Android 11 on Nokia 7.2



  • Kimble303
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    That's "normal" with both Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2 devices. HMD Global guys just wouldn't care less.

  • Jim-Boy
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    So another breach of agreement against Google's Android One program.

    HMD Global really seems to ignore these old-ish phones totally but keeps on pumping out new models. Two colleagues bought/ordered XR20's a while back.

    Wonder how updates will be handled on those?

  • I think Security updates shows in red after 3 months. I have it as well.

  • Jim-Boy
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    Yes, no issues there, both cameras work.

    And the phone as such works quite OK for me as daily driver except the battery drainage when using with dual SIM.

  • UIMN
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    Any progress about front camera?

  • No progress for any bug-topic. And to be honest, I don't think they are going to fix anything. The support will end in September and until then, they can just say and do nothing - like the way they made it last year.

    Draining battery, disabled NFC, camera issues... Nokia/HMD, you've killed yourself with this update.

  • Still havn't even received the update. Still on android 10 december 2021. I think eventually the phone will be replaced sooner than the update will come.

  • Hello HMD, hello Nokia,

    It's incredible what you're doing right now. You sold your come back well. Your mobile phones with Microsoft OS were good devices. Your Android One devices, great idea and basically solid. And what about today? You are making the mistake that many have made before you. I make promises you don't keep. That is based on trust and you have failed in that.

    From the media as a model update strategy to total disappointment. Your devices are hardware tech behind most major manufacturers, which is ok too. The software should then stand out particularly positively here. But now nothing fits here anymore. The Android 11 update is the worst I've ever seen. My Nokia 6.2, with which I was basically quite happy, even if it had really stupid bugs. And now with Android 11 it's just barely usable normally. I factory reset it and hoped that would get it working fine again, but it's still just stuttery and apps crash when switching back and forth. Black screens and unresponsive interface.

    Dear Nokia team, dear HMD team... please take a look... do you really think that with your service you will get customers to buy another device from you? I really had a lot of devices from you. I have had a total of 4 smartphones. And of course lots of cell phones.

    First issue:

    Security Updates.... Where are your Promised Updates?

    Take a look at the calendar, it's March and it's the last update from December 2021!!! Google Play Security is from August 2021!!!!

    Your smartphones should be suitable for enterprise use? No... absolutely not.

    And will you move the end of life process further back for this? After the experience with you, I believe that you have rather preferred it.

    Second problem:

    The interface stutters and stops and apps keep crashing. It hangs, becomes heavy for a short time and is slow to use.

    Act and do something!!!

  • Fully agree!

    The 7.2 WAS the best mobile device i had so far. Everything smooth, working and hey, it's named Nokia - my start in cellphones (3330, best thing ever!)

    I was willing to use the phone to the very end as first device and promote it to backup and/or media device. And switch over to the next Nokia, as I was really happy with the 7.2T. This would have happened in October/November. But all I can say now, I'm very sure to never buy a Nokia device again. Never. Never. Never.

    Not because it's a bad device. No, just caused by the habbit of non-communication, non-willing support (except of "do a factory reset and send it in to repair" - even it's known that those bugs are not going to be fixed after this).

    Nokia postponed the update of A11 to nearly 1 year later, without telling that or why they are going to postpone it. Now, one year later after the first official date of the update, we are caged with a non-functional device, outdated OS and Nokia is not giving a single f to tell the customers what is going to happen.

    This fact should be publicated to some IT-news-sites.

    Nokia had a good start to Android based devices (heard good things about the tablet, also) - but in the end they will fall just like BQ, or maybe HTC.

  • Nokia has shot themselves in the feet (yes, both of them!!). My 7.2 destined for the scrap heap and Nokia is removed from the shopping list.

  • I am in Belgium and at the beginning of February 2022 I received the notification that Android 11 was available. However, after looking at the horror stories on here, I decided to not upgrade. After a few weeks, the system update notification disappeared and now when I check for system updates it says that my system is up to date (Android 10 and security update December 2021).

