Android 11 update for Nokia 7.2 is full of bugs

Manoj Mehra
Manoj Mehra ✭✭
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This Android 11 update for Nokia 7.2 is full of bugs.

1. Phone stop charging. It charges only after restarting the phone.

2. Contextual search missing for Google Translate, dictionary, etc. in other apps.

3. 2 button navigation removed which is easier to use than 3 button navigation.

4. Blank random photos are appearing in the Google photos gallery.

5. Phone is hanging and lagging.

6. Home screen wallpaper takes time to load after restarting the phone. Sometimes, the home screen displays one wallpaper on the top half screen while another wallpaper on the bottom half screen.

HMD Global is ruining Nokia's legacy.



  • Sunil Mori
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    Google wallpaper app is still incompatible in Android 11 also. It's not updating from Google Play Store.

    Icon shapes, Font Style and Theme colour options are removed from Developer Tool. if it's removed by Android, then Nokia should add as Styles & Wallpapers options similar to Motorola.

  • Phone is not ringing when a call comes

  • i have two nokia 7.2 with the same issues! when will nokia solve this problem ??.

  • Sunil Mori
    Sunil Mori ✭✭✭
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    May be in a new build after 6 months approx or may not also coz i lost trust on HMD Global.

  • Already reported this to Nokia.

    Please make some noise about this in the forum and make this load and clear to Nokia.

    If you can, please upvote my post 🙂

  • Another bug is found about device controls by the Power Button i.e. Although we unable it from Gestures, doesn't even single connected device displays.

    1. Custom APN doesn't work - you cannot create and save a new profile.
    2. Bluetooth turns off by itself or becomes unresponsive.
  • Dear HMD global

    I hope this will reach you.

    I've been a loyal Nokia customer in the 90's an 00's and for the second half of the 10's as well. I have always recommended Nokia products to others based on reliability and functionality. Although at the moment both seem absent. Patience is nearly spent and I am certainly not recommending Nokia to anyone at the moment. And in the near future it is likely that i will switch to another phone, and it will not be a Nokia.

    A primary reason is how frustrating it is that it seems impossible to find any information on when and if the following issues and the rather extensive list of issues posted in this thread will be properly adressed. If there was a light at the end of this tunnel it would be much easier to tolerate. Please let us know when we can expect these bugs to be fixed.

    1. Need to restart phone on every second charge attempt
    2. Selfie camera is disabled since Android 11 update.
    3. After charging there is zero volume i calls. Need to restart phone to get volume back.
    4. Screen becomes unresponsive at times.
    5. Battery is depleted in 1 day. Lasted 2-4 days before Android 11 update

  • "Dear HMD global

    I hope this will reach you."

    Keep hoping my friend. After all, hope always dies last...😅

  • No hope for anyone who buys HMD products. I learnt that on my own skin.

  • After servicing my Nokia 7.2 to Servify, my Android OS is downgraded from 11 to 10 and i am not able to upgrade it. Can anyone please give me a suggestion to upgrade back it?

  • There's no upgrade available right now, HMD is cooking Android 11 for our devices and it takes forever. I don't know what developers they are hiring or maybe they don't pay them enough but this is the worst software support experience in the history. There was no official announcement about it because that's not what they do, they never respond to the customers. We can only hope that they will keep they word which I doubt more and more. If you ask support they will either tell you how complicated the whole process is and ask for patience or give you ridiculous advices like clean cache of your Play Store and take out your sim so that update can maybe appear (real advice from one of the support "specialists")...

  • Jim-Boy
    Jim-Boy ✭✭✭

    Even more frustrating is that for each day the phone gets less and less focus on the MD Global's priority list and all focus and dev resources are working with the new and shiny devices.

    I'm already looking for a new handset as this isn't good enough in any way and I'm interested in Oppo and Xiaomi devices as these seems to have good/great bang for the buck (limited funds You know ;-) ).

  • Attention !!! Not too much criticism of Nokia. Otherwise you will be banned like and had to re-register 😤😤😤

  • Jim-Boy
    Jim-Boy ✭✭✭

    Could You elaborate that please?

    What kind of criticism are You talking about as there are several threads full of criticism towards both HMD Global and Nokia?

  • I mentioned the Oppo name and that probably all Nokia employees have A11 or even A12 on their smartphones. After that my account was banned and all my posts were deleted. Now I have a new account. So be careful ‼️‼️‼️

  • There has been discussions about both Xiaomi and Samsung earlier without anyone getting banned so either has something changed or other things that caused the ban?

    New mods?

  • I chatted with support yesterday and got this:

  • Yeah, really soon! By the time Android 14 is out!😅🤮

  • That the gods know 🤬🤬🤬

  • I have experienced similar problems after upgrade of my Mokkia 7.2 to Android 11.

    Support informed me that they are aware of the issue and a fix is being worked on. No date for release is known.

  • I have received the update and charging issue is fixed! 😃

  • How about front camera? Does it work? There's many people whose front camera doesn't work after latest Android 11 update. Mine also doesn't work...

  • OK, latest small patch really fixed the annoying charging issue. 👍

    And, lucky me 😉, both my cameras seems to work just fine as well.

  • Also my front camera doesn't work at all as if it's not exist.. When i switch the camera it works good but there is no choice to choose the front camera.. And in other programs like snapchat when i select to switch the front camera t doesn't work..

    Pleeeease help

  • I never had the camera issue, and the charging issue has not returned after the small update

  • My Nokia 7.2 front camera suddenly disappeared or stopped working. Please help me sort this out. Thank you.

  • Nokia 7.2 frissítés után nem működnek az alkalmazások folyton visszaugrik az első oldalra kidobott minden alkalmazásból 😭.

    Egyre többet csalodok a Nokiába 20 éve csak ezt veszem lehet ideje váltani

  • I have 6.2 and 7.2

    Thay have same bug ,Phone is not ringing when a call comes