Nokia custom NUI (Nokia User Interface) must be developed.

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Nokia really needs Custom (UI) User Interface, its because Stock Android is really odd looking, it needs to be Customised like Themes, moving icons , beautiful looks , software customisation for fixing bugs etc...

And nokia Should Always use latest specifications, processor, all essential Sensors in Every nokia Phones. Like Xiaomi do.

Then Nokia will surely Top again and will rule over world.

Otherwise just like in the Beginning Nokia destroyed because of Android for not going with Android and Now again Nokia will be Destroyed because of Android but that time Due to not Accepting Android and Now it will happen because Sticking with Android too much that Nokia does not want to do anything special only pure Android but Nokia should soon understand this that the world has changed its Not about Only Beautiful looks and Strong Hardware But Also Beautiful Software Customisation and Amazing exciting features. Such as (Xiaomi's MIUI 12).

So please Nokia Don't repeat Big Mistake Again, Make your Own (Custom UI) not stock Android.

And take every feedback Seriously.

Nowadays People are Buying Nokia Phones because of their Respect and love to Nokia Brand (Me too, but i am very disappointed by your work on stock Android Optimization, people like Custom Android UI because of more features and beautiful looks and me too ) but you are self Destroying your Legacy....

So Sadly.... i have told you before Many times on different channels....

We Hope you will take it seriously...

What are you doing My Dear Nokia Can't you see your Competitors what they are doing Special. Your Brand have a Value in Millions of Hearts.

But i think you can't see that New new companies are doing great and what are you doing (Pure, Secure, and up-to-date) others have these features what special you have?

Please Don't stick to Stock Android

Make your Own Nokia UI just like other companies are doing. And Bounce back Again.....

Hope you will think over it and work.

Your faithfully

Md. Nafish Raza


  • MdSadique
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    Something like oxygen os is always a welcome so that it can still have the essential and useful features but still staying close to stock

  • Mtongi
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    I use Nokia because of its stock android...I really hate custom UI.

    Please stay wind stock android and focus on OS and security updates.

  • andrewholland1973
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    Please, Nokia / HMD Global no. Do not develop a custom UI that is slapped on to (and drags down the performance of) the standard Android build. One of the reason I bought into the "New Nokia" was due to Android One, I don't want a bloated, bespoke build of Android.

    And anyway, after moving from Nokia 6.1 to a Nokia 7.2 this month, I've discovered something that seems to be true across their devices: they have problems producing reliable, bug free builds as it is - the 6.1 has some serious audio issues and, sadly, the 7.2 has it's own audio issues too (audio in video recordings done via the Nokia camera is shockingly bad) so HMD Global are not showing they can produce reliable software yet at all, the hardware is great but twice now for me, let down by sloppy Android builds. A custom UI would only make that worse.

  • Nokia is not user friendly ..

    Nokia need its best U.I like samsung and huawei...

    Its because if u put other stock andriod phones with nokia then there is same feel that it reflects.

    Now a days people need simple and attractive u.i in phones...

    Nokia in past got destroyed because they didn't adopted best u.i and app store for their phones...

    Nokia must learn from its mistakes .

    Now a days top 5 mobiles all have their own u i

    Samsung apple huawei xiaomi vivo..

    Nokia must compete with them by making their own powerful user interface...

  • Nokia is doing nothing special withs its mobiles.

    They need great pace in market to reach top 5 brands .

    It will be possible by using upto date chipset,

    Own custom U.I

    Great camera quality

    Fast charger as new as in market

    Very high mah battery like 5500, and 6000.

    Nokia design team also need to learn from Huawei and iPhone ...

    Nokia U.I is very very very important..

    Avoid confuse naming models and donot lauch 10 phones a year 4 are enough

  • Provide symbain user interface on new nokia andriod phones

  • Please Nokia, you have to launch a new Nokia custom UI. This will change the smartphone market and you have to use an updated specifications for your phones. We know that Nokia is a very very reputed brand in these days too. But you have to give a good specifications with possible lower price point.

  • Ravi Roxan
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    I love Android One,I like stock Android

  • Ravi Roxan
    Ravi Roxan ✭✭
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    I use Nokia because of its stock android. Stock Android is Very Very Beautiful

  • A custom UI is one that Nokia will have to build from scratch and eventually you won't have a choice in the UI you're being offered. At the same time, it defeats the purpose (and maybe agreements?) of the Android One program by sacrificing those upgrades and security updates.

    If you want another UI, the Play Store has plenty that developers work hard to make near perfect. I just want a good phone with stock Android which is faster by default, has timely upgrades as promised and has a good camera. Nokia seems to be fulfilling these so I guess you still have the option to have a custom UI/launcher installed from the Store as per your preferences. It would be same if Nokia shipped it anyway.