Nokia 8.3 battery life

I really don't know if it's only my phone coz I'm not seeing it being posted here but the battery life on my Nokia 8.3 is really ****. It was good but I don't understand what has happened lately it's draining so fast really unlike Nokia. So angry at these people damn!


  • Did you receive a new update! or else check with the background running apps and see what is consuming more power so you can stop it. Do a battery optimization and you can see what is causing the drain of the battery!

  • I was a huge fan of Nokia in the past. I always got my phones from them, until they decided to sabotage themselves with their daft choice of OS.

    I used direct-from-China phones for the last few years until Nokia made its return.

    The Nokia 8.3 5g is the worst phone that I have ever had. The number of glitches and stability issues is genuinely worse than any of those Chinese phones experienced, and yet those cost less than half as much. I'm really disappointed in the lack of care they seem to apply to their business now.

    My battery capacity was never 4,500mAh. It was 4,095mAh from new. Though my capacity still states 86%, in reality it drains in under 6 hours, whereas at the beginning I was getting over 24 hours (sometimes as much as 2 days) from a single charge.

    Not a problem, ordinarily, as I have always done my own battery replacements, but I cannot for the life of me find replacement spare batteries for this junk phone. Does anyone know where I can get one? If not, does anyone at least know the model number for the battery? Thanks.

  • You either have a defective battery or a few parasitic apps that are draining your battery via background processes.

  • It sounds like you have some parasitic apps running on the background. You should do a full factory reset, and not recover your image from Google. Then manually re-download one app at a time until you find that little ****(s) that's draining your battery.