to 24bit/192Khz and I wanted to use the T20 as my source for Tidal and Amazon Music HD hi res audio.

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    I think Tidal also might require DRM licensing, so in T20 Hifi option would not be there most probably...Some other Tab with a snapdragon processor would be better. 🙄

  • joe367
    joe367 ✭✭✭

    I simply couldn't find that option in settings 😅. Workarounds:

    1. disable the 'Entertainment Space' app from Apps and notifications settings or
    2. use any other launchers like Lawnchair 2 or Nova Launcher.
  • Salut @tudor georgescu ,

    My T20, bought in the same country, has GPS. But it is the version with 4G modern included.

  • Hi

    How do I enable dual audio for Bluetooth in my Nokia T20? Only one of the two Bluetooth connections is active at any given time. Unable to find the options to enable dual audio.


  • petrus
    petrus ✭✭✭✭

    When will the tablet be available in Slovakia?

  • hi i have tab nokia t20,my problem is i cant open message app for sms,it says pair with device,with qr code.is there a way to open sms app loke normal smartphone;?thanx

  • I spoke to Nokia support today about the Widevine L1 issue, they seem more interested that they could not find my device IMEI in their DB, it turns out the support operator did not know that devices purchased from amazon are not supported directly by Nokia so are not in their DB, but I got nowhere with L1, suggesting I reset the network connects and increase the device resolution.

    Quote from the T20 site:

    "Nokia T20 makes light work of your day-to-day (and night) viewing with a captivating 2K screen. So, whether you’re viewing a work presentation on the go, or just relaxing at home with a movie, every detail will look fantastic"

    "Nokia T20 brings the classic Nokia quality to the big screen, and helps you find better work-life balance. Its crystal clear 2K screen lets you see both work presentations and movie marathons in stunning detail"

    NOTE: 2K is approx 1080p

    NOTE: L3 restricts video to 480P

    There was a change on the website that is interesting:

    On the original Nokia T20 website 9 Oct there was no mention of DRM.

    Nokia T20 | Bigger battery, 3 years security updates. (archive.org)

    Then on the 29 Oct they added note:

    "2 Nokia T20 supports up to 1200*2000 resolution. Actual playback resolution depends additionally on other variables such as quality of the connection when streaming and possible digital rights management requirements."

    Nokia T20 | Bigger battery, 3 years security updates. (archive.org)

    Nokia needs to respond to this forum, I think this device is a dud and they will not update the Widevine version, the first big update (5 Nov 2021) dropped 15 Dec 2021).

    I just need to know so i can return my 2 Nokia T20 whilst in the Amazon return window, as apart from this issue the device is excellent.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Hi, as noted earlier, the device does not support calls and SMS. The SIM's purpose is only to provide data services.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Hi @RewsterUK, as answered earlier, the T20 only supports L3 playback and it will not be improved via an update. The L3 level will affect only those apps that rely on DRM to serve content. As such, YouTube will not be impacted, but Netflix will be. So, depending on which apps you use, you may or may not be able to play full HD content. And if you spend considerable time on apps that rely on DRM + you have paid for higher quality, then yeah fair to look for another device that suits your needs.

    I will also add that as mentioned earlier, Netflix will still not play full HD resolution even if the Widevine was L1 since they do not support the CPU that's used on the T20.

  • petrus
    petrus ✭✭✭✭

    It is already available in Slovakia. Well thank you.

  • I want to buy T20 flip cover when it available on online sell. India

  • If it's the right thread to report bugs in T20

    If not kindly check these & paste on the right thread

    In SPLIT SCREEN Gboard OFTEN doesn't show(layer is hidden)

    Touch to ROTATE ICON in respective corner DOESN'T WORK at all when AUTO ROTATE is OFF

    AUTO ROTATE sometimes is UNRELIABLE when using APP

    Often when SWIPING right on GESTURE NAVIGATION an extra window (PAST IMAGE) of the SAME APP gets added to RECENT APPS that I was in

    RESTART after CLEAR ALL recent apps shows RANDOM app WINDOWS in RECENT APPs often.

    On November'21 security patch, I'll be posting if upcoming December'21 patch fixes these bugs or non.

    Enjoy the NOKIA's reliable* hardware with vanilla* @ndroid 11 as Gpixel slate A(-Gcam).

    Patiently waiting for stable*@ndroid 12L update.


  • user1540574584900
    edited December 2021

    I am living in Finland and bought T20 from India through Amazon when I was on vacation. This tablet has several problems mainly screen getting off automatically and disconnecting the Bluetooth device automatically.

    Is there any solution ?

  • So I have been using T20 for a day already and after some observations, I noticed OS needs so many updates, including full screen apps option to hide "home gesture bar indicator". I wonder when will your developers be able to come up with a solition to this problem. I cannot press certain interaction buttons when I am playing games. But then I noticed when I played "Uno", app went to full screen mode and hid the gesture bar indicator. So why not support all apps by adding it as an option in the apps full screen mode? That way all you have to do is swipe up to show the home gesture bar when an app has been opened! Please consider my feedback, trying to improve your OS because I am liking this tablet except for the OS build. Thank you.

  • The Google's "At A Glance" widget is taking way too much space on the home screen. It does not seem to be meant for tablets at all.

    Anyone have reasonable tips on how to remove it?

    ... I'm not a fan of separate launchers