[Fix available] Mobile data connection issues on Nokia X20


We have a detected an issue which may affecting a small number of Nokia X20 users. If you are experiencing problems using mobile data, a simple, one-time fix should resolve the problem.

All that is needed is to reset your APN settings. No technical knowledge or experience is required. Here is how you do it:

  • From the home screen, swipe down and then pull down the quick menu.
  • Press the cog icon on the right to go to your Settings.
  • Select "Network and internet", then "Mobile Network".
  • Next, head to "Advanced", then "Access Point Names".
  • Press the 3-dot icon on the top-right and select "Reset to default".

These steps should resolve the problem causing your mobile data connectivity issues.



  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Thanks for this. And thank you for finally opening up the categories for the new devices.

  • Morning, I did try this yesterday and again today, however it has not fixed the issue.

    Please advise further, I need mobile data internet to work.

  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User

    Hi Lisa, under the access point names, do you see any access point as listed and activated? If yes, can you check if it is the correct one for your operator?

  • abecedario
    abecedario ✭✭✭

    since I bought this phone I have already changed two operators with two different sims and as many internet access points, no problems found (TA-1341 - build 00WW_1_27A_SP01)

    I also thank you for having finally opened the section for the Nokia X20 ;)

  • Pacala
    Pacala ✭✭

    Colleagues, I could not find where to send my question. If already discussed, please provide a link. I bought Nokia X 20 last week, but did not find in the settings where to enable VoLTE and WI-FI calls. The provider on its side says that it is connected, these are some problems on my side. But, in the phone, there were no items in the menu where this is turned on. Also on the previous Samsung A50 phone, everything worked. What needs to be done to make all this appear? Thank you.

  • abecedario
    abecedario ✭✭✭
    edited July 2021

    if your provider says it's enabled ih their side, try this:

    1. dial *#*#4636#*#* 
    2. choose phone information
    3. click "phone Information" and try to press on "Provvisioning VoLTE"
    4. same on "wifi calls"

    if you are able to do this, enable both and then restart the phone

    (my current provider does not allow VoLTE calls, not yet)

  • I ordered the x20 on the internet. On 07/14 my package was in transit by DHL in Cologne, it was lost or damage.

    We are 07/26, Nokia did not even follow up on my order, refunded? Shipping a new package?

    You realize this amateurism, more than 10 days without decision.

  • Please anyone, how can I get link to Nokia X20 section. I need to follow this link to more information about my phone.

  • Hay folks I'm having issues connecting to mobile data on my new x20, I have tried resetting the APN to default and editing the APN with the information provided by my network. Is there any other issues or fix's to enable mobile Data to work.Thanks Tom

  • Problem. Nokia X20. Started couple of weeks ago. The phone doesn't want to go 4G (LTE), it drops to 3G. Another SIM (from Nokia 7.2 which running good with 4G) tested in the phone, the same result stays in 3G.

  • You have probably already solved your issue by now but the way I fixed my no mobile data issue was to go to settings then system, advanced and reset options. Be careful not to pick the wrong option 😁 but choose reset Wi-Fi,mobile,Bluetooth. Fixed things with data immediately but of course I had to redo my Wi-Fi and Bluetooth setups..

  • This did absolutely nothing, mobile data still doesn't work for me.

  • Hello,

    I am experiencing the same issue as mentioned above, I tried every available solutions found on the web, but still got no internet connection.

    Can someone share other ways to solve this problem?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Some other problems with a new Nokia x20 - I loved my old Nokia 8 till it finally died, having now got an x20 as a replacement I am unable to get this to recognise a USB cable as a means of transferring files from a computer to the phone and vice versa (so cannot import files etc from the old phone) and also the phone won't ring, only vibrates, I keep pulling the sound bar up on the ring and notification bar and then it drops back to zero and it doesn't seem possible to switch off the option below that states Shortcut to Prevent Ringing - On (vibrate) - which I don't want!!! Has anybody else had these problems and found a way to resolve them (other than bluetoothing files)?? Thanks

  • Please I need help after I updated my Nokia x20 to version 12 the wifi and the Bluetooth is not working please help

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem. When i launch the update of android 12, my X20 doesn't find 4G/3G or other cellular data.

    I reboot the apn, the phone. Nothing work.

    Someone has an idea to resolve the problem.

    Thank you the community :)

  • Bonsoir

    J'ai fait la MAJ Android 12 il y a 2 jours et depuis je n'ai plus accès aux données mobiles, bien qu'elles soient activées.

    J'ai réinitialisé les paramètres réseau, j'ai créé des apn. Rien ne fonctionne.

    J'ai appelé mon opérateur. Il a fait une manipulation qui m'a permis de me reconnecter au réseau mobile pour le reste de la journée mais le lendemain matin, de nouveau plus rien.