    Have Nokia removed the Android 11 update, so that they can work on a more stable version, or was the update only available for a limited period (meaning I will no longer have the option to upgrade to Android 11)?

  • They stopped the rollout (in fact, the second time).

    Maybe they knew by this time that they messed up A11 and tried to reduce complaints

    If and/or when the update will be continued... Well maybe the janitor can answer.

  • No any further update as well as security pathes rolled out after December 2021. Shame for HMD Global with Android One program.

  • Thanks. That is good to know. Hopefully, it will be third time lucky for the rollout

  • There seems to be many who don't have a life, on these bloggs daily, only to denigrate the good name of Nokia. They were here a year ago complaining the update was slow to arrive threatening never to buy Nokia, Now that it has arrived, obviously rushed, the professionally whingers are still at it now making long caustic remarks with GLEE, eloquently predicting Nokia will lose all its clientele. I suspect they are paid by a competitor.

  • It's not about good name of Nokia but a poor (literally) name of HMD. I mean really, what does it even stand for, anyone knows? Nokia at least sounds cute.

    That would be awesome if all of people complaining here were from competition. It would mean there's nothing to complain about. But unfortunately there's a lot to complain about. As it stands now, I can't use my phone for video calls with family because front camera doesn't work. Also, it often happens that while switching between open apps everything freezes or the launcher simply crashes. If I was part of some beta tester program it would be fine. But this is second official software update like this, after a year of waiting. All of it on the top of HMD's promise of regular updates which was for many one of important reasons to buy this phone in a first place.

    If you suggest that we're overreacting then I guess you must be paid by HMD 😉

  • Btw, why did you put GLEE all in capitals? Sorry, just couldn't help wondering

  • FixMyNokiaCamera
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    No - Nokia / HMD has trashed their own "good name", by releasing faulty updates which break core functionality, by not honouring their promises for regular, timely upgrades and security patches over the guaranteed 3-year life of the device, and by not providing any comment as to what is going on.

    I suspect the vast majority of commentators here are once-happy Nokia / HMD customers, many of whom have upgraded from earlier Nokia / HMD Android phones (like myself), but who are unlikely to ever buy another one.

    (I do wonder whether commentators like desalle are paid by Nokia / HMD though.)

  • That's great your phone works without issues.

    I guess forum is here so that people can ask for help if cuatomer support doesn't provide it, or to exchange information or to confirm issues or to dismiss issues that are not there. Of course it matters when there are many repetitive complaints. Just as much as when there's very few positive posts. Basically, it speaks the same of the company.

    As for me me me syndrom, didn't you just complain that no one notices that YOUR 7.2 with android 11 works fine? As for database, if you want it just do it. What's the problem?

    No one gets paid for posting here for sure. Clearly, not even HMD employees.

  • Hey HMD Global, If you are not going to fix the bugs of Android 11 and you do not want to publish the bug-free version, at least say this, so that we can go back to Android 10، we can at least use the selfie camera!

    This is the last time I trusted Nokia, I will never come to you again and I will not offer it to anyone.

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    @Jim-Boy You're very right. Unless somebody comes over and tries to argue that the problem which people are facing does not exist because his (this person's) phone is working fine, there's always a good space for both sides of the story. At least helps in knowing that thankfully not everybody is facing such an issue :)

    I don't quite understand the use of disagree button. I'd only use it where I need to "strongly disagree" along with a valid argument in response, and not just use the disagree button and run away. Maybe it is high time that the forum removes it or else at least hide the disagree counter, just like YouTube finally removed the dislikes counter. I have stopped caring about it though. If somebody wants to press it on me, let them be happy doing that 😂

  • @singhnsk Thank you for making me realize how to respond to someone's post without quoting it! I really forgot that there can be such simple way 🙏

    Why removing "disagree"? If anyone can express their opinion then why removing the only quick negative reaction? I think it's actually quite neutral compering to "dislike".

    How about "agree" then? The very first post in this thread announcing release of Android 11 has loads of "disagree" but also one "agree", all of them hardly applicable. I mean there are many bad uses for everything.

    Btw, "disagree" under your post is from me 😉