    J'ai rappelé mon opérateur, même manip, ça fonctionne encore pour le reste de la journée mais ce matin, plus rien.

    Cette fois, la manip de mon opérateur ne fonctionne plus. Par contre si j'introduis ma carte sim dans un autre Smartphone, ça fonctionne. Le problème vient donc du téléphone qui bloque l'accès au réseau mobile depuis la MAJ.

    Que pouvons nous faire, svp ? J'ai besoin du réseau mobile pour mon travail.

  • Hello,

    I am experiencing the same problem described with my Nokia x20, and data mobiles doesn't work since I have made the android 12 update on 5 days ago. I am in France, using orange. Like "Carbonate" was saying our operator (orange) fixed the problem at the moment we call them, but when you connect to a WiFi (at home for exemple) and then go out and disconnect from wifi, there is no 4g and date mobile doesn't work again! This is not acceptable! I have try to report that problem to Nokia chat support via the app "my device". They offered the same solution, not earing that the problem keeps on repeating. We are several users in France to experiment the same problem and to report it on Android pages or forum. Some have tried factory reset (which is a very problematic procedure) and the problem keeps coming back and they have been said to send back there phone (without any replacement phone offered). This is not acceptable. We paid this phone especially to keep it several years, and have 3 years updates as the ad said. And now we can't use our phone properly and not having any real solution offered (all the solutions proposed fixed the problem only temporary). Clearly there is a compatibility problem between Nokia x20 and the last android 12 update. It would be a first step for Nokia and Android to ear their customers and accept the problem is not fixed by the solutions proposed, so your développer can search and create an update to fix that issue!

    Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my maternal language.

    Hopping you will take seriously this message, and report our problem, because it concerns all the customers that bought Nokia x20 in France (if you want, I will send you a link to a webpage about Android bugs where several customers described in French the problems and all the solutions they tried...).

  • murielallemand
    edited January 2022


    j'ai le même problème que Carbonate et Vanessa Sanchez 33.

    Impossible de me connecter à Orange depuis 5 jours, la solution de revoir l'APN n'est pas suffisante. Cela marche une fois, puis plus.

    merci pour votre aide

  • I have same issus, no 4g with Orange F. But when i put 3g only it work, it's slow but i can use data.

  • Hello,

    I have the same problem. I have no internet since the last update.

    I spoke with Nokia and Orange France support.

    Phone reset, sim card changed.

    The sim card works in another phone, and a non-orange sim card works fine.

    => The problem is only with the Orange France network

  • Same problem with Nokia X20 and orange network.

  • Camarades français, j'ai trouvé la solution :)

    Dans l'apn orange word, dans la rubrique ipv, choisissez ipv4/IPv6 en lieu et place d'ipv4

  • Malheureusement pour moi ça ne marche pas.

    La 4g marche mais il suffit d'avoir une perte de connection ou un redémarrage du téléphone et le bug réapparaît.

    Mais bonne idée quand même

  • Oui:) je m'en suis rendu compte !

    Il faut ensuite lors d'un rallumage , choisir réseau préféré 3g puis revenir sur 4g et ça remarche

  • Exact mais il suffit que tu ai une coupure de reseau genre tu rentre dans un ascenseur ou n'importe et tu vas voir que tu vas avoir marqué 4g mais sans avoir internet en vérité.

    Ça m'a fait loupé quelque notif du coup je garde la 3g constamment.

  • Thanks gaborit, this tip solved the issue!

    Although it is a workaround, I hope Nokia guys will find a fix 😉

  • J'ai trouvé sur le forum Nokia X10 une solution pour la 4g! Il a trouvé ce guide de orange valable pour les smartphone pixels mais qui fonctionne pour les smartphone Nokia. (X10 et X20)

    Pour retrouver la 4g suivez ce guide

    Il y a 2 petites erreurs dans le guide, premièrement le "nom" en tout premier, mettez bien Orange World 2.

    Deuxièmement, il faut a la fin, une fois l'apn créé, cliquer sur le petit point pour l'activer (Orange World 2 avec le point rempli)

    Une fois activé, mettez 3g puis 4g dans les préférences réseaux, coupez et remettez les données mobiles. Et la 4g est de retour !

    J'ai redémarré mon téléphone, mit le mode avion etc... et plus de soucis, la 4g est stable!

  • abecedario
    abecedario ✭✭✭
    edited January 2022

    Hello everyone, I kindly invite you to write "problems and solutions" using the English language, in order to help people from all over the world and not just French speakers 😉

  • Yes, i will use english in the future.

    So after use new apn for one day i come back to 3g.

    With the new apn it's more stable but not perfect. Sometimes when i drive, 4g stop working and never comeback until i put off and on cellular data. I hope Nokia will fix the issue between Orange and Nokia 4g.